this is my board wat do u guys think?
thanks alot DLrocket89 , el84m's it is!!
would i have to modify the amp in anyway put el84 in it.........i jsut found about el84m tubes how about those?
is there a change in voltage or are they a perfect replcement?
i have an elk tube amp(princeton clone), this amp needs new power tubes and it uses 7189 tubes, would i be able to substitue this rare and hard to find 7189's for EL84'S?
hey okay then ill go for the slow blow 1 ampere 250 volt fuse u guys know how much a cap job by a tech would cost me?
well this amp is a 1968-1979 princeton clone so should i go for the slo-blo then
thanks alot man !!!!! ive herad this amp play and its beautiful after i get the fuse , im thinking of getting it a cap job and and a tube change..
so my best replacement would be getting fast acting 1 ampere 250 volt fuse then?
well the amp fuse is glass and it has a thin filament inside it which is broken
thanks for helping, u have helped alot by the way

kay, this elk amps are very rare because the company went out of business in the 70's, but i was able to find an schemtic for the amp

what would the diffence between a slow blow and fast acting fuse be, and which is better for an amp
my camera isnt working, but one end of the fuse say 250 volt and the other says bussagc3, and to add right underneath of the fuse holder it says fuse 1A.
that didnt help me by the way....
i recently aquired a vintage elk 30 stageman amp, this is practically a fender princeton clone. my problem is that it has a blown fuse but it does not give any clues to what to look for in a replacement except that is 250 volts.

can anyone help me with this?
thanks guys!!! aprreciate the help ive tweaked everything a bit an this how everything looks now

fx loop = send-booster-delay- flange-tremolo-return

guitar- wah- screaming blues overdrive-octave- fuzz- bigg muff- smashbox- amp

if some people are questioning why im putting my booster in my loop, it is because when i had the booster(Boost/ LIne driver) infront of the amp and tried boosting my amps dirty channel it had no effect on it , but after much experimented i found that the problem was fixed by putting it on the loop.
LOL i seriously made a mistake the booster is actually infront of the chain LOL
thanks for the answer, ive experimented for quite a bit, heres wat i have now

fx loop = send-tremolo-flanger-delay- booster-return

guitar- octave- fuzz- bigg muff- smashbox - screamin blues overdrive- amp

WAT do u think of my current configuration? any Suggestions?
can some one give me some advice on wat order to connect all my pedals??

these are the effects i have

-wah pedal
- chili dog octaver
-mxr classic 108 fuzz
-Big Muff Pi
-Ibanez smashbox
-Boost/Line driver
seriously just save urself some money and buy a cheap used crybaby for like 40 buck and make it sound like 300 dollar boutique pedals, by modding it which will cost u no more than like ten dollars LOL!!
man u should just get a standard cry-baby or vox and just mod it to ur likin
oh really, i guess you learn somethin new every day

mods i've done
1. gain&bass-330 ohm
2.mids- 2.2k
3.vocald mode- toggle from 47k(thinkin of changin 100k) to 68k
4. sweep cap- i have jh-1 so means i already had it on

future mods
1. true bypass
2.sweep cap- toggle between 0.015uf and 0.02
3.install fisshy caps
4.inductor-thinkin of replacin with whiple or yellow fasel(suggestions would br appreciated)
well i have a dpdt switch right now sow ill just use that, its probably better with the dpdt cause wverything will look neater, but first i wanna try the 200k resitor to see how it sounds

ill try also try to replace my inductor soon, im thinking of the whipple, but not sure of how it would sond with gain though...
wat i wanna do is wire a toggle switch for the vocal mod which will have to options to choose from a 68k resistor and 47k resistor wired in parallell with a 100k pot which will give me lots of options experiment and at the same time be able to go to a my stock setting of a 68 k resistor with flick of a switch
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I swear, it's like nobody reads this thread anymore.

68k or 100k. Higher value=more vocal.

Most people use 68k, but why stop there? Jimi used a Vox Clyde, and they have (or had at least) 100k in there.

Wonder what 250k would sound like...

thanks for that, would going with a higher vocal resitor make the wah more treblley, i think im gonna try the 250k resistor and ill telll u how it sounds
so for the vocal mod, which resistors would give me a stronger wah sound?
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It's an SPDT switch. Doesn't matter which wire goes in which hole.

if both resistors are connected together, wouldnt that mess with the values or cause problems?
hey can someone tell me how to wire a toggle switch to swith between 2 different resistors for the vocal mod?