interstae is good, i was in a band and we called our selfs that for a feew gigs,

what about : hello conscience?
safties pin is vyer good btw, i would giev it and 8/10, just remindes me of emo's with there gay safty pins and all taht shiz :P, but about form that works good for ur gernre
how about hello conscience?
i dont no m8, depends on what amp u have reli, usaly change's with amp sounds is just the lead, and if there is a "buzz" when ur not playing, thata just feedback from a high gain setting probably, takeing it up to 3 is hardly goin to be why its not working, your just probably not used to the " louder" sound and u havnt experiiacned the general feedback u tend to get, but im not a tube expect
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+_+ So does your face. ¬_¬

Anyway, the strat, go for a HSS, far more versatile. However the tele would still be a good choice, LPs dont really cover the brighter poppier tones you're after.

poppier tones? er i dont reli no about that, but i see ur pint, im not looing for deatb metasl if thats what you mean :P
more john fruscainte and stuff
the suire bass is ok. but not great and you get a **** amp, ib anez is good for bass, but yeh i would go for a second hand fender and get a decent amp, amkes all the diffrence!
soudns like the bit fomr live at slane by chilis
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Are those your only options?

You can get some pretty decent stuff in that price range .

What amp do you have?

just a marshell 30dfx combo thing, all i could afford, and no i dont wnt a new amp, but yeh i could go for sometiomg difffren,t i just liek fenders and epiphones, hate ibenezes and all that, just dont float my boat, not a good feel lol
Saucy poly
Blender eleven
Midnight Sensation
Polka dots
Barcode something
Hot topic
Grazed knees
Next contestant
The small print
The Metropolitan
Trying your luck
Barely legal
Sold to the scene
Sold as seen
Havana Radio
Up on the Downside (album)
Huckleberry grove
Im With
Believe it or not
Ctrl Alt Delete (album name)
Eskimo Heat
The Right Profile
Four Horsemen
Neon Flag
Open Tin
Out the window
Hello Conscience
Elementary Dear Sherlock
Wait to see

any of them? we just brainstormsed
concrete feet? how about that one?
Hey, i hav about £300 for a new guitar and i need to decide between a standard fender tele a standard fender strat or a epiphone LP, what should i go for
i play all types of music, form muse to blur to feeder to foos to chilis to blue van, so help please thanks!
ort yeh well im only starting in aband but we asre just tryin to gig alot, spet its hard bein under age, but still, giggin is the best way, gig and make enogh money from that to record a Ep then sell that online, try to get it onto itunes or something like that and once your are atchally making money a record company will be intestested , well thats what we recon, lol
vyer vyer vyer nice! and the durmmer only plays that way cause it suits the music its slow and melodic so yeh doesnt hav to crash around in harder beats, but in the first song a bit more vareation would be gd and some lyrics!
try lime wire or bit lord they all work the same as Kaza used to, same with shareza, or just try peek vid
9s kick ass, lol, well it depends, i have ernie ball heavy 9s,m whteva that means, and it doesnt have a thin tone so yeh, i think they slightly more heavy, but i hate really heavy strings, my tele came with 12s for somer eason, wanst nice
cheers, yeh im wondering about make though, i can get a 95watt berhinger for like 130, but do i rlei want that? what about harke and lanny?
well done, the drums soudns hocking, but thast cause its computer gernated im presumming, but if you got a ufll band behind that it qould wsound vyer good, as along as the band were good, lol and vocals are needed
yeh man i agree totlay, im putting together a gig and a band that im asking are a bit yo9umnger and theya re all like " do you have like big ass speakers to mic up our amps cause they only 100watt SS" and these guys use them at full volume to rpatcise, im like holy shit guys!, lol cause its only like a small venue, 150people capacity max i rkeons, and there aint a proper PA, but im assuming that 100watt SS amps cranked up a bit plus a vocal PA for the guy singing, and justa accoustic drum set, is that gonna be fine? i hopes so, lol
hey, yeh i need amp advice, sept i need a LOUD amp, not reli fusted all that much about quality, as long as its not absolutly crap. for about £150, anyone?
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Man that trems lookin sweet....Bc Rich is gonna make a come back..

