any strings will work, but the bigger the better tone you'll get. and smaller strings might feel a little flimsy in drop B. if you start moving up in string size do it one size at a time. jumping from really light strings to really heavy is gonna be a rough adjustment
bring the kick drum level up. and the solo level is fine. as for the song i actually liked it, which is rare, so congrats on a good song
ive had this problem with all heavily lacquered guitar necks. i play an ibanez now
start alternate picking everything you play. and alt pick some scale patterns to a metronome. eventually you'll have my problem of being able to pick faster than my fingers can move
i'de recommend taking college art classes (or high school if ur school has a decent teacher/art class)

im naturally good at drawing, but i took an art class in highschool and it helped alot, of course we had a good teacher too
i'de recommend taking college art classes (or high school if ur school has a decent teacher/art class)

im naturally good at drawing, but i took an art class in highschool and it helped alot, of course we had a good teacher too
looks a little bulky... i wouldnt make the inside of the V so deep
its not bad at all... once u start reading its hard to quit...but i suggest u change the viewpoint to either 1st person or 3rd person... Using the reader as the character just doesn't work work well to me. telling the reader how he/she feels is very unnatural.

overall i think this could be an awesome story... the use of mystery and suspense is a very powerful tool to keep readers into the story...

and i would add more sensual descriptions, so the reader can picture the environment better...

and if you continue the story make sure you add more emotion... the lack of emotion in the beginning is fine and works well to add to the confusion, but some character development is definitely needed...i suggest you give the character a dark path filled with bad decisions
i say you put the cats back outside...and use them as bait...when the predator emerges you can kill it, and mount it as a prize to show off ur masculinity...if the cats survive then u clean them up make them look presentable...then take them to a walmart parking lot and sell them for 15 bucks
they do, but u have to ask for a saturday shipment, if u didnt pay for anything special then ur going to get the standard 3-5 business day (or something like that)
i heard of some openings up in northwestern alaska, they say the people are a little cold though
i wouldnt recomend them unless u do alot of jamming (with other musicians) or live shows... otherwise you'll probably never use ur strap

...and yes, they are easy to install, unless ur a brain dead paraplegic
you unscrew ur conventional strap buttons and screw ur new strap locks back in... it should have directions
lol...theres nothing bad about them, other than the trouble of tuning and restringing them
taco bell FTW

burger king is better, sept for breakfast...i love that damn breakfast burrito from Micky D's
you'll need.........chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, ranch dressing, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pepper

arrange chicken in the shape of the bread ur using (you'll see why) on a folded piece of tin foil (the thicker the better) slice the cheddar cheese and lay it over the chicken then sprinkle pepper (i like lots, but whatever) heat ur oven to 350 and put the chicken(which should be on tin foil) **and bread if u want it toasted** and cook until the cheese melts (about 5 minutes or so) remove the chicken and lay ur bread on top of it (now you see why u arranged it in the shape of ur bread) flip the bread,chicken, and foil over so it right side up, peel away the foil (melted cheese may make this difficult) and add the lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and u have a hot toasted chicken bacon ranch sandwich
dude, thats really sweet... like takes alot to impress me and that was pretty awesome.
im a big fan of ibanez guitars. they have perfect necks...stock pups are sometimes ****ty...but, whatever
yea, emgs have a quick connect plug, so if you already have emgs, different emgs will be easy to install... destring, unscrew the bracket around ur pup, unplug and remove pups...then reverse the steps
errr... thats pretty bad, not enough emotion in the vocals
god i love this band...cant wait for the next US tour....
play bits of scales afterwords and see which one(s) fit the sweep. heres a hint, all the notes of the sweep WILL be part of a scale
wait is ur amp buzzing when u play the guitar, or is it the strings buzzing on the fretboard?
err...sounds like ur solders werent solid....go back and make sure its wired correctly also... u may not have a good could be a combination of these things
im no biblical scholar, but i think its jesus with the telecaster........
yea...choco skittles...theyre not very good...unless u like tootsie rolls...
you should talk about why its necessary to severely abuse animals, women and small children.
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Yea, but people who wouldn't have survived/reproduced if they lived long ago are surviving and, in some cases, reproducing now.

exactly, the weak are surviving, and passing on their weak gotta think like this...our laws and healthcare system is just part of a new environment we're adapting has securities to protect us from threats that woudl have killed our ancestorts, BUT, it has new threats our ancestors never saw, so we're still evolving to overcome these new threats. so we are still evolving(not devolving) just in a new direction.
if you play a tube, then a solid state, youll be able to hear the difference in the sound of the cant explain it on a forum, its just something you'll have to hear.
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Thank you kanguuu for that site, gave me a good idea, though I hope it will all be able to be covered, it's fairly small.

