Stop using Ipods dickhead
JAGERBOMBS yewwww. Personally love the beer, Only home brew or coopers though, keep things environmentally neutral. If i stick with one drink for the night it won't do a thing, if i have a beer here and a glass of rum there and a few other drinks I won't be feeling good but yeh
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wow, so stupid, how old are you kid? do you even know what genocide is?

You aint talking to a kid mate. Came to the city to find some work, the arrogant barstads are all over the place. Can't get away from America round ere. Fuking arseholes caused another interest rate rise here. PISS OFF
It depends on how you play, If you use your forarm for picking then yes, but you inhibit your speed anyway. If you use your wrist to play then no worries
I do, if only genocide was an option...Oh wait, they are doing that themselves.
If Australia is the land of the free, then how come we can't afford housing anymore?
We have canine teeth to tear into flesh, and being omnivores we need the beificaries from meat. But don't get ol' waxhead wrong, caged birds make me sick, along with pet owners that do a half arsed job at it and leave em locked up indoors. Plus I only eat free range eggs, they taste better.
Theres a fine line between ignorant and human.
INSTANT POLL: Who thinks volcomgrifter shoulda been flattened instead of the skunk who was not texting.!!!!!!!!
depending on the sound you want, try muting at the 6th fret (heaps of meaningless noise), or try just somewhere where there isn't a predominant harmonic. As whats been said, yeh, all four fingers help and just a little pressure
well, seeing as new fandangled instruments is not punk, flog the living daylights outta the squier and retrofit a select pickup into the bridge. I myself started out with a AU$150 tele copy, took to it with and angle grinder, soldering iron and spray paint and now have a weapon of a thing to beat down, its got '54 tele pikups, installed upside down (being a lefty) in it which are wired straight to the output, and a set of gotoh tuners so the thing stays somewhere round the standard tuning mark.
Yeh, intonation, tremelo tension if applicable, and with such a guage jump it is recommended that you give your neck a bit of a tweak, there will be a noticable backbow which is better off fixed than left. Also, flog the hell out of your fingers untill they adjust to the guage, it takes probably a solid week to beef up callisses
I use dean markley 10-52, or you could even try knucklehead short bus 10-56. those strings are pretty nuts
Put me down for Kim Gordon, she can play some crazy lines and still sing, then theres the fact that she's 'gettin all freaky alongside the guitars
on a condtradictory note, my last teacher was a bedroom shredder who incdently is the fastest guitarist in australia and amazingly smart, look for someone who know what you want to learn and doesn't just let it be after you nail something, the amount of times we played the spider was ridiculous, but a year from then, even though he's gone, i'm playin 16 notes a second and have a good knowledge of a few crazy theory bits n pieces
don't you find it odd that the liberal ads never directly answer the questions asked?, its just "oh this is important, a workplace ombitsman will make sure everything is tight"
+2 grunger, over in newy the grommets have no respect, they steal, swear try and act big. But the chicks are worse, I won't go into town without wearing riding armour and a cup literally. Its ok in the surf 'cause your that much better than em and can keep going deeper and try to lodge fins in their supple bodies but on the streets at nights, GRRR, had never seen a bloke get drunk of a cruizer and call it his 10th drink. But yeh, to sum it up,
If you're born 1990+ get outta my town, if you don't drink beer you hafta be a sheila, if you surf and don't know about hirachy then skip the country, and if you've been produced by the machine, slag off to america.

