Wow, I never would have seen this plot development. This plot development was not easily seen
I'm sort of a big brother figure to a couple of my students. A couple of them have had shitty situations cast upon them and I basically help them through it some days.

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I'm like the only person in my friend group who has a dad. I genuinely think that in my town there's more kids without dad's than those with.

I went to high school in a town that is exactly 50km from the nearest benefits/welfare office. That was (and I think still is) the minimum distance for a single mother to be able to collect government money without having to look for a job
It was understandably a shithole
Usually daily. If I don't have to leave the house or no one's coming here that day I don't shower/bathe because I'm bothering no one but me.
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Other topic, totally not related. We need to bring back bullying. All these kids thinking it's okay to do Fortnite dances in public are a symptom of a bullyless school system.

The only kid I know that plays fortnight is the sort of person I would easily believe is a bully
You're looking at the wrong culprit
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Yeah I'm good man, I've been back in the land down under for about a year and a half again now but yeah got a job and missus now so haven't really had time for ug. How about you?

Also looks like a lot's changed here but at the same time hasn't changed at all lol

I am also with missus and also only a sporadic poster
Having a week or so back at the moment after the gf got busier and I now have time for internet socialisation
Also now have 3 jobs, all of which are by appointment
Nope just a crime people want him to get away with
I woke up and my back hurts. Except it's not on my spine or muscular or something like that. I scratched my back near my shoulder and the skin started aching and it's weird and I feel like it's probably from sitting and laying down too much.
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I haven't been on here properly in a long time but didn't Pasta yiff a furry once?

Yes I did and also hey man what's up
Odessa Rose
I wonder if roses grow in Odessa
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please stick to the topic of this thread FFS

I thought I was
We were discussing who's an Axel
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FFS guys, enough of this.

May I have your attention please.
Will the real Axel please stand up.

I'm Axel and I'm standing

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I'm axel. I'm the furry who used to be on here,till i deleted my account.

Is also Axel and might be standing
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story arc complete

That's a mighty stupid looking guitar right there

Enjoy your ugly instrument and bad financial decision

hope you really enjoy your new guitar. It looks like it would sound very strat like
Because Axel
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stop being a asshole

No I'm a Axel
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ur a furry?

No I'm Axel
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i have a fursuit.

y u do this?

Because I am Axel
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Plz stop.

Theo verfied it's me on DA

No but my name is Axel
I am the real Axel
But I'm the real Axel
What are the penalties for not submitting something?
Because honestly too busy to see submitting something I'm happy with
I mean
I know someone covered a Jay Seeney song and it was okay, so that could be a mark of success

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Youuu aaare correct.

I'm looking for a bass player in my band atm, lmao. I had to give the bass parts (think Geddy Lee) to our keyboard player. At this point we're just winging it Doors-style.

I would 100% audition to play bass for you
If I want to listen to a strong gravelly voice I will put on a Tom Waits album

Also I finally voted
Of those on the list I had to slide toward Don't Think Twice
Still kinda sad there's not even a Shelter From the Storm, I really like that song
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i just ordered an indian

chicken rogan josh

I have never had chicken rogan josh

We make our rogan josh from scratch though so it's usually lamb or venison
People slam their fist into my doorframe
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did you know of Myron Floren?

Yeah, occasionally I'll pull up a video of him and want to grab my accordion and will practice some

Also how can you have bad music when you have Jeremy Wakefield doing a Roy Smeck cover for the show as a standard?
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Back. Spent a couple of days in a bad place planning how I would kill myself. I think I just need to state that plainly to someone. I'm fine now. I don't know why. I still see this as the most practical solution to my problems. I have no options and don't understand why I keep operating on the delusion that I might at some point. I have not had options for years. I don't have the power to change any of that. It feels like everything I do is in aversion to the unspoken realization that killing myself is ultimately where I'm headed.

Everything I can't have is already a capitulation. I just wanted something painless to get me unstuck.

I lived like this for two years
I haven't regularly felt like this in about 2 years
I can tell you that while you think your issues cannot be talked through, talking about them to someone who has a professional, outside perspective, i.e. captaincrunk/a hotline/a chatroom/insert other assistance, will undoubtedly help you see your life from above the chaos, instead of from the centre.
A surprising large amount. It's the way a friend of mine teaches ukulele tuning to beginners
George Clooney Eats Apples
So I picture him in my head whenever I teach the tuning of the ukulele
Honestly, as much as I dislike Dylan's vocals
I'd take Bob over Autotune
That worked so much better than I hoped lmao

They are both brilliant just not my thing. Covers of both Dylan and Cohen songs are some of my favourites but I can't listen to much of either of them for too long.
What was that? Couldn't hear you over the sound of my affordable healthcare.

But yeah Dylan can write a hell of a tune he just can't play it
Not unlike Leonard Cohen
Bob Dylan is awful and his recordings are awful, although the songs are good when, y'know, done by people who can play
That said the only Bob Dylan albums I own are ones other Dylan fans hate and I like one of them and my favourite song is Gonna Have To Serve Somebody
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i kinda like the idea of being in a band but i'm not sure i like the idea of being around other musicians

You will find ones without their heads up their asses if you find some that like playing with you and you like playing with
I was always on thr fence about playing in bands until I joined a community band for something else to do and met the guy I'm in a duo and another band with. Through him I met a lot of absolutely wonderful musicians who are easy to work with.
There are ways.
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It's a redundant analysis because it's saying that there's a statistically significant difference in age between people above 40 and those below 40. Both the x and y values are age. It's laughably bad. This was in a fucking peer reviewed article from actual biologists and doctors.

I looked at it again after reading that and started smiling inanely
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I'm tryna go by context but all I can see is a knot and an anchor

It might have something to do with boomers though
Yeah venue is usually the biggest culprit in my experience. Saw Dweezil Zappa live at the forum in Melbourne, all I could hear was kick drum, guitar and vocals. Keys, bass and horns were effectively silent.
My ringtone for a very long time was "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"

It is now the default Samsung ringtone.

Also I would totally silent it but I regularly receive calls for my job for bookings
And as per the norm
I will modify haiku
To form a Tanka

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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fucking fuck
Okay but Tanka

I did not expect
Such pathetic poetry
Skills from our Ziggy
Though even with knowing this
I still adore him