And I really doubt that it'll cost £1000 for half a sleeve. I really do. I'd say £600-700 maximum.
Even that sounds quite absurd to me.
But eh, what would I know

err i got a quarter sleeve piece that ran me $700. i got a buddy with an amazing $1500 half sleeve
i think just a little more treb and mid would make the sound a little edgier...
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I am going slow though... urgh.
Stretching these got me out of a lot of **** and stopping that will make me feel like ****. Which will affect my school life. I'm getting myself a perfectly good education, and the only reason that it's not happening as great as it could be is because my school's going through a lot of stuff (special measures), and I understand that they need some new ground rules to give the new system a chance, but I am a perfectly good student, I'm getting As and A*s and these things in my ears aren't affecting my, or anyone elses, education in any negative way at all. They're covered most of the time anyway ffs.

well, for stuff like your ears, just keep them in, but keep your hair over them "what mamma dont know won't hurt her" ... the same cant be said for facial piercings (assuming you have some) and i know its a pain when people dont like piercings, even though it has absolutely no effect on others--and yes, it might suck having to take them out, but i think you'll be able to make it 8 hours a day without your rings in, untill ur finished with school, then colleges dont give a ****.

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A little late, but:

Body Dismorphic Disease. It's sad that people can be so unhappy for so long. There are some things I don't particularly like about myself, but I can live with them. People who have this disease will change everything they can, but stay unhappy. I know most people here feel extremely happy when they get a new mod, it gives satisfaction and you don't go "man I wish I could have my arm broken" after you've just had it tattooed. I would sort of feel like slapping these people and yelling "NO YOU'RE NOT!"....

And guy with issues with school - how much longer do you have at school? It's their policy to not allow jewellery, and it's good that you tried, but if they're sticking by it you should either accept their rules and take out your jewellery for the rest of the year (or however long you have left), or find a different school. Your points aren't that strong, and I don't think you have much chance. They're trying to keep equality... your ears will still be there in a year or two. Slow down and get yourself an education. Feel lucky that you have the chance.
(sorry if that sounded bitchy...I'm not trying to piss anyone off)

and to what this guy said...yes, some people will never be happy with their appearance, but i have yet to find some truly sick people in this body modification thread. People dont just get body mods because they are unhappy with their appearance, i happen to think im a pretty attractive guy...and ive got a few tats, stretched ears, and now nipple rings... and im not at all displeased with my appearance, before or after any of these modifications.
yo, im getting the nipples pierced tonight...then i shall spend the next few weeks in agony. ill post some pics later. wish me luck
active pups just have more output, the put out more harmonic tones than passives, and active are better than passives for pinch harmonics, but the biggest thing that will affect pinch harmonics is your amp and technique.

and for the pups, just look around at the dimarzio, emg, seymore duncan websites and see what pup best fits your style or taste.

and the difference between low end guitars and high end guitars as far a pups are concerned is that the high end models tend to have name brand active pups, while lower end guitars have copies of name brand pups, and theyre usually passive.
put a clear coat...make it twinkle baby!
err...dunno, its kinda a modified version of the the kris dahl sweep from one of his vids

ohh and ive got a marshall MG amp, so thats the other half of my suck ass tone
well...its a 5 dollar mic propped on my amp
been playing for about 3 years...wrote a solo to practice sweeps, alternate picking, and a little speed backing track to hide the little mistakes...aside from the mistakes tell me watcha think as far as structure goes, and yes, i couldave done it perfectly, but yaknow, i didnt wanna sit here for too long.

ohh yea...and i played the solo to Breath Life by Killswitch Engage at the end... tell me watcha think about it as well.

The track is on me profile. enjoy--or dont...wont hurt my feeling any
im a girl....just kidding. there are a few, you just dont see them much.