well if u want a positive push in ur sound u should definetly take out the stock pups for some new ones, as for which ones im not sure wat ur tastes are cause i would never put a single coil humbucker on any of my stratsi just put regular single coils i dont mind the hum,

is there any tone or player's sound u kinda like?

wats ur budget?

and as for ur setup honestly its pretty okay, but investing on a nice tube amp on the road woul be nice.
wat style of music do u play?
just doing an update on the process, so far im still waiting for my electronics and i have started to shield the cavity and pickguard
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^Try it, it sounds great.

well i was looking at the eurotube's kits and they sound pretty promising
i want to grt some kt-77'S on my ycv40
just wanted to do make first post to SAY TRAYNOR RULES!!!!

and i been a ycv-40WR owner for 2 happy years now =)
ive only bought strat pups from gfs and for the money they are pretty good in my opinion a bit better than stock, but then again i havent tried the tele pup's i am also currently looking to replace the stock ones in MIM tele
sorry for the spam i got a little too excited talking about amzing pickups =)
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how much does that thing weigh? is it that much heavier than a stock trem block?

and i still dont think these little things won't get you closer to hendrix without a fuzz and a cranked 60s marshall.

i have a custom set of extra warms with "long" pole pieces and more windings than normal. like 7k or something? idk. they're on my blackie. i got '59s on my brownie with wound around 5.5k which is pretty cool.

i will email jay and check howthey weigh compared to stock he should know.

he was gonna make me some 54's which are like 59 except they got the alnico3s , but i wanted a frusciante tone so i went for the 62's
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For the singles, I got a 62 smooth groove in the neck, a custom wind version of the Swingin' hot, and then a Custom Extra Warm in the bridge.

For the humbuckers, I have a pair of Silverbacks. Mmm..PAF goodness.

i was looking at the silver backs to replace the 57's on my gibson les paul florentine goldtop
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it looks cool and i guess it'll help if your stock trem block is that small... i wonder how much heavier they are compared to stock ones.

ive checked for reviewS everywhere but i guess they are so new no one has them, i am interested in the brass one for my main MIM strat
im gettin a set of 62's for neck and middle and a hot texan for the bridge

i cant wait !!!!
wat buckers did u get?
well for a fuzz i would recomend london fuzz made mjm a canadian company, best germanium fuzz ive tried, and u also gotta consider jimi's more mellower sound and for that u need a nice set of 69 pickups and maybe a univibe.

u should look into they have a great pickup selection and hand wound by corduroy ew a fellow ug member, lots of people have purchased from him and they are very happy, i myself just ordered a custom set of 62 pickups and cant wait till they arrive. he also offers 10% off to UG members
here are some pics of my previous 60's strat relic

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Definately. I got a set of '62 style pickups from Cord and they're amazing.

This project kinda reminds me of my Custom Strat. I could get you some pics if you'd like

Also, '54s had ash bodies whereas the MIM fender reissues are alder. Not a great difference though.

yeah pics would be awesome man , could help get some more ideas ive missed
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Please don't add GFS 64's to this guitar. They won't give vintage tone. I'll make you a set of my 54 style pickups which are made to actual 1954 spec and I'll do it for the price of the GFS 64 set if you also through in that alumitone lace sensor pickup. Typically my 54 style pickups sell for $215.00 per set. If you don't want a 54 style pickup in your 54 style strat then you could choose a different set of strat pickups from my website

corduroy u just threw in a great business proposition, are the 54's like 59's on ur website? and how much is shipping to canada?
well for pickups u cant go wrong with a trio of p-90s, for neck i would use a maple cause it best it make chords sound really clear and crisp.
theres also the mean 90 which will be more balanced in output with ur bridge bucker and still giving u the vintage sound
seeing i just got a used MIM fender 50's strat for a pretty cheap price, ive decided to try to replicate 54 strat in slightly worn stage of relic known as a closet classic. now movin onto to the condition itself the body has a few dings to it but nothing major , neck is v-shaped which i love, but the only big downfall to this guitar are the electronics the previous owner made, he re -routed the bridge pick-up cavity to put in an alumitone single coil which is not of my liking and the other to pickups are cheap single coils with ceramics manet bars at the bottom, which honestly sound horrible and sterile to me so they have to go too, moving on to the controls the 1st tone has been removed from the circuit completly and the second tone is wired to all the pickups. any advice and feedback will be appreciated, this my2nd and first overhaul im posting here

things i wanna do

-put in an RS guitar works vintage strat wiring kit
-some gfs 64' alnico pickups
-age the plastic parts (except pickguard, pickguards on the originals hardly aged)
-shield cavity
-replace string with original circle kind
just le me know if u haveany suggestions


im gonna go ahead and say that i liked the tod v2 better than v1 after comparing them at the store, the v2 was more clear and had lots more bottom end
thanks man, yeah take some pics soon so u guys can see some examples
oh okay thanks, man cause i found it hard to believe no one knew about it
anyone have any info? or seen this pedal?
HI every one, i just wanted to share a new way of relicing ur plastic parts in around 2 to 3 minutes depending on the exact shade u like, the magic ingredient i used was a cooking powder called achote powder, whick u can buy at any grocery store and its a redish orange powder, and will help u recreate the faint yellow staining obtained form cigarette smoke and sweat absorbed from years anbd years of playin.
bought this pedal this pedal about a year ago, and havent been able to find hardly any info on it, it is varaible tremolo / volume pedal. here are some pics
yeah that frusciante strat, looks like the wood is kinda rotting fro the sweat
is there a way to wire my second tone pot on a strat as a switch to be able to select a bridge +neck conbination?
you should look into the gfs sets, they have various texas set for dirt cheap and great quality, and i have installed of their set on 2 of my strats and i am very satisfied with the early gilmour tones i can get and they nail the SRV tone perfectly.
im also modding my MIM 50s strat, gettin som gfs '64 Stagger Texas Grey Bottoms set
^^agree with you, a tube amp can make even the worst of guitars shine ..
Hi everyone!

ive been creepin around, and just wanted to say ive have an MIM tele and Just obtained a 50s strat, and they are both great feelin intruments and feel almost exactly like the americans .But like most guitars these days electronics lack quality ive replace my tele with rs guitarworks electronics and gfs pickups and it sounds amazin! and just ordred a set of gfs Stagger Texas Grey Bottom Surf/Blues Pickups, will let u guys how they sound.
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Theyre selling for like £80.


Why did I break mine? -cuts self-

And we know its just going to get more valuble...

NPD anyway, granted not a very interesting one, high gain volume pedal from michal23, it changes volume and things. Nice pedal though, i dont notice any high end loss with it in the chain and its pretty smooth.

^^Seems like a sweet board, too much dano though.

yes, i thought the same about too much dano but its not my fault they make awesome pedals that can even conpetete with the most expensive pedals, but im thinking of getting a micro pog and and switchin the flange for and mxr phase 45 or small stone, any suggestions?