You will need: Protools, Way of recording your instrument to Protools, Video Camera, a bit of spare time, and guitar pro 5 would help

Basically, as part of my BA Music project I need to do a multi-media performance track. I want to do like a world band type thing, where I will record a track with people from around the world, then I will project it onto a screen and play the final part- guitar- myself.

The track has to be 10 minutes long, so I'll have to do 3 songs (Which will be decided after I have found the vocalists as certain songs will need male singers, some will need females). It'll be something easy that wont need much learning so probably a pop song like Avril Lavigne or something.

I will need a drummer, singer, Bassist, and Rhythm guitarist...but I will need 3 of each so I can change the person part way through (so it's like I'm playing 3 songs with 3 different bands)

I need it to be video recorded for the video so It will be like a live performance (gig).

You will need to tune to 440Hz (most tuners have a button to check this) as some countries tuners are slightly different which will make it sound out of tune.

You will also have to master the track at 16bit, 44.1. As this is also different in other countries. I only need the stems though, you don't have to mix, I can do that

So plan;

1) drummer records the 3 tracks to a click + film it...then sends me it
2) I will then send the track to the bassist who will record the bass over + film then send it to me
3) I will then send that to the rhythm guitarist, who will record the rhythm guitar +film then send it to me
4) I will then send that to the vocalist who will record the vocals + film then send it to me.
______(If I can get enough people, I will do this 3 times, for the 3 takes).____

5) I will then mix the track
6) I will then put the videos together on 1 screen and sync the music to the videos.
7) I will then project this onto a screen and play the lead guitar part over the top (recording the sound+being filmed) - This is the multi-media performance part so that's the whole thing done
8) If anyone who was involved wants to see the final product I'll upload it to Youtube

If you've any questions regarding this before you say yes to helping, ask away

I don't have long to do this so quick responses and quick recordings would be great.

Time scale:
Drums recorded by: Friday 26th Oct
Bass recorded by: Friday 2nd Nov
Guitar recorded by: Friday 9th Nov
Vocals recorded by: Friday 16th Nov
(This is due to me only just being assigned it, and it having to be in first week of December).

So, to summarise, 12 people with Pro tools, Way to record to Pro-tools (Audio Interface, mic. etc) and Video camera needed! (guitar pro would help for learning the songs so we all have the same thing but that's not essential).

Post on here, and when I have 3 people of each instrument interested we'll sort out some sort of e-mail/Facebook group or something.

Everyone has their own opinions, we've been told our new stuff which we've played at gigs (which isn't recorded yet- will be recording in May) is a lot better, more unique and makes us stand out more. Secondly, we're not 14 year olds who failed at school, I'm 19 at uni and have a part time job and passed every subject in school with high grades, the others are all in college/ uni as well, over the age of 14 (guitarist/vocalist is even 25!) and have done very well in school. Our haircuts are all different, me the other guitarist and vocalist have medium length hair, the drummer long hair, the bassist short hair, also, i thought music was about a bunch of notes being put together, not how good our hairdressers are, get your head out your ass! I don't care if you don't like our music, every band has their haters but it just shows how pathetic you are if you think every metalcore band are 14 year old school drop outs and that haircuts have anything to do with the music!
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i know it's random :') basically im doing a university degree and i'm looking into why the song is so popular, this research is going into a chart which will prove my point- pretty much everyone knows the song. But i need over 100 people to class it as sufficient evidence so thats where you all come in Thanks everyone whos replied, keep them coming :P
Hey, I'm doing an essay on why a certain song is so popular and need to do some field research- a survey on how many people know the song, please answer the following questions, thanks anyone who does it

1) What is the missing word from these lyrics? "We Will, We Will.......You"


2) If you do know the song, which is the most memorable part of the song out of these?

