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DA5, the cubes also pretty good. However my vote goes to the DA5.

why not someting simple like a fender frontman? it has small volume at a 15 watt level and more EQ chocie than these, and is only about 50quid,, or the same witha marsheel of simerlar wattage
i reli like the valkve amp, and i rlei like the line 6 idea of gettin you all the effects you want, but to be honest you are better off buying a valve amp and getting your own effects, its im possible to get a normal tone out of a line 6, its alls gonna have some sorta mode to it, annoying and useful depends
yeh if your going line 6, get a toneport, makes it much easier to record your sounds easily, and you have the option on mics for vocals, or maybe even drum lines, and you get both software for amp modeling and the recorindg stuff,, i would suggest a USB mixing board tho maybe , or save up and get the same with the line6 podx3 its awsome!
mate if its being mic'd up to a PA, you can et away with anything down to a 30qatt solid state practicaly, although i would suggest 50watt, not sure about tube amps, but basicly if you lpaying small venues like that that set up would work fine on its own perhaps, but i would mic it maybe as well, but yeh, for 400 you can get a Very nice amp, if you goin tube tho i duno, probs a fender is best, dont get a marshel, dont suit blues, probs a fender or hewit or someting like that just got ry em out in the shops
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Never really cared for Gibson's so neither.

guessin your either a fender follower, or into some ****ty metal soulless guitars?
its good stuff need some more orignality tho, i heard the same thing to many times
I personaly dont like the feel of the SG but i love the sound, i love the les paul but its still just way to expensive, i dont like fenders, the tone is just to thin for my liking, i like the deeper tone you get with gibsons, no matter what amp, just the feel is nicer for me, and i love gibson fret boards, but if it was for free i wiould pick the Les paul, but i still do like the SG just doesnt fit to my body very well, doesnt feel right, a little to small,
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I hate Gibson SGs. Well I have only played one and it was horrible.

i think its a bit unfair to judge a whole design based on one you have playd, the first fender i played was a disgusting strat, but i still like them slightly
you should rename this tread, its very annoying havin like a million problems on the list lol
yeh they arre good quality recording, i think he only said he was 14 so people understood he didnt have cash
thats better than i can record at the momment wht did you use? thanks
but to be far if your a good enogh guitarest you need someone to match you ego like the other guy said, get your whole band at you standard so you dont stand out
and if anyone reports me for that your a twat as well
stop being a twat and get a new guitarest as well, maybe even replace youself :P there aint no point in being in a band if your the only one people are looking at its meant to be a group thing, if you dont want that just get session musicains or some **** and do a solo thing lol
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1. It was spam, wasn't even remotely on topic, spam gets reported.
2. Having a laugh? No, just being a twat.

Anyway, you can't really substitute strings like that, i don't think you could tune a b string up to an e anyway, it would just snap.

no not spaming, not spamming at all, the only spam is stuf ftaht doesnt serve any purpose apart fomr to annoy, this way obvi intendded to amke people laugh, it may not have but still isnt spam, arse whole
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^reported, that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard.

And no, you can't really go around substituting strings like that.

you are a real ass, why would you go around just reporting people like that its not kool they just having a laugh your just being a kill joy get a life m8, and if u even think about reporting me for tis then ur a hipcrite cause you are reporting because u feel you are helping people out,. well im helping out this guy you reported so yeh same difference aint it!
just buy a single string new, they like a doller each, and in the uk they like 90p
promises and last but not least soudn alot aliike, specaily start,, its not exactly what i would call erm original, its the same as everything esle, try making your own sound, and its deff not grunge
just have it as if its a regualr house party, sept it will obvi be in the garden, house partyies, altho they hav a rep, barly ever get that badly trashed, so as long as u trust everyone there and make surebthey bugger off when u want then it will be fine,
dude just watch it on the BBC u nob end, it was playin on there as well!
ow plus learn scales and all chord possitions u can if ur doin solo stuff ect, to many of my fr4eidns cant play stuff quick enogh or with the right feel cause one they dont hav any rythm, but mostly vcuwse they move there fingers to much, not gettin into comfortable shapes on the fert board
ur tryin to learn reli complicate stuff to early, im guessin ur a beginner, i had the same problem, i got my guitar and barely lerned chords before smashin into these difficult for begineers songs and altho the notes were the right pitch i had **** technque and everything, i decided to start again and it was much harder to get everything right cause of the bad habbit, its gonna ytake me alot longer now to learn!!
ur not gonna maneg to get it perfect, and i rkeon u will end up payin more for it than u wanted to, lol, i hav a '57 strat and it was like £300, so i reon thast about $500, not sure of the exchnage, y dont u just save up? lol
just get a pwoertab or a guiyar pro file, y dont u want the lyrics and drums?
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Then how can you prove that you didnt make up yours ?


