teehee wet wang,m like after your mum and me :P
lol i no it is isnt it lol, but yeh we are working on it
and yeh we no **** loads about america, eg you have a **** goverment who thinkb they rule the world, and yes this is true do not say it is not, and although the general population are made up of perfectly nice people, there are alot of areas full of racist "homophobic red neck dicks"(flea) and conservitave hypicritical arse holes as well.... plus all americans i have seen dont have a patch on the average british independant film, its all to block buster and based around CGI, but the odd good ones are filmed there, although they tend to have british directors..... eg a life less ordinery, danny boyle
for instance would you be able to tell me what the main theme of charecter develoment is ironically shown between the frist 3 acts of macbeth? or are you good enough at the language to understand that it may be interpertided however the reader intends and is very subject to influence
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Learn how to speak English.

just cause i dont type well on UG doesnt mean im not good at english, ro for that matter cannot speak it, if you want to find someone who cannot speak it tsalk to an average american who butturs the english language everyday and spells it abismily
yeh no, it was like forced on them, aparnty they provided there own bouncers and like basicly threatened them, but yeh i think i will call the guy and be like " Look no funny business, we will play but we want to put our stuff in our car straight after our set ok? we just quite protective of our gear thats all, ok?"
my band is new, we onyl been around a couple montsh but i sent out a couple emails, and got back one for a gig on the 30th at a place called the liquid rooms in edinburgh, its not getting ready, tahts all ok, but we heard from someone else, who is reliable, that tehre son did a gig there and got scammed as the prmoter told them they had to put tehre gear ina room after the gig and then charged them the next day to get it out as it was classified as " paid storage" and the police couldnt stop it

but this was a diffrent organiser than our sn i think, but how do i convince the other band members that we wont be scammed, and how do i find out we deff wont?

m8 you are talking **** there are always musicaly inclinded people in school! no matter where you are, chances are the trumpet players and flutests have got a guitar played among them and you would deff find a persuccion player AKA drum kit. Your an idiot man. I could set up 6 bands in 2 days at my school just with people in my year let alone other years, i mean dude its simple, find soemone who plays guitars and find a drummer, which si simple as hell! just put your self out tehre insteed of trying to join an alredi formed band
i mean like a band with people you dont know is gonna be akward, specaily if you only 13, but yeh i duno, i would say do the age old find a drummer at school and ask him if he wants to come round and jam for a bit, then get a guitarest, just casualy jam man, then if the vibe works for you, you can start righting songs and getting gigs ect.
why dont u just get peoepl at school?
what ya should do for bvig metal bands is whack your ticketwebsite to contact you about anything liek ticketmaster
OR if you just wana see metal go to a metal live bar
what kinda guitar you using? if you have single coil pick ups, thats just what happens at high volumes, its a bitch, and yeh it may be a rubbish cable, or your amp settings are just gash, like to much treble with no bass or middle, or to much middle and no bass and treble maybe, but does it go away when you start playing? if so i dont see the prob hugly apart from some anaoyance, but if it keeps going, erm i duno your feked? lol
i would say your best bet would be to do everything on your acoustic, but to fill out the sound get a m8 who plays drums to accomp you, im sure you know someone who plays drums, even if they in one of the otehr bands just say " would u mind, im not doing it competivly, so you dont have to worry" and maybe do the same for a bassest, or just get a m8 who playes guitar to do it as well just as a favour, who know syou could end up being a proper band!
klkl how does it work?
yeh its looks good deal and real deal,. but pick up would be best for this if you can and i would say cash on colletion so if its fake you loose nothing
an hour? wow maybe you are blowing fuses cause an hour of playing at full volume is little for you? lol maybe if you are playing for 6 hours on end or what ever at full with no warm up and a **** cable that would blow it for sure... lol but im only guess u do this, cause i do ;lol
i would, for this genre, just whack out a metal muff pedal and whack it on the clean channels for a lighter tone for soloing or shreading, and then for dirty dark pounding riff type thing whack onto the distortion channel with it and just OD it on there, all an OD pedal is simulataes what happens when you overdrive you amp in imput, making it distorted,,, so just add the imput volume with the muff pedal and open the gain right up to 11 and grind the **** out of it
best bet is the speaker cable,,, **** man tho 7 amps in a year where yoiu get your money from? you would be better of just with a solid state combo for all the ****t of replacing all of these ones!
rock school books helped me, but i know how **** they have been for others
its not the guitar, i just rekon your a sound king and are rushing to full volume with out a decent warm up, with loud loud amps this IS nessersary! not so much with **** amps, lol or my amps, its a keyboard amp with effects to make it sound half decent, i use it for everything from vocals to guitar to keyboard to bass,,, and it never fails,,, then again its a heap of metal lol,,, knowing this amp is wont even have fuses
nice idea i see the point atchally
erm a bit **** i think, but im not inton that kidna song
i wouldnt say know,,, but this aint the one i would get lol, i just dont like how it looks, but i would still get it if offered!! im sure it play's sweet as tho, erm get a trace elliot! they rock, you just have to know how they work
i want sex with that amp sooo bad :P
yeh thast rite i think
I want to ask this question as well

