Gordon Brown is a crap prime minister anyway. Who cares what he gets. He deserves to get hanged, not 25 dvds.
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Don't you dare tell me that this thread was made five hundred times, I think I know that.
Post your top five favorite songs.
I know this is a lot asking from you guys because it's a terrible brutal decision to make for what to pick for number one.
It's basically a "what is your top five favorite songs?" but I didn't want to make it sound cliche.
Try to diversify the genre and the artists, meaning don't have three songs by Megadeth or whatever you like in the list but I wouldn't blame you if you had a heavy metal track and a folk track in there.
Never the less, this is my list.

5. YYZ by Rush - Best Instrumental? Yeah, because this shows that bassists are very important in a rock band like Rush, and the nerdy Geddy Lee sounds kickass.

4. I'll be there by Emma Bunton - Bunton was a Spice Girl, one of the gayest pop groups, but her solo stuff is beyond amazing, easily surpasses Rhianna or Leona Lewis.

3. You're gonna Break my Heart again by Whitesnake - It sounds like a van halen track that is actually heavy metal, but it has the most exciting melody.

2. Dreams by the Corrs - This is the cover of a Fleetwood Mac song and the most beautiful song ever

1. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin - I don't care what you have against this song, because it has the perfect unison between folk ballad and hard rock, and the greatest solo ever.

There you go, I have everything from heavy metal, pop, hard rock, rock, and Prog Rock.

Are you a dude? If so, I think you might be, uh, nevermind.

Right now my top 5 are:

5 Invincible by Muse
4 Runnin Down a Dream by Tom Petty
3 Colossal by Wolfmother
2 Ice 9 by Joe Satriani
1 How I could just Kill a man by Rage/Cypress Hill. I alternate between the versions.
Okay. I got a 360 for christmas. I have the lego/kung fu panda bundle, The Force Unleashed, and HALO 3. I have 60 dollars. What's a good game you guys would recommend? I'm thinking about Gears of War 2, all my friends have it, and Gears of War was pretty fun when I played it at my cousins house.
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kk having both Mac and PC

Macs r faster for the same price as a PC, Mac have roughly 50 known virisis while PC has around 50,000

Macs look **** lot cooler that a PC

Macs have microsoft office

U might think Macs r hard 2 use but after a week or so its all kool

PC does have like more software options but Macs r improving that

Macs can gt msn messenger

So basically I think personally macs own PC but u can gt a mac n split the hardrive so u can put Pc on one half research 'bootcamp' when you turn of the mac hold alt n you can choose between Mac or Pc research it

Viruses? That's cause mac users are too busy yelling at other people about how great their mac is to actually log onto the internet.

Not really. It gets boring after the first 5 minutes. Gee, the menu is at the top and when you hover over the bottom, it's also partly at the bottom! It's non-conformist, so it's awesome!!!

PCs already have that WITHOUT buying it later.

PCs are easy to use after oh, say 30 seconds.

In the time It takes Mac to catch up to where windows is right now, windows will already be farther.

Windows already has it.

That's dumb. "Hey guys, I'm a douchebag! Instead of having just one, I've got two. God, having a mac is awesome.""

Lastly, using good grammar and using good spelling is not a crime. I'm not a grammar nazi, but having americans look stupid is not something I particularly like. If it is that hard for you to spell correctly, I should suggest firefox. When you misspell a word, you can right click it and it will give you the correct spelling.

My bad, you have a mac. You CAN'T right click.
They tried to change my high school's name to Sea Kitten High School. The principal pretty much laughed it off and threw the letter away.
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Everything is a ****ing popularity contest, people are fake as ****, people worry about the most irrelevant bullshit, girls are ****ing stupid as hell, teachers suck balls and are biased, you can't be friends with one group if you are friends with another, and to top it all ****ing off at the end of the day all people will care about is your grades and SAT scores when applying for college/jobs. I laugh at these jackasses with like 50+ friends and are getting Ds/Fs and with 3 girlfriends. These are the dickfaces who will be taking your order at Burger King, the ones who will be washing cars for a living, the ones who will be calling the lawyers who they made fun of back in HS to help bail them out, and the crackheads and alcoholics who will have realized how much of a waste of life they truly are.

