I'm not necessarily new to the forums, but i do have a question.

Say i have a tab that I've been making a lot of corrections to and been getting a lot of criticizing about it, and I just decide I want to take the tab off UG all together. Is this possible? to delete one of your own tabs?

or Dave_MC
aight. thanks peoples
i've been playing guitar a couple years now, but i'm fairly new in the world of wah pedals/buttons and such. when you use a wah pedal/button, do you need 2 seperate cords?: one that connects the guitar and pedal/button, and one to connect the pedal/button with the amp. from what i have seen (which is not much), this seems to be the case
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I'm sorry but what? After being conditioned towards a cirtain way of life for their entire lives, they are free to make their own choices?

Haha. believe me, i have seen many of my so called "indoctrinated" friends been led away from a Christian household raising. It is very sad and i am talking to God about it every day and asking how to deal with it. I can tell he is really working in a couple people, btw
thanks,Ive always wantd to learn it but the only highly rated tab is in drop d
hey. been playing for about a year and a half now and i joined mainly because i am a frequent visitor of i like mainly christian stuff and i got caught on newsboys because, for one i like them, and two, they have cool songs to play

glad to be here