A) Lyrics
B) 3 Crotchet Drum beat
C) Guitar Solo
D) Arm Movements associated with the song


3) Gender:
4) Age:
5) City/State+ Country:

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I'm after putting a pair of EMG 81 and 60 active pickups into my ibanez s570,however i cant think of anywhere to put the battery (anyone with one will know just how thin the guitar is) any ideas? im gonna get it proffessionally done but when i went to the local music shop the guy there had the same problem and said it might fit in the trem area, but ive just tried putting a battery in that space and it wont fit, anyone got any ideas? im thinking of maybe getting a plastic case for the battery to fit onto the back plastic cover but i dunno how i would do that tbh.
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never mind, googled it should be easily fixable
is that the shielding (conductive shielding paint) around the insides of the pickup holes? or is there something else i need to do?
i've got a squire telecaster, and it had single coil pickups in, but i was getting a horrible buzzing noise, so while i was re-painting it, i changed the pickups to humbuckers...but now the guitar is back together, im still getting the noises. does any one know how to fix it?

the noise is like, when you have your amp swiched on, but dont have the lead in your guitar, theres that horrible buzzing noise, but this noise is happening even when the lead is in the guitar, and it's a LOT louder!

i can hear the guitar under the noise, and it would sound amazing if i got rid of the noise, so does anyone know how to solve this?

sounds simple, and the routing is mega easy. just hope it's as simple as it
is there any wireing differences?

i want to take the single coils out of my squire Telecaster and change them for humbuckers out of my old tanglewood les paul

do i need to make any changes to the wireing? or can i simply take the pickups off and change them?

i've had a look round and i can't find anything that tells me how to do this, so could anyone help?
I bought a squire strat really cheap but i hate the pickups, so i want to change them.

I've got an old les paul which is broken and it has quite nice pickups in, so i want to put them in the tele, but i've noticed that the humbuckers have one big thick wire going into them, whereas the single coils had two thin wires soldered to the outside of the pickup.

so how do i go about changing them?

thanks for any help you can give
i bought a squire tele for £50 off a friend, and i really hate the pickups, does anyone know if it's ok to change them to humbuckers? i'll have to get a new bridge and scratchplate to fit them in, and i'll have to make the hole in for the neck pickup bigger, but is that all i'll have to do? or will the selector switch need changing as well?
I like the Les Paul more, it has a nicer, fatter tone
thanks for your help
my dad said he'll ring the shop tomorow (as today is new years day) and try and sort it out. I guess i'll just use my old amp for
never mind, i looked at the warrenty and it doesnt cover anything that happened during shipping :/
so could i get it in the warrenty or something and get a new one for free? cos im a bit annoyed that my dad had to pay £350 for something thats
i dont see how they can be old though, 'cos apparently the shop has only had it for a few months, and it hasn't been played much.

it could be the morse code idea though :P
I got the Peavey Valveking 212 amp for christmas (valve amp) and theres a popping sound coming from it.

even when my guitar isnt plugged into the amp, it still does it. does anyone know what could be causing it? how to fix it? and is it damaging my amp?

if it helps, the amp is an ex demo- but it apparantly hadn't had much use and they only had it for a while.

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right, im pretty confident i know what im doing with my floyd now, but one more question i have is: i've got gauge 9 strings, and i've got them in standard at the minute. but i want to play some bullet for my valentine, and slipknot. which is in drop C, and drop B- is it possible to do that? i know it'll mean messing with the floyd height, but is it possible? or will it just not work? cos i dont wanna go through all the work, just for it not to sound right.
try both guitars out, then you know which one you want- but make sure you take your own amp and effects pedals with you! 'cos you need to know how it will sound for you, and also they might give you an amp that sounds better with the washburn, just to try get you to buy it. as for the comment above about women working in guitar shops- theres loads of them. theres 4 guitar shops near where i live and theres women working in 2 of the shops. Jacksons are great guitars! got one for christmas and it's amazing, great finish, great action, great sound!
give you high 5's all day for beating them over the head fr playing guitar hero
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9/10 it might kill me if i give less!
i get it all the time- i've even been beaten up 'cos of it, my family is constantly saying i listen to crap, and that it's not music. tbh i'm gettin really fed up of it all but im not gonna stop liking metal, emo, screamo, punk, grunge.e.t.c. cos i'm not changin for anyone!
id poke you all day to make sure you dont fall asleep
oooo i thought of a better one- id shove a guitar up your butt- forcefully
id stay well away and cry in the corner with a chainsaw at the ready
Quote by Kai07

at chris: teach him that it's a game called football and how they play it.

oh i know what football is, and i hate it! lol, i'd play sudoku with them all day ( just cos threres nothin else to do)
ask what a superbowl is and learn how to play it all day