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If you've met in a date-situation a couple of times, take her for a short drive and have picnic. Norway is beautiful!

Unfortunately, I'm not living in Norway right now, I just moved back to Florida. but i'm thinking a walk on the beach in the evening, then a movie at her place/my place. Picnic wouldn't be a bad idea though if it weren't so damn hot and humid here in the summer.
So I went on a date with this girl and I've been told she likes me and I like her. We went to a small diner for coffee and we agreed to do something again soon. Anyone have advice on where I should take her?
And yes, I read the FAQ, just seeing if anyone has any better or more original ideas. I'm bad at this sort of thing.
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^ What those guys said

Are you an exchange student?
Refuse to speak English with anyone communicate only in Norwegian. Immerse yourself in the language and it will come pretty quick.

Spend 30-60 mins a day exercising. Eat healthy. You'll be at school 6 hours a day. Guitar practice for 1-2 hours a day or 3-4. That's at least 8-9 hours of your day used up. When at school focus on your school work and set a goal to work your ass off to see just how well you can do at school. Make a goal to meet someone new every day. Join a club. Get a part time job and earn some money. Find cool stuff to do in Norway get some friends together and go do them in the holidays and weekends.

It's tough when a relationship ends and you weren't ready for it. But the more occupied you keep yourself and your mind the sooner you will get over her. By filling your time and actively focusing on other things you will train your mind to stop thinking about her.

You will find that she enters your mind often but you have to remember that you are the master of your own mind and emotions. Enjoy the memories and tell yourself that it was a good thing that is in the past now. Tell yourself that you have to refocus on the future and keep looking forward to the next exciting time of your life.

It will be easier to do this when you fill your days with various exciting things to occupy your time and challenge yourself to achieve specific goals.

Best of Luck.

No, I'm going to a folkehøgskole here, which is a school where we don't have any exams and its mostly fun stuff and electives. A lot of kids here go to these schools after high school to have a year free to decide what they want to do.

I do speak Norwegian with everyone, I can have conversations without a problem. I guess I just didn't communicate well with her.

Everyone lives on campus, so like i said its hard to avoid seeing her. And now shes acting like nothing at all happened by starting small talk with me, which i'm trying to avoid because any time i even see her it seems to trigger something in my mind where I immediately get depressed, and start thinking about it again. I keep telling myself I wasn't good enough for her, and start thinking about the reasons why she left me.

I'm starting to go to the gym again, which does seem to help a bit. And I'm going to try to play double the amount of guitar as I usually do in a day. And like you said I just need to set goals for myself. I can get over this, its just going to take time.

Thanks for all the responses. Really appreciate all the advice!
So about a week and a half ago (last Thursday) my gf broke up with me. We were together for just over 3 months. It was my first legit relationship, we're both 20. I honestly was not anticipating it, I knew something was up for a few days before the break up, however, because she kept blowing off seeing me. She told me that things weren't going as well as they used to, and the language barrier was an issue too (I live in Norway and speak passable but not great Norwegian, since I'm from the US.)
Now, I'm having an issue of getting over her. We both go to the same school which only has 130 students,so its almost impossible for me not to go a day without seeing her. So getting over is not the easiest. I guess my question is what do you recommend I do to get over her? I'm sick of dwelling on the good and bad things I did with her, and what the hell I did for her to leave me. I know these things go over after time, but what can I do now to help me get over her?
I put "one hundred million dollars" but realistically would never have it in me to kill someone.
So I've been going out with this girl now for about a month and a half. Everything has been going pretty well. We live pretty close to each other at school so seeing her isn't a problem. But I've been worrying a lot lately about after this school year is over, because I'm moving back to the US right when school is over in May and she is most likely moving to another country to work. This fact has been bothering me A LOT lately and cant get over the fact that there will come a time in May when we will have to leave each other (probably) forever. When I ask her what she thinks about it she says "we should take things as the come" and I know I should probably do the same, but I can't get it out of my head. Any advice on what I should do in this situation? Would greatly appreciate it.
blink 182... i was 12.
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Happens every year. Couples get together early-mid December, break up in early January.

Wow thanks that really helped...

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This happened to me junior year. First real girlfriend, I tried to see her too much and I think that pushed her away. Give her some space.

