all the idiots who pretend to know stuff about theory when they dont know the first thing about it, or the people who think they have writen amzing songs which are based on a couple chords on an acoustic and them singing in tune almost, wirte someting more creative you dumbass's, you have no talent! and yeh the people who think metal is the be all and end all of music..... it really isnt
tis sweeeeet lol a bit **** tho in a way tho lol
erm new amp would be good, but you can get an ok toner out of most amps u just need to sort out you EQ's. but yeh new guitar would also be advisable, maybe not for chilis, but for most other things, i would say new guiatr, dont no whatcha would wnat tho, maybe a fat strat which has a humbucker, so you can still by chilis but go heavyier? or a les paul or someting, dont get a metal guitar as they arnt versitile enough and look ****
lol i no, use your feking ears man, you play enough and you will be able to do it your self regardless of perfect pitch, makes u a better player as well as you can pick out notes that fit ect. for solos and chrod progs
yeh i would go for the head fones personaly, and the n save for the speakers, but i would use the speakers also in the mean while just to get stuff started if you want to try out teh set up i spose, monitors cost a feck load lol
u need a power amp, or someting, as the speaker arnt powered, but if they going into a power jack or amplifier then yeh it iwll work fine just like normal speakers, but the soudn quality may be lost slightly with the transistion in the adapter, but not hugely
tis true there is no point in upgrading an epi, i would eitehr upgrade to one u think is kool or just leave it, if you wana do it i would advsie taking it to a shop anjd get advice, but yeh only really a good idea to upgrade instruments that are top quality and you dont wana stop using or no you want out play
i cant believe you killed a kid ina game, u big fat arse whole, how bloody big are you loose some weight fatty boom booom, you deserve to be in hopsital, but you would need two beds for your fat arse you big fatty jakes, way tho your consciene if he does get seriouly fuced for life, he will hunt u down as well
no its on just normal cd players, as in they odne it on mine and it certainly isnt, its someting they said to do with changing teh format to a CD but keeping teh same capacity, hence getting ton's of songs
yeh 5 years should be about done for a desktop, back up all your files now and get em on discs ect, so your not done if you loose it completly, and yeh look into a new machine, unless u got a diffrent one then just move everythig to that
oh i have been wanting to know this, about the dvd, cause soem people seem to be able to do it, and get like hundreds of tracks onto a disc, but i can never do it! much help would be good
the active pickups are just causing interferance,. but it should go away when u replace the idle buzz with a note, just turn it off when your not playing
klkl nah i cba doin it do it your self its not that hard or look on other tab sites for chords, google it?
dont play death metal?
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Its just plain and simple you dont get much of a guitar for 149 dollars. A decent set of pickups cost that. It will have the cheapest hardware that can be found. Why do people even look at these sites. Everything cant be done for walmart prices.

To learn on you jjack ass, lol, no offence, but tbh not everyone who is starting out is gonna worry about the harrdware, they can buy a good guitar once there good, or if they decide to keep going with the instrument, i think getting a cheap guitar to start with is a good idea, but i wouldnt go for a "walmart" stkye **** branded ones, at the end of teh day a respected guitar company tends to make better guitars, especaily at lower levels i find >IMO< but yeh if he wants an SG, get an epiphone, there about the same price if you look properly, other wise i would say a squire strat for learning prob's, or maybe a tele, but yeh dont get this one m8
yeh they not specail or anyting but if u like its shape i guess its kool, i personaly am not a huge fan of that shape of guitar, IMO guitars should be smooth, no cuts and curves everywhere AKA the diffrence between a strat and a Ibanez, much prefere the Strat lol, IMO
Depedasn what styles ur into, i would suggest bringing in a diffrent instrument, cause u only have guitars and ryuthm section, not great timbre's there, try adding a sax and a brass instru,ment? do some jazz and blues, have chords on the piano and accoustic, get the bass wlaking, choose a head to use, and riff off it, and make sure your head is vocal based, but most songs are orignaly vocal bassed and then made into big band or jazz band arrangments, if its a show case tho just make sure your all really tight, and know when to stand back and merge for solo's, no point in showing one guy at a time just ri[ping out a solo, alternate ect. if you doing GCSE music, u shouldnt need our help tho lol, im doing Int 2 music ( scotish version, well its harder cause its between GCSE and our HIghers, which are your As levels,) but yeh im sure you will of gone over at least on instrumentation and how to choose a song for it!
it could be done,,,, would cost a bit tho
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My friend wants to know if buying this guitar would be worth it or not

