Yeah it will cost you **** all to send considering the size.
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You could always take it in, and get them to give you a quote on how much they'd charge to get it serviced.

The only places I know of are the Rockshop, maybe Music works, and Kenny Duncan guitars on manners. Kenny is a luthier though, so he'll probably have some fairly un cheap charge.

Buy a new one. Spend as much as possible cause the more you spend, the better the guitar will be.
Mother ****er it has been a long time since I have been here!
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A self exile! You mean we threw Ward overboard for no reason!

Oh she's gonna be mad about that.

Well it had to be done sorry to say. She will forgive and forget.

This is for lost time friend
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Artema? Is that you old friend. My I haven't your voice since we set sail against the high winds all those years ago. Come closer my friend, so I may gaze upon the face of a friend I thought long lost to the walloping waves of the northern seas.

Yes my friend, it is I. You are right to assume that, but it was a self exile. Alas I have returned. I hope the squally oceans of the south are treating you well.
Finally back in the old forums again. It has been a while my friends.
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Who me? Couldn't be

Oh, you said it again, I guess it is me then.

Yes you buddy. When are you coming up to Hams to hang?
That guy that guy that guy that guy that guy that guy that guy.
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You guys all suck. Someday every kiwi here will unite under me and smite you with our SHEAR awesomeness

I see what you did there....
Yeah here. Marmite is shite. I'm in the 'Tron. Greatful that the V8s are over.
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Giraffe Tongue Orchestra and they haven't released a damn thing......seriously Brent Hinds +Ben Weinmann+Jon Theodore+Eric Avery = the end of the world.

I am so happy I read your post
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But the south island can fuck off.

I couldn't agree more sunshine
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ITT: People still don't know anything about Straight Edge.

I don't think anyone here cares.
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Yeah, it did say that for me to

Yeah we should, 'cos it's always cool to hang ou- WHAT!! WHYY!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So is that a yes to hang on sat night or something?
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It says he edited it 7 days ago, thus putting me eleven days ahead of you Azza

Also it seems I'm calling you Azza now...

For me it say that he edited it 4 days from now at 55.40am.

Well that is all good cause that is the nickname all my mates call me

And we should hang out tomorrow or something. Cause you know how I said I was moving? I am moving back to Hamilton next weekend.
Can someone look at MH400s last post and say what you see where it says edited by MH400?
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I'm not, and I won't be signing on any time soon. I've heard their teaching's a bit shaky!

Just and I get paid before then too. Yuss
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Radiohead are coming to New Zealand! Anyone going?

Hey what now? Jesus **** me dead. Well I certainly am now.
In the aussie FHM mag, I remember them using seppo as a term for an American.
My favourite is James Blunt. Example being, "you take me for a right James Blunt don't ya"
Waking up is a good start
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Mine is from a painting that I did entitled 'My Pint'.

I've done two paintings of Captain Spalding. One of which is based on the photo in your avatar.

(Invalid img)

(Invalid img)

Mary mother of shit balls.......

They are amazing
Captain Spalding scared the shit out of me in a dream once

You guys have to watch and listen to this. It is ****ing amazing
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Use a real source for your project?

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Sad day man

I think we should all sig R.I.P for him
Quote by blitzbeast

I just read that a min ago. Had to come here and see if you guys knew.
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You say that, so I leave for an hour and a half to watch the movie Pi

Gosh darn you.

I've not seen Pi
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And finally someone is here!
Look at the post then the first lines of the song
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You did, but what am I meant to say to Comfortably Numb. Though, I was actually listening to the wall when I saw that post, so ignored it because it was going to play soon enough anyway...

Either way I'M SORRY, LOVE ME!!

Yeah fine. I forgive you......well if you got why I posted it that is
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You not posting in here didn't help broselini.

(I only ever post when somebody else has. . . )

I did a few days ago
Well it is about time that people got back in here. I was going nuts.
Wow, I seem to be ****ed.

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