they are sweet guitars! I have 2 of them love the tone of each of them... get one, u wont be disappointed
Ernie Ball have always done well for me and thats all I use
just use anything with a lot of gain, and bending one string to match the pitch of the next string
Ibanez... i have a 7 string and its the lightest guitar i own. made from basswood, sick sound and very light
It will exist until we accept it. We everyone does it will disappear.
I had this problem with the switch on my Les Paul. I took off the cover on the back and blew all the dust out... it's been a month and haven't had any more problems. try that first before spending the coin or time trying to replace it
Try ibanez amps... Well priced, amazing sound. I prefer the tone blaster over a marshall any day!
work it slowly! it happens to me from time to time and it will go away
try muting with just your fretting hand, rather the strumming hand... it's always worked for me, well just that song...
good luck.... you'll need it! I have quit 3 times now....
They are the only metalcore band I like. Seen them 5 times in concert, and I will keep going to see them.
Boss MT2 has treated me well
Zack Wylde
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Toni Iommi
Rage is totally a great band! Ive been told that they are getting back together since the Audioslave split. If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be sweet!
I saw Silverchair back in 1999 they put on a great show, but I heard the new stuff, and I dont know what to think. A bit mello for me. The older stuff like Frogstump, Freak Show, and Neon Ballroom were all totally amazing albums. I had Diorama and ended up giving it to one of my friends, then kinda gave up on them
sanctity of brothers - Unearth
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when is the album coming out

Dont think it has even been recorded yet
I think its a great album but definatly not the best. there are so many bands now a days that are "ground breaking" if the Beatles didnt do it back then, some other band would have.
Don't Cry - GNR
slash and jimmy would make an amazing song. Both are amazing on the guitar
I dont think anything will ever compare to Zeppelin but lets keep our fingers crossed and maybe it will be great. The radio also said something about their not sure if there will be any vocals and it might be an instrumental album.
Drain You - Nirvana
As far as I know its supposed to be all new material. As the radio said page feels he has another album left inside that he needs to get out. Hopefully it will be almost as good as the first few Zeppelin albums since he hasn't released anything for quite a while.
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ok. how about everyone shuts up this stupid and childish argument, and we talk about Jimmy Page's new album here (in the right place)? because I haven't heard a bunch of his solo stuff and am interested. is his other solo stuff any good and what kind of sound does it have?

Thank god your the first person on here who would rather talk about Page's new album then bitch and complain about where a thread has been posted
Just like I just said why does it matter where its posted? If you dont like it dont reply! This thread is NOT spam. I just posted it here because Jimmy Page belonged to one of the greatest classic rock band and since this is a classic rock forum the people here would know about the subject. You people are more concerned about the "proper" forums than the music. So if someone wants to warn me or talk shit or even ban.. Go right the **** ahead. People that just complain that I post a thread in the wrong spot are just ****in lame and they are not true to the music.
comfortably numb - Floyd
Stairway to Heaven - Zeppelin
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Money - Floyd
and there are many more but I dont have time to list them all!!
Knocking on Heavens doors - John Lennon/GNR
Does it really matter where its posted? Shit more people complain about something posted in the right spot than they do talk about the subject. If your not gonna reply to the original post DONT REPLY! Dont sit and bitch about where it should be posted. Anyway Jimmy Page is not Zeppelin! ya he was the guitarist but hes not doing another Zeppelin album so therefore it should not be in the Zeppelin thread.
Has anyone else heard of Jimmy Page recording another album? I breifly caught something about it on a radio staion. Anyone hear of anything?????
So then I guess Ozzfest isnt for metal bands but "metalcore bands"? cause thats pretty much all that was there
I dont care what type of metal it is, its heavy, its fast. Its metal
man Im not trashin ya or anything, but who ****in cares what metal they are, they are metal
whats up everyone. Everyone needs to listen to Unearth check them out. they are totally amazing! Ive seen them 3 times, twice with Slipknot and Ozzfest 06. They are truely an amazing band!