yeh this guitar is just a regular box standard staring guitar, i would say u would be better off witha squire, just cause its a TINY bit better, but with this guitar to be honest you cant really say what it would play like from whatcha read on an internet page, they are hardly gonna say " the action i high and the fretboard rough"
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is this amp any good? anyone had any experience?

is this worth the money????

would it give me some decend harcore/death metal tones????

any help would be greatly appreciated


you can get a MUCH nicer amp for that amount of money, i would go for maybe a marshel or a fender, but tbh i dont no much on death metal tone,s just dont get that amp!
depends how nice it plays , lol erm well retail is about £300, so thast what like 450dollars, i would take it off him for 250-300dollars, i would say 250 tho, get ur self a bargin
so for the rage rant :P
try not looking for the easy way out. its really diffficult to learn or teach improovisations, you need to obvi learn which note can go with each other, but at the end of the day everyone goes about that diffrently be it leasrning the scales, just nowing what soudns good with each other, or doing it based on chpord prog, or what ever, but you need to get all the tools in place first which will take you a good long while and then just play its "with emotion" and dont all go, omg shut up, cause im serious just play with passion and play what you wanna hear, and what you love and how you feel it ocming naturaly. Obvi some people arnt naturaly musicaly tallented, and yes there tallent, but tallent is only worth anyting if you practise with it, and yeh just make it up basicly, lol, you need to properly undersatnd the theory i spose to get it right, but i have always known that some how from when i was like 5 and started playing music, so yeh just figure out yournown way, IT CANNOT BE TAUGHT!
lol i no its not american btw so dont rage, its a piss take
my god, i lvoe how parts of america overreact to th9is, others encourage it! but yeh if it ws me i wouldnt of been like " i dont like blakc girls " i would just be liek " nah she aint fit m8" or in american terms "she is so not a total babe"
i would say if you have 6 of your own songs plus covers and they atchally good, then you should be giging already, my band and me have only recently formed, like im talking 3 pratcses, and yeh we only have 3 orignals songs and no covers yet, but we recoredd our first ever pratcsie, **** recoridng, no soudn qualtiy, on a digi cam, it sounded ****, and its ntohing like our music half the time cause it was the first time we ever played/writen together and yet we put it on myspace and we been getting tons of invites for gigs,

also be prepared all the time for gigs, on myspace there will be club promoters or bands who are puting on shows who will post things on bullitins saying " band needed for tonyt, start 7 sound cheek5, give us a call if you can make it"

i would also suggest getting your set put down on an acoustic patform as well, one you can record it amzingly easy with ok sound quality that way, and it gives people an idea still of your songs, and plus youn can play to anyone anywhere with accoustics, no electricity, so just go nuts, play at parties, dont be scared of that just play when ever you can mate!

