Boss HM-2

Discontinued but see them for $70-90 most places. Classic sound.
I need some heavy and melancholic doom and/or sludge a la Cough. A mix of clean and harsh vocals would be cool, as would despairing lyrical themes. Hope that's not too specific.
Tommy Vetterli is an amazing and underrated guitar.

That is all.
Living in Virginia has an advantage for once.

Anyone know if they sell individual day passes as well?
I need to buy my copy soon. I've been listening to the leak from two months ago.

And I'm pretty sure there are several breakdowns in there, but they always have managed to make them interesting and not overused.
Bloodbath - Sick Salvation
Mirrorthrone - Une Existence Dont Plus Personne Ne Jouit
^I would say that's true. It took me a long time to get into Gangrene, but I say it is as good as CoD, if slightly different.
Do most people here count the LA scene as separate? I do, because bands like Slayer, Dark Angel and Evildead sound a lot harder than most Bay Area bands.
^try listening to Dark Angel. Slayer's good but they blow Slayer away any day.

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Just finished dling a 32 minute live vid of Evildead, ripped from VHS. I hate downloading 345 mb on a capped internet (about 6kbs)

Could you tell me where you got it from? I've been listening to Annihilation of Civilization the past two weeks.
This was on Fark the other day. Greatest quote ever:

"We need to let metal and Odin catch the kids before Jesus does"
^youtube? torrents?

Just bought Exodus's Fabulous Disaster for $6.66
The solo in The Hunger = win.
I meant 6 string. But I thought he used standard E tuning/
I will be going to Virginia Tech next year. I play guitar right now and might switch to or pick up bass as well before that time.
Dark Angel is in Eb I believe.

And why is Burzum under 7-string F? I thought he used standard.
Only on the third track of the new album but not terrible. The vocals are weak and you barely hear the keys but instrumentals are strong. It's an updated sound in a way.

EDIT: clean singing is unbearable.
Picking the right clothes for your show - Taake
Learn to play your Instrument - Waking the Cadaver
Gays in Modern society - Jon Nodtveidt
Learning to Love God by Tommy Dahlstrom
Anyone heard of this band Havok?
I just stumbled onto their myspace and they sound sick.
Stronger than Hate - Sepultura
Alright that's what I thought but someone on MA said it was Adam Cody.
Just got Helping the World to See a few days ago, it's quite good and so is the new song.

Anyone know who does the high vocals on that CD?
Moi Mort - Mirrorthrone
A lot of bands have a subtle anti-war message, like Sodom on Agent Orange
Pretty much. I think the Apostasy is one of my overall favorite actually. But how is Demigod BM exactly?
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Nergal is so dreamy...

I totally go for guys with big foreheads.

I've been listening again to ZKC and it just isn't as good as Apostasy or even Demigod. Maybe I'll like it after a few more listens...
2 part question:

What is the best Nevermore album to start with?

and best for Unleashed?
6'8" at 19.
I really don't want to be any taller
all the basketball comments...
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Has James been in any other bands before? He's too good for this to be his first amazing band.

I don't think he has. I remember him saying he wrote a lot of the music or lyrics (don't remember which) when he was a teenager, so I think Arsis formed after he got out of high school probably.
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The Enigmatic Form feels reminiscent of Voice of the soul. in some way..

I'd say more like Cosmic Sea, in part because of the keyboard part in the middle of both songs.
Already saw it, not that good. I saw a documentry last year though so I know the real story, which it doesn't follow at all.
I'm not sure what to think of WatN. Darren's drumming annoys me in parts where he is almost showing off. I think I need to listen some more though, because not a lot sticks out the first listen.
Sundin wrote all of "inside the Particle Storm", which is definetely one of the weirder songs on Fiction. Very atmospheric but quite good.
The drummer has a very different style than Mike, and I don't think I like it as much. But overall, the song is pretty good, and now I need to hear the whole album.
If you want a slightly more metalcore sound, start with Unhallowed.
I just listened to most of the album and however much I tried to hate it I thought it was decent. I haven't listened to much of their older stuff though.