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Hey hey UG,

Today I borrowed an Epiphone Viola Bass Guitar from a good friend of mine, I admire it's tone and it's look but the intonation on the instrument is way off.
The E is flat, D is sharp and the G is sharp.

I have no experience fixing intonation on this type of bass, would anyone please lend a helping hand on how to fix it with the floating bridge?

First post in ages.
Anywho, watched Role Models (movie) while on shrooms and baked as hell... I remember a black child and thats about it. I think we watched the end, but I just remember them dressed in KISS outfits and running... then memory skips to my mate and I laughing outside at his dog because it liked water and "My mouth tastes like everything good... but chicken."

Gonna try acid tabs soon, recommended dose anyone?
Well the factor that he's a "quick learner" and plays guitar already will be helpful but bass is very different. If you're looking for any left handed bass and don't really mind about tone or anything... just go to your local music store and look around at the 'Fender' Squires they have in stock..

They're cheap and they work at least; sometimes they can be alright.
To help speed up learning just tell your mate to practice, practice, practice.
Simple as that, best of luck.
Get the same type of Lizard but name it; Steak.
Very different man, great character.
Looking into his writing of the Rum Diaries..
Martin Luther King.
Adolf Hitler.
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Welcome to the pit. You will now get laid significantly less often if at all.

I'm sorry.

give me a handjob.

The Amazon Reviewers be trollin'...
I made the mistake of not eating before my drinks last night...
After two six packs of beer I was absolutely gone and spent; roughly 2 hours going back and forth between the party and the bathroom floor head in toiletbowl.

Smart move by me.

She take my money, well I'm in need,
Yeah she's a triflin' friend indeed!
Oh she's a gold digger way over time,
That digs on me...
My girlfriend's awkward smile; it's quite funny actually.
Waking up on weekends.. it's freezing cold and I don't have to get out of bed for a long time.. nice and warm and the connection people make when they combine their musical tastes and interests, it's possibly the best thing you can feel.

... oh and mary jane.
After the first time I saw it... my mate and I walked to a mirror and said infront of it that we do not consent to unknown filming..
Ballad of a Thin Man - Bob Dylan.
I'm going out busking in a week or two close to Flinders Station (so melbourne folks; ask if you wanna be updated when so we can chill in the city after just ask); playing some John Butler on my acoustic and whatnot. Crack out Ocean.. hopefully that'll get me a few dollars.
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Hey I made the list
Can I be imdeth2?
Since when is sincewhen??; NOT on that list!
My friend Liam who loves Metallica and my mate Michael that loves AC/DC.
I like this thread..
Nice idea.

1. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
2. Let It Be - The Beatles
3. Dookie - Green Day
4. Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix
5. the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan.

Beautiful Albums, I recommend all to everyone.
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Reservoir Dogs!
EDIT: Hot Fuzz^^
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but that ain't you

Now I believe you've missed the joke...
That is just...
That beats Christopher Walken building Optimus Prime.. easily.
I was stunned by the great effort of the Swans; ended up running over Hawthorn by 38 points. Shame I didn't tip em; neither did my family (some of them are Swans supporters).

Carlton were playing extremely well; then died, I saw a glimpse of 02'-07' Carlton in the third quarter where we lose COMPLETE control and just die infront of the crowd. But we managed to hold our score, Fevola kicked two brilliant goals to breed life into us and held the game up till' the final siren. Was shaking but glad we got the win.

Where do we see Geelong / Hawthorn placing on the ladder at the end?
Never; under any circumstance..
It's just not right, it's a horrible thing to do and you definitely deserve the title of 'scum' if you hit a woman at any time.
John Butler (JBT); at Chillfest 2008.
Chris Cheney (the Living End); at a local festival.
What I did for my Year 12 English speech is;
The legalization of Medical Marijuana.

Very indepth topic; many viewpoints.
And if you choose to do this topic, I advise you watch "SuperHighMe".
Funny movie with informing points.
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Keep trying!

I will find you...
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: Imdeth?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I'm Imdeth hunting!
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Teach me to love.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I was sick today (rarely sick) and out of my 6 classes I would've had; I would've done no work...
1) Some balloon exercise (..and we're year 12, strange).
2) Sub for IT
3) Sub for IT
4) No Class
5) No Class
6) Music

So I was pretty enraged when I got told.
Twitter; for people who have 'friends' and don't have friends at the same time.
Hide in the garbage bin dressed as B1 from banana's in pyjamas;
When he comes by, jump out and start dancing around him...
Then rape if possible...
i had to.
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I go for Port Adelaide, Because theyre the best... obviously

And how about Carlton stop talking about how good they'll be in the future and start actually performing....

Carlton placed higher than Port last year...
Your opinion is officially invalid.
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Since we now own Norway....

Norwegian cake for everyone

Damn thats a good find! I wonder what else is in Norway...
*Delves further*

EDIT: ... Kinda freaked, the girl looks like she's been given a massive facial... Cannot Be Unseen!
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Come on people! Tom Waits!

I don't know you MangoStarr... but I love you.
What if... I give everyone a slice of Kensai?
$66 opens a lot of opportunities.. and so little time.