ok bascily i am trying to member the name of this cool band i saw on youtube, they all like look under 12, and are spanish/ mexican i think they were all awsome for there tiny age and i forgot there name and i wana see em again, i meber they did a slipknot cover and have like tons of vids, anyone no who im talking about?
lol sorry again guys
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A fender will not do glam metal. Peavey JSX would be great also. But it won't do Van Halen as good as an 800.

mate this si what i am saying,, fenders orange and peavey have PESIFIC ( soz about spelling) tones, AKA not versitial, im saying the marshell's are starngly versitial, i dont know why atchally, but you get a good all round tone choice from most of them,,, even an Mg, ,,,,, NAT
erm mate, the sound quality you will get out a home made cab will be **** unless you pay some serious money on it, you are better off getting a cheap cab than making a cheap cab, but i duno, cheek ebay
erm personaly i would just have it so that you pug direct into the whammy and then into all the others, just would make more sense, just have the wammy right up close to the side so it fits
why just marshell? i mean yeh they do have the most versitial tone i guess just on a whole, like fenders have a very pisific tone, same with orange and peavy's ect.... and you dont no what a line 6 tone is lol
lol didnt mean to cause anyoffence, i think i went over the top, but i was just getting kinda annoyed
no the recording volume down
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how is playing music constructive and building a knife isn't?

just because you don't see the pleasure in it doesn't mean that someone can't take pleasure out of it.

EDIT: ah I see you're a 15 year old drummer. That explains the typing.

Erm **** you, you cannot make a judgement on someone based on their writing, or on the way they speak, and playing music is constructive as you are atchally making something unique, i am just saying that it is pretty wierd to make a knife imo and even wierder to ask questions on a guitar websdite about it even in the pit, but dont you dare make snap judgements about me ok? it is completly unfounded your opinion in this of me being 15 and a drummer, as you may know, dave grohl was 16 when he first toured with the band scream, and im sure he was perfectly knowlegdable of many matters, just an example, but yeh just shut the **** up dick face **** munching anal bleeding chav faced prick
erm if the worse comes to teh worse mate i would just whack down with ur bog cleaning thingy and break that **** up man, bash it to fuc until its small enough to go down. and then throw that bog brush far away!
oh dear, erm u a bit of a pet geek?
oh lovly, just plung the fuc out of it
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Mayeb he want's to do somthing contructive; I made a bench and I don't use it.

omg wht could u do thats constructive? get off your hick ass and play some music with people or play some gigs, or hell just get some m8s and dont make knifes the whole fucing time!
erm dude get someting better to do with your time perhaps? why would you want a knife? or better still why wouldnt you just by one if you need one?
yeh record at a lower volume, disortion occurs when the imput overloading the preamp or whatever is taking the sound, so just turn down the volume, its like when you trun a clean channel up to full,,,, it will stick be slightly distorted
i wouldnt bother just get over your fat fingers and dont use it an an excuse not to learn, or get a guitar witha wide neck, everyone doesnt like there finges for teh guiatr, to fat, to short, to weak, it doesnt matter lol, but i wouldnt botehr iwth thsi job
they never are, the asociated board ones for regualr instruments are like 40quid a pop of rthe absic ones and about 100 for grade 8 sometimes depending, and no rockschool is accepted as equal level, but yes it doesnt hold as much weirght on theory but thats cause guitar is very unique in the fact that you dont atchally need theory to a huge extnet, i dont no this fro sure as i no alot of theory from other musical interstes and i may be just thinking soemthings as given facts not theory but yeh
i would just keep it personaly lol but i duno yeh about 700bucks maybe i dunothe converstion from pounds so not sure
logic is good but its for mac usaly dont no about a PC version
yeh you are better spending the money on a fantasic cable, or saving up alot like a hundred or so for a very good wirless
yeh you cna put it striaght to a PA system, better sound quality alot of the time also, and also they dont fall out as it clips in so its more reliable for gigs ect, i dont see why they arnt used atchally, cuase u can have cables which change to 1/4 inch anyway for amps, just more stable,,, although saying that a huge XLR output on your guitar would look stupid if its not an acoustic
not sure but it looks quite nice, lol i never seen a 3 pin output befroe on a guitar very iteresting and useful atchally
best snack ever tho would be you get a grill, double sided helps alot atchally, but yeh you put bacon on, proper bacon not ****ty american stuff, real bacon, not steaky, real back bacon, yeh sorry bacon rant, so yeh you cook that till crispy and then u get 2 slices of bread, and butter them on one side each, then slice up soem cheese and put the cheese and the bacon on the non buttered side of the bread as a sandwich but with the butter facing out,. then put it in the grill until the bread is toasted, and trhe cheese has melted, way better than a toatie imo as well

