Hey guys. I figured I'd let you guys know I had a bit of a tonal epiphany during spring break. I plugged my Mesa in for the first time in like a year or two, and before I flipped the power switch on I took the Graphic EQ out of the signal path, pulled back the treble and mids on my amp, and bumped up the bass ever so slightly. No sooner did I plug it in then I had "my sound." Took me four f*cking years of owning what I thought was a hunk of junk before I realized I had my sound sitting right in front of me.

But on that note, I'm trying to sell/trade my Hellraiser. What do you guys think would be a good asking price? It's got the tiniest little ding on the top side of the headstock (in between tuning pegs), and a little nick on the backside of the guitar on the bottom horn. I was thinking $550? I might do a CL post saying FS/FT, and see if I could pick up a tele thinline deluxe, or an ibanez artcore or (if I'm really lucky), an MIJ ibanez talman. thoughts?

Also, on a partially related note, have you guys ever used the recording outputs on your amps? My DC-5's got one, and now that I really don't want to play with any other sound but that I'd like to just plug into the amp and then run the amp right into my interface for recording.
I thought he used an OCD in studio and a TS808 live?

Speaking of which, I saw them Oct. 15 at the Electric Factory for their 10th anniversary show. It was pretty sick, the place was filled close to capacity and it was like a huge dance party.
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i stand behind RATs. awesome pedals

it's a dali painting that takes up the the front of my calf. not my first. this one:

Wicked! I'm in the process of saving up for my first tattoo.
For the distortion I think I'm gonna wind up going with a Rat or the CMAT Mods Ratified, since Andy's PGS demo kind of impressed me. ( ) Still leaves the OD. I tried a Box of Rock about a month or two ago and dug it but 300+ dollars seemed a bit to steep of an investment, especially since I'm not touring or anything.

I almost traded my Mesa for a V4 I found in a shop way up north in Jersey, but the letter had been scratched off and someone had written vol, treb, mid, bass, etc. on there in sharpie; turned me off the amp for some reason.

Deniz, what kind of leg piece are you getting? Is it your first tattoo?
I'm stuck between the Catalinbread DLS, VFE's The Scream, Dwarfcraft Devices Internet, and the trusty old Rat. The Internet and the Scream are the two big contenders, followed by the Rat and DLS.
Hey guys, long time no post.

I can't believe the first thread got closed. I was there from the beginning (or close to it) and it's kind of impressive it got so huge it needed to be closed.

I don't recognize half of the usernames/people posting here now, so I'll go ahead and reintroduce myself: I'm Dan, a junior in college, and avid (post) rock enthusiast. I figured I'd get back into the posting action partially out of boredom, but also partially because I need a few pedal recommendations. My trusty DS-1 has finally shit the bed after 5 or so years of dedicated service, so I need something new to berate the front end of amps.

For those of you that don't know, I use a Fender Jaguar and an Ibanez RG for standard and all my ridiculous tunings, and a Schecter that's in Drop B. The jaguar's pickups are low output (saving up for some Novaks), the ibanez runs hot for the bridge (changing them for some duncans when I can spare the cash), and the schecter runs in - between the two (kind of old school PAF). I play through a Mesa DC-5, but I've been trying to get rid of that bastard for years and since V-4 prices have gone down I may get in on that action or get an AC30.

So recommend me an OD and a distortion! I'd like the OD to be kind of "pushed" sounding, like Modest Mouse/Minus the Bear/Tera Melos tones and get a little gnarlier. The distortion should be able to cover moderate gain to the beautiful compressed mess that is Mogwai.

So how's everyone been otherwise?
Would a Jazzmaster neck fit on a Jaguar? And what do you mean "reposition?" Do you mean route out the current bridge cavity for a Jazzmaster neck?
very nice! how do you like it? I was just looking into one of those since I really wanted a mahogony bodied humbucker/p-90 equipped guitar, but really want a tele too. Does it sound unique?
EHX POG. If you like that sort of bass/guitar tone, check out The Kills. Jaime Hince, their guitarist, relies heavily on one.
are there any websites that sell them?
I know that I'm a little late for it, but Happy Pi Day, everybody! Not sure if anyone's seen "What Pi Sounds Like," so I figured that I'd share some sweet music with all of you since I think most of you will appreciate it.