I have about 150 pounds to spend, wht valve amps can i get which are good alround, im thinking marshell but i dont think thats in budget, i hate solid state, just doesnt sound open enough
lol i always do that, and i like drum as well and play the piano versions to it as well on desks lol
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Yeah whatever

Tell that to all the friends who stopped talking to me

you have **** m8s then, he is talking about real friends,,,,,, not myspace friends?
yeh wht is the point in a rythm geetar who doesnt wanna practise, he is ment to be second to the bassest in keeness to practise! The drummer decides when to practsie cause its usaly his house or places with the drums, the singer doesnt matter cause you can practise with out him, the lead usaly writes all the guitar parts and does the good stuff so he is nessesary and if he isnt coming you dont have a practsie like with the drummer. The bassest is needed as well otherwise you mostly sound ****, but he is a bassest so usaly has no life and will wanna practise alot! ( jakes lol i play bass) and the keys if you have one isnt reli gonna be intergral to the songs, but the rythm guitarest is next to surplus so he can be replaced easily and even covered for by the lead guitarest,,, so he SHOULD wana do everything he can to turn up!!!! as he is this close to loosing his spot for being useless anyway! heck he should pay you guys to play with him :P
the guys right, analog is the way to go to learn,. teachs you all about wiring up properly, you need to work for a good sound and it means when you get onto digital you can record much better as you dont rely on mic inhances, or auto-in box's, you record properly with good mic's and with good amps and with the right positioning and everything, oh and it makes you sooo much better for acoustic instruemnts, and you can make them sound like what you want more, not the pc ****, BRING BACK THE ANALOG!!!
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that's way too many people

nah not reli i dont think, i ahve the odd jam with a big band i am in before rehersals, and its like a couple trumpets, trombones piano drums bass or two a guitar and some sax's. works fine, but we are all good at music lol i dont no the quality of these guys, but fuc me its gonna be loud
**** man do u understand the idea jam? basicly just get the drums going, get the piano playing a chord prog, follow on guitars and bass, with every instrument finding a riff which fits with each other and solo the **** out of it, thast the buety you dont need a song... but if you reli want a song to go on i would say just someting simple you are know, white stripes or chilis or foo's or herbie handcock, just get a head maybe? try watermelon man or cantaloup if you have the music
oh and hope he doesnt see this,,,,, he will be well pissed off if he does
oh but dont like do the wholel " sit him down" thing cuase he will be liek " fuc this you guys way tpo serious
yeh if he is ur rythm guitarest he should be easy to replace if you have to chuck him, but i no the feeling, you will wanna keep him probs.
i would say just like causaly bring up the topic of him not coming to band and stuff and that his girlfriend cancels on him to go see her m8s, or so she should, so he shouldnt be pussyed about saying know once and a while when he is asked to do someting with her when you have band on, fucing hate guys who like say " oh yeh im gonna do this with u" and then like some girl is liek " wana ****" and he like " yeh man i cant wait 2 hours to fuc her" and your like " man fuc her after practise, or during pratcise i dont care!"
nah its that los gauchos one cheers m8
mate i would upgrade quite a bit, but i would say your best bet for now would be a tone port and use th abiltin live software it comes with. Eitehr that or tehre are some sweet USB sound desks which work well