Can't wait to get the **** out of high school

Live with it you whining bastard.
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Wanna buy me a new Ipod? You seem well off.

An Hero.
Oh God, I don't want to even think about how many trolls will invade.
I voted again.
Chris Hansen is a cockblocker.
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Why can't they be ogres? Ogres are 10x cooler than trolls.

I always love your posts.
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But... Asheton is up by nearly 2% from last night. While we stayed the same.
If she continues at this rate, and we continue with our rate, the race will get really close.

wait, how is that. Someones been mass voting for her.
Tha'ts pretty good. We are up by at least a 1000, so i think we are good.
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Look at the Jonas brothers. There actually good I think.

I think you are gay.
Sweet. It would be funny if we did get OVER 9000.
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Good job!
Every vote counts. I think UG can handle this by itself, but we don't want to take any chances.

Around noon(give or take 6 hours) there should be about 30-45 more votes. Not much, but its something.
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Yeah, I think we can get him to 25, if this was up at the top all the time *hint hint*.
Anyways, do you guys have any other forums to post to help secure our victory?

I'm on a couple of star wars forums(har har laugh all you want).
I hope this hasn't already been posted.
I voted for The Avery Kid. It looks like he is in the lead. He has 20% of it.
Dude, The Prestige rules.
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Abbey Road - 22
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Imagine - 16
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umm stank puss? im not a man of "blackspeak" if someone would care to elaborate lol

Her vajayjay don't smell okaykay

You are awesome.
yeah I lost. I forgot about it.
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Click at your own risk:

Mayhem: Dawn of the Black Hearts

too scared;didn't click: It's a real picture of their vocalist (ironically named Dead) with a shotgun wound to the head, laying there next to the shotgun/knife he used to kill himself. His brain is just kinda sitting there next to them.

EDIT: The link worked for me.. but if it's not working for you, try this one:

I thought of that album when i saw the thread title.
I like them. I don't have enough money to help you out, i'm afraid.
I feel sad for her, because of her horrible mother that should rot in hell, but i feel happy that she found a new home that is loving and that she is making progress. it's mixed.
i will like it. it take place and shows a lot of battles i am guessing, so the more violence the better.
tom delonge can suck my balls for all i care.
i asked frenchy a couple days ago if she would ban me for a day. can some mod ban me for a day? i want to see the Fotb. i have only been warned.
I worked on Obama's campaign in south dakota, so Obama.
TS is biggest Dumbass ever.
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Dave Mustaine is in their rooster? I always thought he was a bit of a cock

that is genius. pure genius.
Line 6 Spider: I let the salesman trick me...
we were talking about dividing and like percentages and dividing people into graphs, and there was a fraction in it like 45.5% or whatever, and the teacher said there can't be a half of a person. Then I shouted "What if there is a paraplegic?" I thought it was funny. but the teacher didnt.

still there.
while looking at /b/ last night night, i found a you laugh you lose thread. i foun two pictures that made me laugh for so long.

freakin funniest thing ever.
i don't know how to play drums, but i know how to annoy the whole store with very loud playing
40, just so there are less pages.
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alright, heres the situation. my friend had a REALLY hot girlfriend, but they broke up and since then ive been hangin out with her tryin to get with her. well today we hangin out and she saw my guitar. so i played her some stuff (mostly her favorites), and she loved it. and then she asks me to teach her something, so i pick an easy song that she would like and i teach her. we really bonded over this. and now she wants me to teach her. weekly lessons. and then later that evening she said i was sweet when i was teaching her, and we started making out.

so basically, im gonna get the girl i want if i teach her to play guitar and theres a very good chance ill get laid. how awesome is that.

anyway, what are some basics i should teach her? start with chords? easy songs a beginner could play? i already taught her smoke on the water, when you were young, and a little of "scotty doesnt know" by lustra. any suggestions?

well you're a great friend.