well chuffed btw, getting the vocals onto our songs now, cheese, finaly got a singer yay! cya soon
yeh i would buy it just cause its very cheap like insanly cheap for a guitar, you could even sell it ion ebay for more m8! but yeh not amzing to play but worth it as a piss around and doesnt matter if it gets wasted
is this guy an idiot? lol
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I'm just sayin it doesn't sound all that great to me. You can play really fast but still not have a clue what ur doin and still not be a skilled player. I used to play punk or watever a couple years ago but I grew out of it. I play metal cuz I think everything else is way too easy and its the most fun music to play IMO cuz I'm not sittin there playing three power chords or whatever and then the songs over. But I guess ur right about playing what u have fun playing. I'd suggest throwin in some leads though to spice it up or somsing. U gonna comment my band in my thread now? Thx man

yeh i no what ya mean, metal isnt the only genre which it is playing fast in that makes it interesting to do, IMO its atchally easier to play really fast or write fast riff's than to write really unique patterns which shift well ect, not punk, but just other music like the way people like john fruscinate alternates chrods, or muse do in the way so its not al;ways insanely difficult just its more ineresting. And IMO it doesnt matter what you are playing to make it fun, its more the fact you are playing well with other people and can add bits to the song. I dont think its at all a good idea to be playing really complicated stuff all the time you should stop and listen to your band m8s and let them rip out into crazy stuff, im not saying single man bands like steve vai arnt talented but im saying they arnt good bands because of it IMO, plus i bet they dont have as much fun as a band cause its for them not there m8s

do what makes other people happy and if they are truely your friend they will do the same
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mkay... now myspace train? is it some kind of train that has myspace profiles on them and goes in circles and forms a rainbow and makes you dizzy and become some myspace loser...

i think it is my friend lol,,, myspace is the sadest thing for people who arnt in bands, its fine to have a band myspace site i see no issue with that lol, its just an easy wayu to get noticed and to talk to other bands to get gigs and stuff,,,,, but for regular people its a bit weird and sad unless you only using it with other m8s, these peopl who just add millions of people to have em are a bit of a freak who dont atchally have many real friends,,,, quote napoleon dynomite ( i dont care about my spelling btw) " your just jealous cause i have been talking to babes on the net for like 12 hours"
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ok so i don't want to sound like a dick, but you guys play off your age waaay too much. like your not bad, but your just regurgitating an over saturated genre. i know several other local bands that sound and apparently present themselves exactly like you, there in everyones local scene. its good that you guys really have drive to succeed, but your chances of success are in all unbiased honesty soooooo small, unless you define your own original style, sound, and image. and it doesn't matter how young you are it 1. either gives you more time to grow as a band or deteriorate as your lives change. and 2. if you are still together, wait until the decision about whether to be in the band or go to college rolls around

but hey check out my band!

mate the only real reason you called the uninspired cause your music is so boruing and dull, its just generic pop/indie songs which every next band plays get someting new,,, good on you for the teombone btw i play that as well, its such an amzing instrument !
oh yeh and dont ripe em for using there age, its ob vi they suould do that its a good way of getting attention from people duh!!
its good for a young band but no orignality its just power chords lol, make smoeting more orignal man!
in my spare time i have to say alot is guitar related. But alot isnt. When im bored i play my guitar, but other times im busy playing drums in my band, playing trombone in another(big band if you want to know) and spend rest of time at m8s houses or in town with m8s but town is fucing freezing at the momment lets be honest. I play rugby ( the mans sport none of americas ****ty "football") and goign to school as well, fun fun times, oh and Watching E4 and dave and the mighty boosh is always great! Any other boosh fans???
cheers guys, yeh it isnt atchally ment to rhyme much, its jsut for the bits that fit the verses, and yeh the chorus aint done properly yet. But cheers guys i dont no what you mean by overdone? we just wrote a couple lines at a time. And for the eprson who said i was trying to tell a story, erm we werent lol its not a metephor or ment to sound sophisitocated,(how eva you spell it) they just lyrics, more the way they are sung i guess, but thanks we will make them better
teardrop is my fav song by them, you eva heard the newton faulkner ( no idea how you spell his name) version of it, its amzing
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Its on update 5.2 I believe. And yes the updates are free for your paid version.
So if you didn't buy it. Sorry but can't help you. Buy it(its not that expensive).

aint it like 50 quid? im happy with my fun fun copy a m8 sent me, works a treat lol
nice yeh turn down the sound track, its awosmd tho love the slolo well done