oh yeh you can do it in a pan as well if u want, but u just need to turn it over, i once made it with french toaste as well for the bread, that was good but i was liek sooo full after it cause its like a whole breakfast in one lol and i ate this after my lunch
thatfs a bit harsh, i mean im not 14 anymore, im 16 almost but i mean i could cook when i was 14, common give peop[l some credit, although im not a pit monkey i atchally have stuff to do most of the time, and i spose all the geek who spend there life on here wouldnt no cause there mums probs do it all lol but yeh, best meal ever has to be steak, man u cant beat steak, or a good thai curry
its surpirsing how easy it is to pass a rock school one, same with RGT guitar is strange in the fact it doesnt take that long to get really good at it compared to other instruments, like it took me about 5 years to get to grade 5 on trombone, and im at grade 5 alredi after a year and a bit of guitar
yeh man i would say that you dont need anymore than 15-30 watts if its getting miced and in a coffe shop its more than enough! i have done band pratcises with drums and a bass with a 30watt marshell solid state, and you can pick them up for around £115 but u can get a much nicer one for 300bucks ! 300bucks will get you and very nice amp
yeh we need a site, cant UG add a drum section? they have a vocal section
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i like the organ part, vocals kinda sound like kurt cobain

yeh i agree the first two songs are the best, the other two are pretty generic, but yeh its good vocals need soem refining even if you are going for the kury cobain style, notice how he only usly will scream like that when the guitars are loud, you sound very exposed, IMO

oH yeh a PLEASE get your idiot drummer to tune his drums, specaily the snare it soudn s terrible, it like dong's after he plays, just tune the ****ing things man! not rocket science! lol sorry it got on my tits all the way though opne of those songs
get a ipod nano, never meet someone who doesnt think it looks good, itunes is the easiest software to use IMO, and it is a simple MP3 to sue and its cheap,,,, or if you wana more storage, like 8GB, you can just go to a random electrics shop and im guessing they will still have the old nano's left/ old video ipods, and you can pick one of them up cheap and they still are reli good!
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I am looking into playing at some local coffee shops and some laid-back clubs. All I have now is a tiny practice amp. I know that I should try out a lot of amps before I buy any, but that only tells me about tone. I am on a budget of no more than 350 dollars, and I need something durable. Could anyone point me in the direction of some different durable and cheap amps that don't sound like crap? I know that I definitely want a solid-state combo amp.

whts is it for amplifiing? is it for acoustic guitar miced up? it is fior an electric is it for a bass, is it gonna be miced up after as well, how loud does it need to be? we need mroe ifno man!
just put ur songs on WMP dumb ass, no one uses limewire as there music player
cause u could still be reli good m8s with your girlfriend, often why u break up with them if it is teh case, but yeh i like to be m8s with Ex's its reli imature to break up with someone and advoid em for ever, unless your **** at brekaing up with people and you fuc it up
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I don't understand what you mean about the recording live thing, as in everything is one take?

not all in one take tho, its not as if you cant re do it! lol basicly they mic up all the amps and guitar's and drums or whatever and record you all at once on diffrent tracks at the same time, so if you **** up you can go back and go again. You can also add extra tracks afterward if u need to, like overdubs extra, and usaly the vocals go second, but its just to get the more together feel and keep better time than if you were playing em part by part which can make it sometiems sound a bit weird, depends on your style tho, if you are very into each otehr playing wise as in you need each otehr for cues then its cool, but otehr wise track by trqack works just as well
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That's what my band did. It actually turned out really well. I would recommend that you dont record anything until you can play the songs live flawless.

i agree specaily if you are paying, like me and my band are recording osme songs tomoro night at some college for free live with overdubs after cause we dont have a second guitarest atm, but yeh we dont on the songs properly amazming live yet, but saying that i think it will be fine as we have like 3hours or maybe even more to do three songs, so i mean thats simple, we may even be able to record some extra stuff if we feel the need
you should see if you can do that at a college, but yeh it isnt gonna be superb quality i dont think mind
yeh it wont work amizng but should be fine
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is there somewhere you can play and have them record you live? thats what im doing, best 25$ of my life.

hey but not amaizng quality im guessing, nah if you are recording live, just hook some kinda disc bruner, or recorder to the mixing desk at your next gig and use that, u then get all the crowd noise ect. but yeh 25$ i guess is worth it
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So me and my band want to record an EP and we want it out by summer. I called up the studio and they said they could book us for a day in 2 weeks or we could wait until May cause they're really booked. I am going to be really busy in 2 weeks and im afraid we might not be rehearsed enough. This is going to be a very fast recording session....only 5 hours or so....and we're doing the songs what do you guys think? should we take this opportunity or wait for another 2 months???

hey well to start with i wouldnt do it in 5hours, specaily for a good EP, i would spend a weekend on it, but yeh if you cant afford that fair enough, i no the cycle, no money cause nknow gigs, but cant get gigs cause no demo, but yeh i would prob's wait till may when you will probs have more money to record for longer and better, and you will be more rehersed, then if its in may, it will take you very little time to get it copied a few times depending on how many copies you think u can sell, and then you can totlay have them selling in the summer. Eitehr that or try a diffrent studio. Sorry about spelling btw
its all good but bands who say " yeh we are punk" whoa rnt, are just annoying