Also have a Avatar people with recognize, thats how i recognize most members.
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i just heard her message, i couldnt make out what she said after 'i saw the thread'

props to who ever left the message saying 'you have a real nice voice, its a shame it was silenced by that kids penis'

It was like "Hey Twist of Fate, this is Bre Morgan um i saw that you guys posted me on with crackin upside down(?) thanks so much and if you want please join my street team ok bye"

yea that one sentence is a bit fishy i couldn't understand her if anyone wants to correct me, please do.
We all should record a message just us saying "UGGGGGG" then hang up. That would be Epic.


damn 3 years and you learned like not a lot I'd be pissed.

*leaves thread
w+f th15 +hr34d d34s3rv35 2 83 0p3n!
holy bump but, Belay My Last still pwns
Find new bands that have killer guitar parts and...learn it, i mean thats what i do. There so many bands you would like that you don't even know.

A real life DBZ AND Tekken??!

OMG 2009 is gonna PWN!
Overcast - Bleed Into One
Cro-Mags - Life of My Own
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^actually, no.

What you can't read sarcasm?
Drums ****ing Own all you guitar n00bs!

Masturbate Furiously.
haha i have that Bass pedal ts, its just a single.
leik eye dee kay wat ur saying cos u can not bes typin g00d
Because if you try to catch Mewtwo with a Poke' Ball it Ain't gonna happen.
It's like $4.80 here.
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Then your contribution will be ignored.

Trap Them - Hollow Factory

Well i mean unless you want to see this thread go dead or have the same word repeating, I'd use "the"
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what is this like the 20th one.

Yea something needs to be stickied Fast!

Or some people could just use the Search Bar.
Hatebreed - Hollow Ground
Yea i like the instant ones better with no potato lumps.
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is it 360? if so , you get a month free when you make your account, as long as you say your over 18

Yea that defeats the purpose i Don't want to make a new account, I'm sure some one has a 48 Hour trial card, and yes its 360.
I really want a Xbox live trial thingy or whatever, I don't care if its a day, 2 days, and half a day, i just want to play with my friends tonight.

I'm getting a membership card this week i just really want to play right now, and I'm not making a new account.

So if anyone could hook me up, that would be much appreciated
Thr0ugh T3h F1r3 @nd Fl@m3s - by the all mighty Br00tal Dr@g0n F0rc3
It matters, If you believe in more than 1 god (Which on UG i would say yea) maybe.. Frenchy.
Like a Train Through a Pigeon - The Red Chord
Quote by RATM forever
Can You See Me - Jimi Hendrix Experience

EDIT: im behind....
Bro, Save time don't Quote.
Career Suicide - Kittie
WTF dude thats just sad
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Between the Buried and Me - What We Have Become

edit - beaten to it

Nope, I used Become in my post and BTBAM FTW!
GWAR - Have You Seen Me
Pantera - Becoming
There the Soviet one to. i Use to have it but my PC Craped out and i lost it.
Eagles Become Vultures - Converge
**** This makes me wanna drink
Beck - Erase the Sun
God Forbid - Mind Eraser