opera house is my fav venue.

not really local....they moved here but Alpha Galates is my favourite localish band i've seen.
i want to be buried in a big crypt like the egyptians surrounded by all my belongings.
call the cops, he can't throw **** at you without repercussions. get your boss **** canned, take over the company.
try just carefully scraping the paint spatter off with a plastic putty knife or something.

as for the chrome parts, CLR does wonders!
hey vypor, learn to read please, it is an acoustic, taylor big pickups, no adjustable saddles.

if your G string is flat....tune it so it is not. the louder part, i have the same problem with some of my guitars and i'm not sure what causes it.
take out your input jack, by unscrewing the 2 screws on the (probably) chrome cover. then there will be only 2 wires attached, those both have to come off.

open the back of your guitar, there should be one wire coming through the body and soldered onto the tremelo spring claw, this also must come off.

if you can't understand these instructions....maybe get someone else to do this work for you? just sayin....

edit: definitely get the soldering iron, great investment.
you will have to de solder the wire that attaches to the spring claw in the back cavity of the guitar and the 2 wires that run to the input jack.
i thought that solos were just random notes played high on the neck. i kept trying to play them by hitting whatever and couldn't figure out why it sounded like ****. so i asked my friend how people knew what notes to hit....thus i was introduced to scales

not me, but my dad also thought electric guitars were made of plastic....
it looks very similar to my Kay that i picked up last summer. same tail piece and similar pickups. also the thin body.

congrats! i love my Kay, and that looks great too!

how does the bar attach to the tail piece? mine is missing the bar and there is just a hole there, no threads. i'm thinking of bending some threaded rod and just using 2 nuts to attach it, but haven't gotten around to it.
does it screw into the bridge? if so try some lock tite on the threads next time you assemble it.
I was at the superstore earlier 2day.
3 wire pickups can be wired for coil tapping. but i don't know if your gibson even has that.
awesome! thanks guys! that was what i was going for. a cross between a grestch and a tele.,_pickups/Pickups:_Guitar,_electric/2/Golden_Age_Pickups.html

with the nickle covers obviously. this was a total stew mac build, i ordered all the hardware from there. the wood i bought from a place in Cambridge, ON. called a&m wood.

I had never heard of blistered maple either. it looks similar to quilt, but slightly different. i'm sure it is caused by the same growth patterns as quilt but just has smaller figures to it.,_tints,_and_stains/ColorTone_Concentrated_Liquid_Stain.html

i used the black as my first coat to make the figure "pop" and the blue as my final coat. then for the clear coat i used minwax water based polyeurethane clear coat high gloss.
Thanks for the good feedback...on the truck and the guitar haha.

heres one really nice shot....still need to get my recording gear back from my drummer...then i'll do some clips.
it's text to landline. if you text a home phone number some robot lady reads out what you write to the person. it's hilarious if you make her swear.

try it.
pancake recipes? i made peanut butter and banana pancakes once by putting Reese' chipits and mushed up banana in with them. they were so good.

also skor chips and chocolate chips are good.
flame maple is only black if you stain it black as well....
a tube amp will always sound thinner at low volumes. i only really get a good thick tone i like from my tube amp until i turn it crank it!
haha, thanks! that's what i was going for.
quilted and blistered are supposed to be very similar apparently. i am just going by what it said on the piece of wood when i bought it.
it's a left over piece of the figured maple top. i made it using a jig saw and a spindle sander.

thanks for all the good comments....and orgasms i suppose.

edit: for the finish question, no i did not do a silver. the reason it came out so trans is because when i applied the clear some of the stain lifted with it due to it being a water based clear and the fact that i brushed it on.
lamb of god, trivium, machine head and gojira at the smallest bar ever in guelph ontario.

hands down, best.
yeah, my brother is going to take some for me when he has a chance...and when i'm not playing it. haha.
it plays really well. i put 11s on it and the intonation is perfect, and after setting the neck angle the action is nice and low.

it's very well balanced when i play it standing up...the biggest downside is it's HEAVY! like rediculously heavy. i will weigh it sometime when i get a chance.
So i started a build thread a long while back with my basic plans, and then never really updated it...the guitar is done now. here are pics and specs!

i'll try to record some stuff next week maybe.

White Limba body, 2 hollowed out on both bass and treble sides
Blistered Maple top - blue trans finish.
Birdseye maple neck.
Rosewood fretboard
Stewmac Golden Age Pickups
Bigsby B70 with roller bridge.
2 vol, 2 tone, 3 way switching.
i don't think you can pull stain back out of the wood, depends on what the base of the stain is too. if it is water based you can try wetting it down and wiping it off. i think the only way to get it all out is by sanding though.
i usually go up to 0000 steel wool and then just use a polishing compound...for cars so i dont' know if it is coarse or fine.
why do you care what a bunch of people on the internet think...

especially a guitar site that is 90% dudes.

screw the cd player. take out the stereo and put an old acoustic in the backseat. insist that everyone you drive sits in the back, and make them play music for you the whole trip.
sounds like you need to jam.

find some people to play with, it's the best motivation for me in terms of being entertained playing.
i got my gf something for our one month anniversary and 3 months later i found out she was crazy and so i dumped her.

moral of the story, if you get a girl something for your one month anniversary she'll go crazy.
how many wires came from the old pickup and how many are on the new ones? usually they include wiring diagrams that tell you what color the wires should be where...
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Totally. Unless the song involves a singing goat and 50,000 didgeridoos.

I'm going to walk....hard.
try swapping the red and white wire from the pick up.

maybe red is hot and white is ground, the way you have it wired now, red is ground and white is hot.
try laying your fretting hand on the fretboard to rest on these strings so they cannot ring out.

or use your picking hand to rest on them....basically you need to mute them with one of your 2 hands.