yeh they are, when pigs fly, dogs likes cats, and u dont get horny around children :P
heavy songs arnt good for beginers to start on! learn ur chrods, and scales, and then move on to rock stuff, and then get heavier!, goin stright to heavy, even easy heavy stuff and then working up gives much slower proscess in the long run, ,,, but the best " heavy ish" song for a biginerr if u must no is probs someting like enetersnadman by metalica, if u call it heavy
My friends band have this new Carlsbro stingray thing, it seems to be able to be used as a bass amp, a guitar amp or for the MIC ( being as its 100watts) i was wondering is this true?
if not, is there an amp that u can play both bass and electric through, because this would be a great invention. since i , like many, play both bass and electric both equally, but dont want to splash out on big amps for both, so i am stuck with pratcise amps on each!, is there such an amp? my price range is £100-200, altho 200 is a max!
thanks guys
omg could ti atchally be any worse, ****ing horrble music, bad sound, bad singing, out of time erg, horrible
it just soudns lie all ur tone is gettin sucked up because u are useing so many effects units, u can stop this by buying and effects board to put them on i have heard, but i dont have one so dont no much about it
the best clean chanel i have heard in a long time came from a VOX pathfinder, i manged to crank it up to 8 with out gettin any distortion what so eva, and plus the distortion soudns vyer good,, aklthough u have to be educated in the way the sound will balance with the diffrent EQs and stuff, so be wary, its not usaly a case of weather it goes to 8 or not, its on whether u no what settins to put it at to get rid of distortion at high levels!, if ur good you can reach ten with out distortion!
your tube might not be completly blown and its just drained the end of the electricity out of them? but i duno, must by a musical miricle :P
just stop all this stupid heavy metal stuff,,, buy your self a nice set of gauge .9s and play some blues and some music which doesnt involve changing ur instruments normality to get diffrent sounds :P
hehe, im gona get slayed here aint i
u can hook anyting to a cab, sept the out put on the cab will only be the same as the out put on the original amp,, so insteed of a 15watt amp, you would have a 15 watt amp plus a cab which would give out 15 watts, its ur thinking of buying a Cab and the 15watt amp, then dont!, i would just get the 30 watt amp version, its cheaper and has more tone choice. or get a vox 100watt head to play thouigh the cab, cause no matter what, the amp u playing into the amp it will only have a cab output of what ever the out put of the orignal amp/head is!. if its for gigin, hook ur PA up to it either by micing it or with a direct lead to the mixxing desk
hope that helps
i didnt atchally no there was a differance between the two, they both feel the same to me,, unless the strap is amzinly low like some weird ass guy
i wiould suggest a e minor scale in 2nd position, just to stir it up a lil
chrsit the the "jack of hill " guy as a lot of detail, good badn set up tho!
o yeh, and in reply to the 30watt question, i would say it really depends what kinda gig you playing. if its a club gig, then they should have a PA already so it shouldnt matter how big you amp is really, but obvi the b igger the amp the more u can fine tune you sound with out having to have it up full and gettin the sound not as good, unless u want that, lol but yeh i would say if u playing with out a PA the 50watt would be the minimum to be heard in general as a band, for some reason it sound really loud in pratcise, but on stage because of accoustics and stuff and sizes of rooms, it sound ay to small... so either hire a PA, use the places PA or just buy a bigger amp!
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A lot of . . . . treble?!? Eww . . . . let me have a word in his ear, so as to remind him that a bassist is supposed to fill in the bottom end of the sound, not invade the sonic range of the guitars! The same principle, of course, applies to guitarists. They should keep out of the deep end, and let the bass fill its role.

Just have him try playing with more bottom end, and see if matters improve. If not, try something else. What do you have to lose?

its not in the sense thats its ALOT of treble and no bass, its just he fills out the bottem but we like to weave the parts in and out, so at some point our guitarest will sound like the bass with some low 1st 2nd fret notes or someting and then our bassest will be lpaying the lead bit high up with the G string and stuff, im not sure how it ends up happening, but it just happens, lol, but yeh i no what ur saying, in a conventional way
ouch man, good luck tryin to play again!, lol
althoughn look at that dude from black sabith, if he can, im sure u can , lol
it would onyl cost about 20quid i rekon ( or about 35bucks) especially if you got them fitted in the same shop u bought em from, they dont charge vyer much, or at least they dont around my area
i duno m8, probs not cause as far as i no, im not an expert, but unless it is an Active lectric guitar ( like active basses) then it shouldnt have any electricty of any great ammount circulating at all, so yeh, probs not a problem, i have played guitars with wirese hanging out in leaky garages with water everywhere ect, and neva been shocked, im eaither lucky, or it isnt that huge a chance
god, like over i would say about 80% of peeps want travis barker or dave grohl on drums, lol or also with slash on guiytar, lol
lol, i no, we have played at some parties and are starting to call up places, but yeh, nah metal is ok, i just think that the larger specrum of the general rock genre and blues shouild be more widly represented! lol