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your situation has atleast one the following

A)your drummer is a pussy with weak arms
B)your drums are quieter than average
C)your amps are tube/louder than average

also just fyi, 100 watts is only twice as loud as 10 watts

Well it deffinately aint the drummer being a pussy because he is well a fairly hard hitter lets say, lol, he is a bit of a tank, being a number 8 and all ( rugby for all you yanks :P) and the drums is a pearl export 22inch rock set with a set of thin cymbals ( l;ouder for u idiots ou there), and i duno about the amps, but they just the random cheap 50quid ones, so i doubt it will be tube, its probs cause he plays slap bas, with ALOT of treble insteed of alot of bass, so it might be that, but i duno
yeh i duno, i think im gona get the mapex, becuase it looks etter, atchally has a ncier sound even with the factory top heads and it comes with B8s, so yeh, i think i will get that
apose to the pearl; which comes with thsoe SHIT pearl hi hats and just a crash ride, what sthatchat about? lol
RATE MINE!, melonade
the metropolitinas
concrete feet!
yeh i no,, but the mapex kit i have heard is ment to atchally be a nicer kit, cause its a fusion of birch and basswood, insteed of the epral which is just basswood, but i duno
Hey guys
big decisions
do i buy the peral export 5 piece for £419 or do i get the mapex 6piece for £400
its not really the price of the drums or the extra tom on the mapex i care about, its which sound better
so which do?
yeh tahst wht i was thinking, plus they have a deal on now where ya get an etxra crash for free!, i think im gona go with that!
guys rate my ones!, lol
melondae or the metropolitains
hey, i dont see the problem with people sayig drums are loud,
i have played in alot of band, and at the momment i am in a rock band and a jazz project thing
in the jazz band we have a rock durmmer for some reason, but we can still hear un miced trumpets and trombones as well as the piano on a shitly lil keyboard and the bass on a 20watt stagg, so yeh i dont see the probs,
also with my rock back we use the same 20watt bass, a 15 watt for the guitar and two 15watt guitars linked togetehr for the mic, and it comes out atchally almost two loud!, i think people omnly want the big amps for the effects and the fact u can fine tune it more, but what we have is fine m8

My gear
- stagg bass with 20watt amp
- Weasly acric strat style guitar ( see though thing)
- 15 watt fender frontman amp
- 30watt marshal DFX
- sesson pro drum kit with solar cymbals ( soon to be a bitch mapex with B8s!!!!)
- Horn bass trombone
- yamaha tenor trombone
yeh, er we dont have a solid name, but at the momment we are calling ourself the metropolitains, or mabe melonade, not sure lol
but yeh, all the places around us only take 18 up wards i think, i will call around, but its hard u, no,. lol
#thanks anywayz tho

yeh and why do so many people on this site play metal. its not that good!, lol
im in aband and we cant decide on names
two are: melonade
the metropolitans ( how eva u spell it, lol)
whtcha think?
we play sorta roick, indie, stuff, lol its kinda just a kool relaxed simple shyiz stuff tahts soudns sorta oasis/ foos/ blocpaty but in a sorta werird way, lol
mine would have to be
vocals: kele okereke(bloc part)
bass: flea (chillis)
Lead: jimmy page
Drums: Chad Smith
Rythm: Dave Grohl ( thats right bitch!, lol)
how should i go about gettin gigs for my band
we are all 15, so underage for most places, but we sound pretty good but need to get some gigs!
help please!
i need to buy some new cymbals for my drum kit but i cant afford much, my top is roughly £150, about $250 or someting i think
what ones should i get? i need a new crash ride and hi hats