Confusing eh

thast the joke u nob! lol
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Kids these days don't even know that other music exists outside of the average mtv "artists"

bull**** m8! everyone in my school, and thats like 3000kids all know about everytype of music, be it jazz, blues, rock, emo, metal same with bsaily every other kid i no! this whole " kids these days" thing is bull cause u dont know, you only think this cause of what u see on tv, why do we have to choose one genre? some music can be **** to some and great to others, why should people be labled an "emo" cause like like one mrc song? or labled a metal head cause they ahve a metalica album on there itunes, or be l;abled a wiga cause they like to listen to rap and stuff? or a queer if they like classical msuic?
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At least half of the metal players on this forum don't like the Valveking. About half do like it with a distortion pedal. If import duties raise the price of the VK over $429 USD (sorry don't know the conversion) it may not be such a good deal for you. You may want to check made in England tube combos. You will need something with a very good efficient speaker to handle metal tones well.

made in engalnd? u do reasle that the majority of amps are amde in asian counrtys? and that we have the exactly the same amps and stuff as you, but yeh i dont no about this import cost? the walveking could be gotten at lioke sound control or guitarguitar pretty damn cheap for whts its worth
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erm.. i wouldnt advise holding it in your mates garden, my friend held a gig once at a local venue, they hired there own security and everything and it was still a disaster, with people having sex, doing drugs, being drunk, and £400 of alcohol got nicked. And this was an organised event in a venue, god knows what people might do to your friends house.

yeh but that soud s lke a vyer organised gig AKA alot of people, thast obvi gonna happen! but if its just like 50peeps they all know then it should be just fine ir ekon,, thast wht iw as considering doin with my band as just a muck about gettin a coulpe bands togther and playing in someones back garden
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Get a Boss OD-3, I love mine it holds a tight bottom end.

thast what i hav, but i was under the impression he is tryin to boost his current gain, such as a micro amp would normally for a clean channel,,,, the boss tends to just creat a new distortion, and belie me when u put tjhe boss plus ur amps distortion and gain it soud awful!
the POD 2.0 os better, but this is still good
the probelem with line6 tho is who atchally noes wht a true line 6 tone is? they ahvnt for years made an amp which hasnt been completly bassed on the " models" form other amps basicly, its an amp which reacts perfectly to what ever effects u put tho it and changed to the anp that would be eprfect, i wnt o hear a proper line6 amp tho, one with ot all the fancy efefcts and just a pure line6 tone to see what it sounds like,, how about a guitar that doesnt have 20 soudns and just ahs a pure tone, cmon line 6 soudns like ur tryin to just copy eveyrone elses stuff and put it in one unit
btw stomp boxes are harde to use but give u a beta sound that digial ever will when live, but still the digi are vyer vyer good for ease of use
go for a set of stomp boxes!
the pod xt liove is like 200quid or someting
for that price u can gte Boss: distortion, chorus, reverb, temo ect, therer are tons,,, accept i still swear by my POD 2.0.. justc ause its so good for makin new sounds, but i dont rlei understand how to mkae amaizngy tons yet
dont do a battle of the bands, u have to organise a prize and stuff, way harder, and yhe this stage soudns gd, make sure the PA is good tho, and u have moitors! i once went to a "gig" a band was doin at a party and they didnt sound nearly as good as the did in other places i have heard them, mostly cause they had no moitors so they couldnt rlei hear them selfs being as all the speackers were facing out wards cause the didnt have many, just there amps and then the vocal PA, so the singer oucldnt here himself and was all over the pkace!
ort guys, i not done one of these, but have considered it, sept my garden is tiny
its a great idea, main thing to bare in mind is not to start it to early, and not to end it to late i rekon,, u dont wnt it to start reli early and have you turdleing tro ur sets and fimnd ur done by 930, but u dont wnt to have to be playuing at 2 in the morning, also give your self alot of times to get peeps out of the house,, by a side exit,, no one should be aloud into the house( it will get trashed) plus by lets people come thro a side enterne to get in and out u can control tickets easy with a table and one guy if ur charging,, plus get a dencent PA so epople can hear you, dont put the durm kit on the grass, raise it up, if not the whole band! and also, between sets have a longer pause and just play music thro an ipod into the PA, this ill bulk out your evening alot. plus just rock ur ass off!
its not that over priced btw
they just seem expensive cause we have VAT, and yeh they a little bit mroe cause we have to import, but look on ebay, best thing is to check them out in music shops, guitarguitar sound control, w/e u like, just say ur thinkin of buying and your saving up
but yeh find the model/s u like and then look on ebay is your best bet, plus u get rlei good deals on ebay if u get a pick up only one,m u may need to travel a couple miles,., but no one bid's on them much, so u get a sweet deal, as is the thni g with most amps caus ethey so huge

p.s. y u want a valve amp for metal? im no expert, but i would assume the more heavy sound of a solid state would be better for that,,, with valves tending to make a LEd Zep kind of sound,,,, btw try a marshel valvestate 101,, altho they dont make em anymore, thats what my guitarest has and its amzing! 100 fucin watts mate! nice, i no
stick it on ebay and hope for the best
or elementary dear shirlock :P but thats just who were arew lol
really? god dammit, i was just listening to manic depression one day and i'm like...THAT's IT. Anyways, i'll ask the guys what they think of hello conscience.

no i meant what you think of my band names, its hello consciene at the momment, lol
hey, and yeh just to let ya no, the reason it costs mpre over here is cause we have VAT, insteed of having the tax added afterward annoyuing like like in america!, so yeh $2000+ tax means your only gettin a marginal saving really
but yes it is slighty cheaper, and get a gibson, soudns much nicer ( personla opinion ovi) and you can get so much mnore for your money, plus its much more versitile, you can do rock, metal,. blues ect. everything reli
i hate tehse sub catories metal has
**** is ****, lol
but nah, you probs cant hear it cause the abssest is **** and just playing the same as the rythm guitar ( as in most metal bands) or you just have a **** soundsystem
The manics has already been used
well its the shortened name for the manic street preachers, i dont no if they ahve done much where u are, but they are like huge, lol,
what about "hello conscience"
"if we dont, no where we belong, it will make no diffrence from where we started
look out there, you see him call, your not the lucky one" is roughly what the chorus goes like to this song
but i cant figure out what its called or who its by!!, helyp please, its been bugging me soooo much!