Also, do you guys think it would be wiser for me to get a Deluxe Reverb or a Super Reverb? I'd be using it for solo shows, or with a band of like 2 - 4 people max playing indie/psychadelic/folk/post-rock. I really like the DRRI I played but I'm concerned about headroom in a band situation. I like my "cleans" on the edge, like this:

It's clean, but not sterile like Twin Reverbs sound to me. Cleans like Johnny Marr gets in that video are kind of like my ideal sound, plus I don't need much to push it into a nice drive with a simple boost or OD pedal.
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So, I recently saw this kickass NZ punk/post-hardcore band called Die! Die! Die!

And now I have GAS for a Crowther Hotcake. The bassist sounded so f*cking amazing.

The second track in this video is kickass.

The bass distortion is with a Hotcake? Well **** me, that settles what drive pedal I'm getting. It actually sounds pretty good with a jazz bass (a sound I normally hate), so I'd imagine it'd sound fat as hell with my p-bass.

is their guitarist using a jaguar or a jazzmaster?
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OK. Well maybe we are not on the same page. I didn't realize you could link in a Youtube starting at a point other than '0' in the clip. When I first saw it I thought I was watching an Ad tbh. Then I watched (as much as I could) from the beginning and made my palm muting comment. That part at 2:48 is just a turn-table scratch no? I don't even hear a guitar.

But yeah, if you wanted to create that on a guitar so that you hit a long chord and then have it cut in and out - then you want a killswitch installed on your guitar.

It's definitely a synth with a filter/gate on that gradually gets adjusted. Regardless, if you hit a chord and toggle pickups on a guitar with two volume knobs you'll get the same sound.
I'm pretty sure the TS is talking about the 2:48 part in this vid, which is why that's basically where it starts. The really stuterry, swelling in part right before the guitars really come in with the vocals.
that's studio/synth magic... nothing more.

here's a (god ****ing awful) video of them at warped tour, and the sound is triggered by a synth.
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Hey man! Good to see you around. I second Andrew's recommendation of the Red Llama for an overdrive. Those sound sweet. Also, you can run your PDS on 9v. I'm running it off of my 1-spot and it's doing perfectly.

And I missed Glassjaw when they came by because I had no money while tickets were on sale. I'm so bummed out... the songs I've heard off of the new EP are insane.

News for me is kind of scant. I'm working on a new album starting next week though!

The Red Llama's a bit too fuzzy for me, but I do really dig the Hot Cake suggestion. Thurston Moore and Nels Cline use one for a lot of dirty tones, and I dig both the sound spectrums they use that pedal for (crunchy rhythm tones, smooth lead tones). And I know I can use the 1 spot, but I think I need a 10v plug-on to use my PDS and Big Muff.

That sucks you missed the Glassjaw. It was intense. I actually had like 50% hearing for a solid two days cuz they're so loud and intense.

Good luck with the album. I really need to sit down and record. Hopefully by the time I get back to school I'll know if I can use the practice rooms in our music building.

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hey dan! good to see you, how's life?

i'd actually recommend a ts-9... i know, i know. i caved. i love mine for exactly the sound you described though.

glassjaw is awesome, haven't heard the new EP though. haven't listened to them in years... will have to check it out.

some news for me - sold the orange and bought a dual rec (infinitely more useful for my current band situation). the band i use the dual rec for just finished up tracking for a 7 song EP, and my shoegaze/post-rock band is in the process of tracking a 5 song EP.

Life's pretty good. Hellish cuz I was looking into transferring to Drexel for their Music Industry program, but I can't afford it as a transfer student which sucks big time. So now I gotta try and figure out something music oriented to do at West Chester (which mainly does conservatory music, i.e. not what I want), since it appears Drexel doesn't offer Music Industry as a Graduate Studies program. But oh well, shit happens.

TS-9 was actually something I considered, in addition to the Hot Cake. I was gonna just get a SHO, but since it's a really simple pedal that's priced ridiculously high, I figure either I can build it or get a friend to build one for me for cheap, so until that happens I need something that'll be my main drive pedal that'll do some of the boosted sounds like that to more crunchy tones.

The Coloring Book EP is, in my opinion, the best album released this year... so far. I was hesitant about opening it up since Our Color Green was just ok in my opinion (only really liked 3 songs on it), but literally EVERYTHING on Coloring Book is gold. Justin's playing a Baritone Jag on the album/live AND he's playing keyboards, and there's a bunch of cool guitar/keyboard/bass interplay that's just mind blowing. Daytona White is my favorite track (and the closer) on the album.

