I haven't posted on UG in maybe six months, but I logged on today just to tell you that nobody gives a shit.
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Alison Brie

You either find her attractive or you are homosexual. There is no in between.

I've never had any context for her other than as Annie, who has the most adorable personality in the world that I can't tell what I'm attracted to - her physical appearance or her (Annie's) super-cute personality.
Any girl worth having won't turn you away because of something as ultimately trivial as the size of your dick.
Liam Neeson is the only good thing about the new trilogy.
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Love it

Thank you
I've posted this link once before in a similar thread. I have a webcomic that I update pretty regularly (though I've been lagging lately due to technical problems)
Guys, not nice to make fun of someone who's clearly trying his best. Also he's gotta be a troll...he's just GOT to be.
I agree. Inappropriate if UG wants to be a "family-oriented site," which is a phrase I have heard UG personnel use in the past.
Real name: Jishikuji

Username: Jidotonomomeitekushi
Is he related to Ron?
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I want to give Ron Paul a hug because I feel like he has lost everything he has ever attempted to do.
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I'd go down on that.

You wouldn't be coming back up, though.
Pretty sure you're trying to be racist.
I didn't read that because I am too busy looking at videos of cats on the internet.
Get that shit out of here and put it in the Nightmare Inducement thread where it belongs.
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I kinda wish it was the same as my Twitter name, but at the same time, maybe not.

And I think it's an alright name, not the least memorable or anything.

Hey. HEY. Speaking of usernames, that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

I INVOKE S.O.P.A. TO SMITE YE FOR THIS FALSEHOOD. I do not care if blake1221 was remixing, paying homage to, or covering my joke. THAT IS MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.
Disgusting. If anyone gets more information on whether they get arrested, please keep us updated.
Fucking Community, man. Go, Human Beings!
Try to convince him his name is something else by getting everyone to call him that. I did that as a prank to a friend once. Well, he wasn't so much a friend as he was an acquaintance. And the prank was really more like a bit of revenge, but he wasn't really my acquaintance, more like a rival. And it wasn't so much getting everyone to call him something different as it was me murdering his family and actually he was my sworn enemy. Anyways, it was awesome. Then I found twenty bucks.
The amount of not caring I feel right now is so much that I don't even care enough to finish this se
Get a 7 and 7 in honor of Troy's uncle.
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984/3000 (2700). Hitting a wall.

In Soviet Russia, wall hits YOU!

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Maybe debt is round and goes full circle. We should put ourselves in so much debt that it actually reaches the maximum and then rolls over into the positive where the whole world owes us money.

People used to think the earth was flat for hundreds of years. Who's to say other things aren't round that we think are flat.

It could happen.

Think about it.

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Obviously goest and SoN are on to something...what happens if you burrow deep enough into the world? Not only do you come out on the other side, but you come out in China, no if we go deep enough into debt, eventually, China will owe us money! It's the perfect plan!
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No I couldnt get to either landed in the pond or on the other side of the pond.

But either way I wanted to get out of there..the rest of the ducks were starting to give me these really scary looks. Im pretty sure I was about to get jumped by a buncha ducks. Come to think of it, all the woodland critters were starting to follow me and watch me after that. They are either plotting against me, or trying to worship me as their new leader.

Better be careful. I knew a girl who something like that happened to. Every time she went outside, she'd just be followed by all sorts of animals. She really wasn't the type of person to worry pointlessly, and even so I'd have chalked it up to paranoia except that I saw it myself. They were sneaky at first, but they started being less and less subtle as time went on. All different kinds of animals, too - some were natural enemies but they didn't care, they put aside their differences just to watch her. Freaky shit. The girl ended up moving in with these guys to try to get away from the animals. These weren't the kinds of guys you'd want to mess with, either - they were coal miners, seven of 'em, real rough-and-tumble types. Well, except one of them, who was pretty dopey. My brother told me he probably has Down's Syndrome.
Someone who pronounces the word "encyclopedia" as "encyclo-PAY-dia."
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I am dishonored. I didn't even notice that
Guys, stop this asking of why. You don't really need to know why, to be honest; it's his tattoo and what he wants.
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I wholeheartedly enjoyed those

Thank you
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I've done a lot of cartooning. I'm waiting to scan them, color them, and put them online; I'll show you guys once I do that (I'm taking a photoshop class to learn how to do that, because I don't know how to do anything with photoshop). As far as published cartoons, I've done political cartoons for my university newspaper.

As promised:
You can get into some legal complications if the original owner of the image a.) finds out and b.) gives enough shits to file a charge. This scenario is unlikely; chances are, the original owner of the image will not find out, and not really care if they do. At most, I would expect the original owner, if they have a problem with you using the image, to ask you to take down any public usage of the image without permission, not "sue your pants off."

However, if you are worried about this anyway (as I must admit, I probably would be, due to a neurosis-prone personality type), you could either contact the owner of the original image and ask permission to use it, or else use images that are in the public domain (that have no copyright claims on them and are free for anyone to use).

Hope this helps.
Average is 1500 (500 per section). I'd recommend taking an SAT prep class if you want a higher SAT score.

Though the SATs are a stupid form of judging intellectual competency.
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*Insane Lebanese stalker story*

I'd watch that TV show.
I think you're confusing sitcom with horror movie, buddy
I've done a lot of cartooning. I'm waiting to scan them, color them, and put them online; I'll show you guys once I do that (I'm taking a photoshop class to learn how to do that, because I don't know how to do anything with photoshop). As far as published cartoons, I've done political cartoons for my university newspaper.
For all of the people who are saying "the second one doesn't necessarily have anything to do with domestic violence, I wouldn't have made the connection," etc.:

If you knew anything about the issue, you'd know that those are very common excuses that abusers use to defend, rationalize, or apologize for an act of abuse, to the point where their recognizability as excuses are generally exclusive to an abusive relationship scenario. The checklist also implies a patterned behavior by the very fact that a checklist is required to defend ones actions when abuse occurs. Because the connotations of such excuses apply so heavily to abusive relationship scenarios, the t-shirt really cannot be talking about anything else.

The primary objection with shirts with such slogans is that they normalize a serious issue, which someone else in this thread has pointed out already. Some of you have said that comedians and television shows also have humor which belittles this issue. Firstly, as a matter of personal preference, I don't find them funny; however, the target audience of such jokes tends to be adults, who presumably have developed the judgmental abilities already to know that domestic abuse is a disgusting act. Shirts have no restrictions regarding age-appropriateness; if such shirts saturate a particular area, impressionable kids could see them without realizing that they're not meant to be taken as serious, which only perpetuates the violence. Also, such shirts could trigger a flashback for an abuse victim; the issue is very delicate, and if taken without a degree of sensitivity, could cause, in a worst-case scenario, depression, despondency, or other serious, negative emotional responses.
I disagree, I thought it was really mediocre, and the chorus is terrible IMO. Difference in opinion I guess.
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What's wrong is that you like scat porn, you should get that fixed

Quit being so close-minded about sexual tastes, Horsedick.MPEG
Every two years or so, I look back on myself two years prior, and think, "Man, what a fool I was two years ago. But no longer! Now I've got it all figured out!"

I think I've finally managed to break the cycle, though, as I've come to realize that I will always be an idiot.