Anyone know when/where the new song will be unveiled today?
I haven't been so erect for an album since Crack the Skye, seriously hyped.
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If I know I'm squeezing a fat one out I take my shirt off.

Shit man, I thought I was the only one who did that. It's the only way to take a serious dump.
Rainbow Assmaster and the Wang Warriors
Kvelertak - Saw them a few weeks ago, it was unreal, just so much energy! They're really awesome dudes as well.

Gojira - Seen them twice, first time was in a tiny venue in NY, my heart was racing for hours afterwards. The Atlas Moth put on an amazing show at the second concert as well.

SMV - Stanley Clarke did things with a standup bass I still don't think are possible.

Jon Anderson - Just him, all acoustic set, it was amazing. Played some solo stuff and a ton of Yes as well.

I've seen so many bands it's hard to pin down my favorites.
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The production seems a bit thinner on Meir.

Agreed, Meir is much less of a kick in the balls then their debut. I'm still enjoying it though, pumped for a US tour!
Listening to Meir now, so far so good, but not quite on par with their debut.
One of the reasons I had only recently thought of is how expensive funerals are. I wouldn't want my family to break the bank just to put my carcass in a hole in the ground.
I can barely believe it, I live only two towns over. You never really think something like this could happen in a small town out in the woods.
Just noticed the 50's surf music part of Bloom. On my 6th listen through now, trying to slowly digest this whole thing!
Fucking tits on a whale!!!
On my second listen through now, this might be shaping up to be their best release yet.
Philly cheesesteak baby awww yeah!

Does Trailer Park Boys count as a sitcom? That show has the uncanny ability to appear stupid while being brilliant.
It would be a group of 80 year old female DJs who get laid every night and never tell anyone about it.
Saw these guys with Mastodon and Ghost last night, fucking amazing show! Mastodon headlined but I'd say Opeth was the best out of the three, the last few songs really got the crowd going.
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This is the wording of my ad:

Guitarist/drummer looking to jam - Beginners welcome.. (Lincoln Park)

Been playing a few years and just looking to have some fun and learn by playing with others. I am not picky on your playing level. Basically as long as you can strum a few chords, we'll have fun! And I will be glad to do the same for you to practice soloing. Here is my YouTube page:

My location has plenty of space and we can get as loud as our ears can safely tolerate. Or I'll be glad to come to your place.

There's your problem, people are afraid of being raped.
I recommend starting out with "The Symmetry of I, The Circle of O" and "The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts". A lot of their later albums have a more industrial feel to them like "A.M.G.O.D.".
Anyone listen to these guys? A Finnish friend showed them to me, it was my intro to black metal and I've been a fan ever since.

Some of my favorite tracks:

Mechanic Hippie

September (När Hjärtat Blöder)
Frantic Disembowelment by Cannibal Corpse. Not a giant Cannibal fan, but it made me realized extreme metal wasn't just noise.
It's one of the few places you're allowed to be naked, why wouldn't you be?
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*stirs from chair*

I say, I fell asleep again didn't I?

What ho, how is everyone doing this fine Janurary morning?

I daresay someone has had quite enough brandy! Ha! I only jest good sir! Anyone hungry? I'll have Armond fix us some slapjacks followed by a cup of Her Majesty's finest!
About that time again eh chaps?
I got a Zune when they first came out, still have it and use it daily. And I love the look of the "Zune Tunes" software as I call it.

fuck: The Silent Circus
marry: Colors
kill: The Great Misdirect


fuck: Blood Mountain
marry: Leviathan
kill: The Hunter, over and over again


fuck: Individual Thought Patterns
marry: Human
kill: none, i can't choose one


fuck: Terra Incognita
marry: From Mars to Sirius
kill: The Way of All Flesh
Dude I'm doing the same thing! I was thinking of wearing a suit over the morph suit.
So far I've only liked Black Tongue, the other songs aren't very interesting and lack that "smash your head against the pavement" sound that I've come to love from Mastodon. What made this band unique just doesn't seem to be there anymore.
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Thank you! the first productive comment of this thread

Anytime man, there is a great network for backpackers, I met a guy from Denmark who had basically the same itinerary as me so we traveled together and added people to our group along the way, I met so many awesome people there. How long are you going for?
I was there for a month last year, it was phenomenal. It was confusing as **** when I first landed in Hanoi but after a few days you become a natural at getting around and such. DEFINITELY go to Ha Long Bay, absolutely amazing but it was raining when I was there.

The usual backpacking circuit is Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hue, Hoi Ann, Nha Trang, Dalat then Saigon. Wild parties in Nha Trang if thats your thing. Be sure to try some street Pho Bo, its absolutely amazing. Vietnam is one of my favorite places I've ever been. You will have a great time for sure!
Why is there so much hate directed specifically at Between the Buried and Me in here? They're a fantastic band who have put out some amazing records.

Anyway, I like black metal, not really that popular here in New England.

I think Skrillex and Deadmou5 are very talented musicians.
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Laser Speed by BTBAM, because it's hilarious and takes them by surprise.

This, I love telling people the name of the song and the artist then seeing people reactions when they hear it.
I'd like to say no, but saying "you probably aren't familiar with the bands I listen to" is easier then saying "I've been listening to Necrophagist lately" and getting the "oh you listen to that kind of music" look.
I always make an effort to avoid that sort of thing. When I was in Tonga I worked on a chicken farm with a bunch of locals and other travelers and in New Zealand I worked on a sheep farm (that was amazing).
Out of the places I haven't been yet I'd say:

-Norway - Everything about the country seems enticing
-Iceland - I'm going in June!! Can't wait!
-Southeast Asia - I've been to Vietnam but there is still so much to see
-Outer Space - Hopefully civilian space travel will be affordable in my lifetime, this is one of my life goals
-Nepal - The Himalayas seem amazing

Bonus 6th
-New Zealand South Island - The North island was amazing, but I didn't have time or money for the South
I've recently started brewing beer, it's turned out to be quite a rewarding hobby, my amber ale turned out really well.
I wish he had tried a New Zealand accent, sometimes I can barely understand them, that would have been interesting. Otherwise I think he was really good, a few were off but its way better than I could do
I dunno about sad dreams, but lately I've been having recurring nightmares about me running from the cops, the latest one involved me getting written up at school for lighting the hall directors office on fire and having to flee into the woods even though I was innocent.
Usually if I take a shit and it lasts a long time I end up reading a shampoo bottle label.
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What do you mean about the ridiculous social security? Like, they deport people a lot? Oh and the beer.... lapinkulta is the best beer in the world

Close, but Olvi Saunaolut takes the cake, best beer I've ever had. It's brewed with drinking in the sauna in mind, it doesn't get more Finnish than that.