That's depressing you sold the Orange, but I guess you need gear to suit your needs. What band are you in now? Is the Dual Rec an older one or newer?
Hey guys, want to recommend me an overdrive? I'm selling off 3 of my pedals (my wah, since I realized I don't really like wah, the wah one of my friends gave me, and the Phase 100 I bought on a whim over the summer), so I'm back down to just a fuzz (Big Muff) and delay (carbon copy, until I get a 10v adapter for my PDS). I want something that'll go from just barely boosted to crunchy low-mid gain (nothing too crazy; cranked bassman/vox territory max). I'm also selling my amp and trying to get a silverface deluxe reverb of silverface (or a vibroverb reissue if I'm lucky).

In post rock related news, I got Mogwai's new album. I've heard mixed reviews from people, but I actually like it; the album's got great flow, and I like the more straightforward songs... it's a nice change. The album's actually been my driving music since I've been home for break.

Not-so post rock related news, I got the privilege of seeing Glassjaw's first show on their tour at the Trocadero last month, and it was ****ing awesome! They played their new EP in its entirety to close out the show, and gave free copies to everyone there, so I got that shit before all y'all!

So what's new with you guys? Seems like every time I visit there's hundreds of pages of new stuff.
Name: Dan
Fender Guitars Owned: '94 CIJ Jaguar
Style: Alt/Folk/Indie/Experimental/Post-Hardcore
Playing (Live) since 2008/2009 - Present

Although I own a Jaguar, my 3 favorite Fenders are the Jaguar, the Jazzmaster and the Telecaster. I went with the Jaguar when looking for a new guitar because I wanted something different, and was stuck between that and a Jazzmaster (I really liked the offset body look), but since finding out Johnny Marr (my favorite guitarist) has been using a Jaguar for the past 5 years and I've really dug his tone with Modest Mouse and The Cribs, I went with a Jaguar.

- Really unique sound; bridge pickup is twangy, but not in the same way a Tele is; the neck pickup is really warm yet clear, and with the strangle switch on becomes HUGE, almost like a Gretsch neck pickup.
- Bridge/Tremolo system on Jaguars/Jazzmasters has really unique sounds, whether it's doing basic whammy stuff or picking behind the bridge.
- Looks: Jaguars look badass. :p

- Really unique sound; Although I really like the Jaguar's sound, it's definitely not for everyone.
- Neck: It's a short scale, which means it feels really different. I NEED 12 gauge strings on it to sound fat and stay in tune while I trash around at it. I use 10s on traditional Fender scale guitars.
- Bridge: It's rattle-y, unless you have at least 11 gauge strings on there.

Overall, I like the guitar a lot. I have 3 problems with my guitar, but also 3 fixes for them.

1. Bridge: My guitar had a Mustang bridge on it, which I like more than the regular Jaguar bridge, but I'm still a Tune-O-Matic fan, so I'll probably throw one on there when I get a chance.
2. Pickups: They're a bit weak on my guitar, but it's CIJ, which has shitty electronics, so once I get money I'll throw some Novaks or Duncan Antiquity pickups in there.
3. Neck: It's ridiculously comfortable when sitting down, but standing up it feels... different: not bad, but also not amazing. Frets are a little cramped after 12, and I think it's the short scale neck. I'm looking into getting a 25.5 in neck to fit in mine.

Music - Wise: I play a lot of indie/folk/alt, i.e. I'm influenced by Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, and Radiohead. The Jaguar can easily handles those, and even some experimental rock and post-hardcore, but definitely nothing too high gain, which is cool by me. But on that note, Baritone (single coil) Jaguars are THE heaviest sounding guitar in the world, especially through an EL34 amp cranked real loud. I WOULD, at some point, love to get a Jazzmaster, because it does sound quite good and different from the Jaguar, and I'd really love a Telecaster too, because in my opinion, they're the best guitars as far as plug and play goes; it's really hard to sound bad on a tele, and if you do, it's because you suck. Just look up the sheer number of guitarists who use Teles; everyone from virtuosos to session players to hardcore kids to post-metal heads... it's just a damn good guitar, and probably the only other single coil guitar I like as much as, if not more than, my Jaguar.

