sweet that's what i wanna hear, thanks
I'm curious what the differences are exactly between bass compressors and guitar compressors - are the bass compressors basically just "tuned" to lower frequencies? Basically what i want to know is, can i use my roommates bass compressor with my guitar, and have it be useful/sound good at all?

I'm already looking to buy one of my own, so no need to tell me to just get one. I just wanna play with a compressor now haha.
anyone have a real answer?
thank you for the helpful responses - I wish i knew thom yorke well enough to ask him, and the problem with learning it by ear is that some of these are fairly complex parts and while i can get close by ear i know i'm still missing small things that make it sound perfect. I'm not an extremely experiences guitarist, mostly self taught, and i was hoping that i could maybe get some actual help.
So i've been searching a while for correct tabs for this album, and i'm not finding many. Most of the ones i've found online have been close, but they are never quite right. I even looked into the official tab book, but all the reviews say it isn't any good. Anyone else have this problem? anyone know where i can find some good ones?

many thanks
got a new tube amp, can suddenly hear everything my fingers are doing wrong

I've noticed that my pull offs are far less clear and pronounced than my hammer ons, what are some tricks to getting pull off chains of three notes at least to stay clear, and not fade?
question two
the wire that is connected to the jack has a grey sleeve, and a smaller white sleeve extends out of it - this is what is connected. Inside the grey sleeve around the white one is some sort of metal wiring or something

what is this, shielding or was is it the ground somehow slipped back in?
would that make that sound? i think that's right, but my problem is that i can't figure out where the wire went it appears to be missing. i guess i'll just poke around a little more, thanks
looks like the tone pot
k here's the schematic for my guitar, first of all

so here's the deal, i plugged in my guitar, and just got a swelling buldings sort of hum/buzz thing that clearly wasn't right. put my guitar down and ignored it,

later i picked it up, and discovered the output jack had somehow fallen inside the guitar (no ****ing clue how)

long story short, i'm pretty sure the output jack is supposed to have two wires soldered to it, there is only one, i can't find the other one anywhere (!?)

anyone familiar with these/ know what the **** is going on?
I got a marshall mg 30 dfx, and i'm sick and tired of not being able to get any tone i want, so i was thinking of selling it, in an attempt to raise enough money for one of those sweet little fender tube amps (vibro champ xd, or super champ xd)

I know i won't get a ton of money for this piece of ****, but anyone know any music stores that will give decent prices for used amplifiers, preferably in the north jersey area? I get this strange feeling that guitar center would rip me off.

btw, i know craigslist is a good choice, but i'm saving that for a last resort.
that's what i thought, but i was having trouble. I'll keep practicing, thanks
anyone have any pointers on how to hold a minor chord using the thumb for the bass note?

like with an A major, i could just put my thumb down and use my first three fingers easily.

what the best way for minor, using my index for two strings?


how i hold dis?
i don't have any pictures, i don't own it. I wanted to learn more, see if i should buy it off someone.
I'm trying to identify a guitar here. Its italian, clearly quite old.

has an oval shaped plate that says

"strumenti musicali
television radio"

and says
"barera venezia"

inside the body.

I tried googling this to no avail, anyone have any ideas?
neutral milk hotel - holland, 1945
wut kinda strings you using boy?
oh i see, i'll look into that, thanks
i haven't modified anything, and i've never had trouble changing strings before - like i said i've had this guitar for years without this problem. What could i have done wrong?
but i hear it when its not plugged in - i don't think its the amp

edit - i think its coming from the bridge - it goes away when i push down on it
So i've got this epiphone strat copy that i bought off of a friend a couple of years ago. It's been fine this whole time but just recently whenever i bend notes on the higher strings, i hear a sort of cracking/pop sound. Nothing else seems wrong besides the sound, but its getting pretty annoying. Should i be more concerned or just ignore it - it doesn't come through the amp really or anything.

oh yeah and i also used to use extra light strings, but recently moved up to ernie ball regular slinkies, can a regular guage damage my guitar?

sorry if this isn't enough info, i don't really know what else to post. thanks