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Morning all those who find sleep offensive, its 5:30am and i just had 6 hours of nap. The surfs flat and my amp doesn't do quiet so back to UG. Might even crack out the old emulator n take a stab at a few '64 games, zelda and mario keep you going for days ay.
well, with the threadstarter gone where does it leave the thread? unless som1 can have a rant about thier inability to sleep.
Wow, could never get up at like 12, wayyy 2 late, try 5:30 every morning. Tv makes me sleepy, maybe 'cause its all american programming or maybe its just tv.
adrenaline and alcohol, go do sommtin crazy then have a shot or beer.
If thats not for you, just cruize on in and be real casual. think reggae and dub, not a care in the world
either "want some vodka?" whilst passing over a bottle of absolut
or "you just went 4 a surf didn't u" with utter discust
Try and hunt down older peavey bandit 112's, They have a rockin' sound for some of the older grunge stuff, especially if you whack a fuzz infront of it. Mine has blown the gain channel and the noise is makes is perfect for sonic youth style playing.
Any one who'd start a lawsuit over something easily fixed is a big offense...
its the principal about it, no one is willing to cough up an extra 6% for a lefty. And just about evry guitar in the world, including custom shops (believe it, theres a few that won't build one for me) don't give the option for leftys
So what if you enter a competition for a guitar and win it, problem being your left handed, should the competition holders cough up a guitar for you or do u take a go at them for discrimination.
this one has been on my mind for years now, its one of those tricky things, especially when comps say "win an (enter brand here) guitar". thats just inviting lefties to take a stab at em
I'd say they're more portrayed as players, sad thing is the local sheilas have taken this up. I'd rather surf then date a local at the moment, surf don't cheat on ya
hello UG newbie, welcome to the point of no return. as initiation you must find and devour the gilded llama of islador before the raven quoth for the third time. (it aint in the terms and conditions 'cause its like a surprise thing)
yewwww, hit it up but there's no banks anymore, weather bomb has rooted the surf.
so untill the next road trip its gonna b mal's n fat surf for a while. mother ocean has dealt a cruel blow
ok UG surfers, I've got 3 foot of well shaped surf, moderate offshore/crosshore winds and a 6'2 board.
Anyone have tips to pull arials?, or a breakdown for the rythm to boost?
thanks in advance
one in the pink, one in the stink

that should be pretty self explanatory
I'm with swordsrkewl, egh, poor slang. But yeh, all me mates are supposed to be having 18ths this year. since january i've probably hit like 5 parties, two which were decent. Blaming american influence on australia, so those who notice this comment, STAY IN YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY.
It all comes down to eq, original combo of amp n axe by the way. The problem is you've got pussy little digital fx and amp models, 100% impossible to replicate any tone with that load pumping garbage into your signal. I highly doubt you'd even be gettin a true tube sound with that manufactures are doing nowdays.

as the harbinger of bad news, WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE OF MUSIC
Keep the trem man, theres so much freedom, but your on the right track, you will need a few more springs in the unit if its bending when you bend, also get your string tension check out, it may be the strings are way too tight anyway. Trems tend to be a bit moody with winter starting 2 come on but stick with it, theres never an overly complicated job contrary to what people say. Good luck
Short of selling a hunk of crap (I owned one for a few days before it disintergrate) you have raised and uneven frets, have your tech reset them, but then again the guitar aint worth the cost of the work
CURSE this rest, plenty of guitaring but its starting 2 drain, its only been a day lol. Anyone used those soft shoulder braces?, they might be the go just to get outta the house and for work.
yeah, deep heat has been doing well, but its still uncomfortable
dunno bout the price, but the boss mt2 hit pretty hard or get 2 mi audio tube zones, my old teacher was luky enough to get one custom made, ran off 240volts, and that thing is just insane, runs off 2 tubes and an intergrated dual gain circuit. It all depends on if u like the sound or your rp, personally, hate anything digital and would take a compact pedal any day.
So UG, went for the morning surf as per usual, unfortunatley it was dead low tide and 3foot no hander waves. anyway, was on me mal n dropped into a solid set wave. It closed out chronically into bout a foot of water and I was starting to nosedive so bailed, straight into the sandbank. I survived none the less but agrivated a recent shoulder injury.

My question to UG sufferers out there, what have UG done to heal up a shoulder/blade (or similar) injury? or has anyone else done something similar.
Had it checked out by a mate who went through massage therapy training n she said that all the muscle is really tense and there is sommthing wrong and yeh, had a quick massage on it and now its on heat. any ideas?
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