Hope this helps.
Is it possible to get a 25.5 in conversion neck for my Jaguar? I love how it sounds but after a year of using it I realized I'm more comfortable with a longer neck. I'd really like to just swap out the neck instead of having to trade it for a whole new guitar.
"Pull out the V1 normal channel preamp tube -- More preamp gain in vibrato channel

We’ll start with saying that this is a must have mod. It is so easy to enable and disable that it can hardly be called a mod. If you are like most players and only use the Vibrato channel (reverb, tremolo, the brigth cap and the extra gain stage), you should pull out the V1 tube. This is the preamp tube for the normal channel which you are not using. Vice versa; If you’re using the Normal channel, you can pull out the V2 tube. All AB763-similar circuits (Deluxe Reverb, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Twin Reverb, Vibroverb, Vibrolux) are designed so that signal is leaking between the two channels. The amp will play louder at the same volume knob setting when pulling the V1/V2 tube that you’re not using. The stronger signal will push the second gain stage (V4 tube) harder and give you increased sustain, compression and harmomics. This mod does not change the amp’s clean headroom.

This mod is one of Cesar Diaz’ tricks in the Fender Custom Shop Vibroverb 64 which he always did to Stevie’s amps."

That's from Fender Guru dot com. I researched some mods and stuff on them before asking any questions here, because he recommends the same mod for most every amp on the site (Princetons, Pros, Supers, Vibros, etc.)
/\ that's sort of what I had in mind, because if I do need more power I can put the tubes back in and change the speaker load. I'm still not sure if getting a Deluxe Reverb and rebiasing it for 6L6s (should I need more power) and pulling the V1 tube would be smarter money/option wise.
I like the sound of non master volume amps. They're the kind of fenders I've played, and I like how they sound.
Well I don't really want it to break up too much, I kinda want to get it just on the verge of breaking up; like Jeff Buckley's live sound, Johnny Marr's sound while in Modest Mouse/his cleaner Cribs tones, and Daniel Rossen's live sound (Grizzly Bear)... the sound where it's clean, but ridiculously fat sounding and full of sustain. I can get that tone on a Deluxe Reverb around 3 or 4, but I was worried that it wouldn't project well enough in a live band situation, hence my question about other amps.
Out of curiousity, since used Twin Reverbs are around the same price as a used Deluxe Reverb, should I just try and nab a silverface model? I like how they sound but I was unsure of the power/ability for the tubes to get on the brink of breaking up. I read online that removing the two inner tubes brings the wattage down to 40 or 50 watts, and that there are other mods to switch around preamp tubes depending on the sound I want, so I figure A) I'll have a 100 watt amp if I ever need that much power (doubt it), and B) I can pull tubes so I can have a lower wattage amp for when 100 watts is just plain ridiculous. Good idea?
Will do, John. I need an electric guitar to keep in Open D/D6 and I think it'll fit the bill perfectly. I'll keep you guys posted on how recording goes (since I may have some garageband related questions ). It's a lot of indie/folk stuff so it may not be "post rock" themed, but hey, I like delay and atmosphere, so you can expect a nice helping of that too.
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hey dan! it's been a while, how are things?

Pretty good Deniz. I got recording gear for Christmas so once I get around to recording songs while I'm at school I'll link them up here.

Question for you guys: I found an Ibanez Talman (either a TC-530 or TC-630), MIJ, 3 Lipstick pickups, a little beat up (slight hairline crack near the neck pocket, and a ding on the bottom of the body) for $179.99. I played it and A) I like how it plays, and B) $179.99 is pretty cheap... I think. Should I go for it? I'd like a second single coil guitar to keep in open tunings since I use my Jaguar for Standard and Drop D (otherwise the rest of the guitar goes a little flat).

Also, I'm kind of interested in ****in with my mom's old acoustic that she gave me years ago. I want to someone put pickups in the soundhole, but not just an acoustic pickup; I also want an electric pickup, or something that'll allow me to run the acoustic sound to a PA but also have an electric sound at the same time... if that makes sense. Any suggestions?
how much do one of those run?
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Surely you could find a better deal? I've seen 4x12s on my Craigslist for $450.

recto cabs have a really high resell value for some reason. I rarely see them go below 500 in good condition. although that being said, I prefer the sound of my JCM 800 cab, which I got for like $125 off of craigslist.

Also, hey guys, it's been awhile!