Yeah I need to give her a little space. I think I'm just rushing things a little too much. thanks man!
So I've been in this "relationship for about 2 weeks now. It started over the winter break and we saw each other a couple times and everything went well kissing, flirting, etc. Now we've gotten back to school and I feel like she's not interested anymore. She's always hanging with her friends. and I just want to spend more time with her. Am I just being selfish? Should I confront her about it? This is my first real relationship and I'm ****ing confused... any advice would help, thanks.
I know its my second sound off of the day but...

Stop giving me mixed signals! Do you want to see me or not? You leave me anxious and confused...
Weed is definitely a plus when listening to music but it is never a must. I feel it enhances the music just like a good pair of headphones enhances music. I tend to hear certain instruments and sounds I never hear or pay attention to when sober, especially when listening to classical high. But that's just me.
Nothing like listening to Damnation by the warmth of the fireplace in a cabin in the mountains of Norway.
Solitude in my ass.

Come on Norwegian womans handball team! We can win this.
I need to get over you. I need to realize that I've moved away from you and I will likely never see you again. But you keep coming back in my mind, which is something i need to over come. The few weeks I spent with you before I left were some of the greatest times of my life so far. But those times are over and I need to move on and so do you. My time with you is over.
The one and only job I had which was working at the front register of a corporate pharmacy. The customers were horrible in season and out of season it was boring as hell.
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NFL is on TV in a lot of European countries, there's also NFL gamepass which is £99.99 (dunno what that is in Norwegian money) and that has all the games live + NFL Network and archived games.


Gamepass seems to have added more packages this year, but the one I said seems the best offer.

Gamepass seems to be my only option, but i've never heard of NFL being on TV here besides the superbowl. Thanks for your help
I moved to Europe and will not be able to watch NFL on TV (obviously), does anyone have a link to a website where I can watch NFL games live online?
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When you get back, she'll be dating somebody else. Therein lies your answer.

Are you saying I should completely stop all contact with her?
So over the summer I met this girl, first night I met her at a friends house and we kinda hooked up. After that we started seeing each other off and on. For about 2 or 3 weeks until I had to move to a new country for a year, which was really hard for me to leave her (even though it was only 3 weeks i knew her I felt like we hit it off well). I still like this girl and she still likes me. I'm about to start a new school here and will probably meet a lot of girls but I don't know if I should continue the relationship with her until i come back or if I should just keep in touch but not have any type of relationship and see what happens when i get back. Any suggestions?
Try smoking a little weed before bed.

Seriously though it may help.
nah breh I'm using one already, 3.5 inches isn't nearly enough.

I've heard that before D:

Wait for the new one to come out in November(?) It's suppose to have a larger screen. Until then get an old flip phone or something.
You probably wanna leave on good terms so I say do it.
iPhone Breh.
Family dragged me along to see Act of Valor. Which was complete garbage. The acting was atrocious as well as the story. I have extreme respect for Navy Seals and all people in the armed forces but the acting by those Navy Seals was terrible.
Got to close to a 5+ foot alligator with my brother in a canoe without knowing it, it hissed at us. I thought I was going to die that day.
Anyone that thinks Joe Rogan is a douche probably has never heard any of his podcasts or ever heard him outside of Fear Factor or UFC. He's actually a really nice guy from what I've heard.
Part time Service Clerk/Shelf filler at Walgreens.
As much as I love American Football, i will probably not be watching the superbowl this year, just for the fact that I hate both the Giants and Patriots.
Ronnie James Dio smoked half a joint and drank a glass of wine before every show he would play.
So I got Heritage In the mail today. I've heard the album at least a few times now and its growing on me. I actually really like their new change. Maybe that's just cause I'm an Opeth elitest though, not sure.
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Unless you smoked an extreme shitload, weigh 325 pounds of straight up fat and don't exercise at all, you should be good. Sorry I can't say when the results will be back though.

I smoked about 2-3 hits. i weigh 185 pounds, and exercise about twice a week. So i guess I should be good. You're reply made me a little less nervous, so thank you.
So i had my drug test today. I was able to hold it off 3 days. so it was 16 days i took it before i smoked and i only smoked once. I know theirs a good chance i passed but i'm still worried and
and really nervous. Does anyone know how long it takes for the results to get back? this is for pre-employment.
Thanks man, ill try not to stress too much. I would go to the gym today to sweat it out but I actually have a cold so its keeping me from doing any type of exercise. But I've been drinking a ton of water.
Okay, so I just got a job interview and they basically told me i got the job, but I first have to do a drug test. The last time I smoked (weed) was about 12 days ago and that was my first time smoking in about 3 months (I rarely smoke). I believe my drug test in the next couple days. Should I be worried?