Home for break and it's been slow so I figured I'd drop in and say hey.
Leo sold the company in 1965, and production for vibroverbs and vibroluxes started in 1964, so how are they not REAL fenders?
a REAL fender? the hell are you talking about? Also forgot the Pro Reverb in the list before.
well there's the Vibrolux, Vibroverb, and Super Reverb. All 40 watts, and they're 2x10, 1x15/2x10 and 4x10, so there's options aside from the Twin.
Two Part Question Here:

I've trying to upgrade my amp for awhile and think I found the right sound/direction I want to go in. I'm a big fan of Fender amps, and although I initially went in the direction of the Twin Reverb, I found it's too loud, and has too large of headroom for me. I played a Deluxe Reverb Reissue awhile ago and really really liked how it sounded. I had it up to 4 on the first input of the vibrato channel and A) it was pretty freaking loud, and B) it was the sound I've wanted for awhile; really nice and clean, but you could heard the tubes being pushed super close to the edge of breaking up. However, I hear constant mixed reviews of the Deluxe Reverb's headroom in a band situation. So my question is: can the Deluxe Reverb handle being played in a band while still being clean?

If it can't handle being played in a band, what amp will? I want something that's not super big (I like the 2x10 setup), but plenty loud to get the sound I need while being played with other musicians, and something that is AT MAX $1,200. I use my Fender Jaguar for all my electric stuff, but once I get a hollow body I'll be using that too. So the amp needs to be able to handle single coils and low output humbuckers/p-90s.

edit: should also mention that I play more eclectic indie/folk stuff: Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith, City and Colour, Andrew Bird, Low. I don't need it for recording or anything since I use GarageBand's sounds to track any electric instruments, I need an amp that'll sound good if I do a solo electric show or play with a band.
I use Dean Markley Blue Steels and they sound pretty good and last forever. I used to use D'Addarios a ton but they'd rust in a week or two for me personally. The Dean Markley's will break before they rust, and it takes like a solid month or two of playing aggressively to break a string. Ernie Balls would be my second choice, but I've heard good things about DR strings.
thanks a bunch guys. hopefully when I'm home on break I'll get to refinishing my Jaguar. Still need to decide if I want to paint it black or blue.
PRS SE guitars are pretty nasty in my opinion. My Schecter plays really nicely; the neck's super comfortable and it's not super heavy, which is why I want to change the pickups. I was thinking either an Air Zone/Air Norton set, or a PAF 36th anniversary set. Paul Gilbert has the latter in his Fireman and although I'm not a shredder he's got a lot of definition with that guitar, especially distorted.
it doesn't have a floyd, which is why I want to keep it. although I'd love a PRS, I could maybe get 500 for the Hellraiser and a Custom 24 used is double that, so that's out of the question. I was considering DiMarzio's just because Larry DiMarzio's one of the kings of making humbuckers (pretty sure everyone's had a DiMarzio in their guitar at one point).
Where can I buy acrylic paint? It's probably a stupid question, but it's been a solid 3 years since I've done anything woodshop oriented (my grandpa was an industrial technologies professor for 15 years and I used to spend a lot of time at home working in his shop with him).
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Have you thought about just learning to do more with your EMGs? They’re not only useful for metal. People use active pickups for jazz, funk, rock, and pop playing, too.

Have you thought that I just don't like EMGs? I don't like how they drive my Mesa, and they certainly are too hot for how I set an AC30. You do realize my main guitar is a Jaguar, which has incredibly low output pickups compared to EMGs. I set my amps close to breakup, and that sounds great with a Jaguar or more vintage output humbuckers, but EMGs are just way too hot and break my amp up way to fast, and don't clean up well enough for my taste.

Also, who plays jazz with an EMG 81? I love jazz guitar, but unless I was playing through a JC-120 or a solid state amp I couldn't imagine getting a good jazz sound with that pickup.

Quote by Thrasher117
For like 50 more you could get Bareknuckle's, which are the best pickups I have ever heard

I WOULD look at Bareknuckles, but I don't have the money to throw at them. 300 for two pickups is quite a lot considering I'm not a professional musician or someone who gigs 3 or 4 times a week. 250 is really the end of my budget considering I believe I need to change the input jack and pots going from active to passive pickups.
I've got a Schecter Hellraiser, which plays really nicely, but I'm not into metal anymore and would hate to sell it because it was the first guitar I bought with my own money and plays really well. I was looking for not only suggestions for pickups that can replace the EMGs in there, but also what other things I would need to switch from active to passive.

I've got a Mesa DC-5 head that I'll hopefully be selling for an AC30 combo, and I play a lot of indie/alternative/folk/experimental rock (The Smiths, Circa Survive, Sonic Youth, City and Colour, etc.), and as of now my main guitar is my Fender Jaguar, but I'd really like to have a humbucker guitar to compliment the Jaguar. Budget for everything would be like 250 bucks; I'd like good pickups and everything, but I'm not trying to spend a ton of money on them.