Keep an eye out for Sierra Nevada's wet hopped Harvest line of IPAs. Some of the best IPAs I've had.
I like Hoptimum. I like the feeling of my taste buds being abused by hops.
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I have around ten beers a week, heavily focused on weekends. Some weeks I'll drink a beer with dinner every night, but usually I don't drink during the week much at all. Four beers is usually the max, assuming good beer.

Yeah, it's gotta be good beer!

I like pretty much all IPAs and some of the real good stouts out there. I live in a good brewing state, so I'm kind of spoiled .
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10 shots of espresso seems pretty extreme.

Yep, it was! Those were the good old days .
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I don't have a problem with alcohol addiction, but I DO have a problem with caffeine addiction apparently. I decided to go cold turkey, and it's been a brutal couple of days.

Yes, quitting caffeine cold turkey is hell. I really need to cut back but whenever I try, I have a night where I only sleep 3 hours and need a boost the next day to be productive at work.

I can tell you that my addiction was worse back when I worked at a coffee shop . 10 shots of espresso during a morning shift was the norm for me.

Now, the place I work for just has weak coffee and tea sachets. It helps curb my consumption, but I still take in more than I really should.
Yeah, I've really cut back on the drinking as well.

I went through a spell which I was having a beer or two every night. Not a good habit. I was packing on weight and was always unfocused the next day. These days, I only have a maximum of 2 drinks a week (only on Friday).

I think part of my problem was I was always buying different types of craft beer because I wanted to try them all. I still like the fancy shit, but there's no way I can have all of them in my lifetime
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Kinda tempted to get one to screw around with. Haven't bought a single piece of guitar gear in over a year...

Would be a fun little purchase.

I bought the Yngwie Malmsteen version several years ago when MF had them deeply discounted. Was a pretty good modding platform. I ended up trading/selling it once I got my Tube Factor.

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nice, what's it like?

Big and chimey but not too bright. I really like it. I got it almost new at about half the price of a new one, so I got a deal on it . I want to call the upper-mids a little stiff but I think some more break-in will help out that. As of right now, I like it much better than the Hellatone which was in it.

I bought another one but I think I'm going to put that one in a 2x12 cab along with either a Hellatone 30 or a V30 I have laying around.
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Yo guys. Sorry I haven't been around lately. This past year has been full of all kinds of big changes!

Got married, got a new job that pays nearly twice the old one and just had a baby on the 11th!

Hope you're all doing well! Should be around a little more often now that the baby's here. I'd mostly been playing drums lately, but can't do much of that without waking up the kid Just got a new amp Monday and I'm excited to start jamming more again on the guitar!

Pretty cool changes .

What kind of amp did you get?
That guy tacking on shipping is sort of like a university charging you $100 bucks (or whatever) to graduate after getting $100,000 from you. Kind of stupid
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what can those do that the CBB can't?

I meant that there is currently one for sale at the store but I didn't necessarily play that amp. The last time I played one was when I was shopping for my CBB. I was actually torn between the CBB and the Vibroverb but the Vibroverb seemed like too much of a one trick pony at the time.

I'm still happy with my choice . I want to play around with different tube types in it, though. I have the option to run an EL34/6L6 power section in it, which sounds like an interesting concept.
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no reverb on a '63 twin.

find a vibroverb.

Oh yeah that's right. It's a POS .

There's a modern Vibroverb for sale there as well. I've played one of those and thought it sounded real nice. Real deep cleans.
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Despite having no intention to buy it, the time I spent with the '68 Super Reverb up in NJ a few years ago was magical.

Yeah those old Fenders had some soul. They had a '65 SR in that store I referenced a few years ago. I wish I had gone in and played it a bit .
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Yep, once in a while a super-desirable amp will pop up there then be gone in a few weeks. I never took the time to go in out fear of it triggering my GAS .

Speakers coming in tomorrow. Will have pics
It's only a little drive from where I work. I wonder if they have it on the main display floor. Should take my lunch hour to play on it, if so .
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These are not pretty, but they ARE cheap, easy & fast to erect, and durable:

Essentially, they're inflatable concrete structures.

Those are pretty neat, but I still think I'd prefer to get something akin to a pole barn or a shed. I live sort of near Amish country, and sheds can be had on the cheap around these parts .
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Lots of exciting home-buying events!

I severely need to get a bigger house. I'm renting a small house in the country from my GF's folks on the cheap, but it's so damn small. It's about the size of a 1 bedroom apartment, if not a bit smaller.

It's on 10 acres though, so if I end up wifing her then maybe we can build something more substantial . Maybe put up a pole barn or get a big finished basement to store all my guitar shit .
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Classic style. No toppings. Simple & tasty.

Nice. Nothing wrong with a plain cheesecake!

I like to make strawberry cheesecake for me and my GF but I'd like to experiment with something citrus like key lime or lemon.
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Re: Easter

One guest brought wine & cheesecake.

Ooo what kind of cheesecake?
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i think the 15 i saw in clist was about $350 or $375? don't recall exactly but i thought it was cheap-ish. the youtube demos were decent.

i have a SL-5 that's pretty tough to beat for my current needs so i'm not really looking for an amp.

of course when i posted that a few months ago i ended up swapping amps shortly thereafter so we'll see.

congrats on the 18 watter, those are good stuff for sure!

edit: mike, sorry to hear this. we had a card number stolen and that was a nightmare. i can't imagine what full blown id theft would be like. good luck!

If you want to give it a try, by all means go for it. It's a pretty good amp, it just doesn't really fit in my lineup anymore.

Yeah, I really dig the 18 watter. I played around with it over the weekend and tamed down the TMB side a bit so it's a lot more usable. The TMB side has so much more gain than the normal channel and I've grown to like it .

My 2x12 cab project is going to be paired with something along the lines of a JTM45 or a Ceriatone OTS. I'm just gonna debate myself for a long time about it.

Mike, that really sucks . I've never been a victim so I can't help you personally, but hope you can find some guidance and get it resolved.
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how do you like the cougar 5? i ran across a cougar 15 for cheap on clist and almost went to check it out.

what's it good at?

I like it. I got it on MF last year when they were on the Stupid Deal of the Day.

Standalone, it has real good cleans and some light overdrive tones. It needs a boost to get into classic rock range. I was a bit underwhelmed by the gain it had on tap.

It definitely has a British voicing and is of solid build quality. The stock Vintage 30 is nice, too.

I guess it depends how much you can get it for. Even though the $350 I bought it for was essentially half of its price new, I still feel like I overpaid a bit. I've been bouncing around the idea of selling mine since the 18w has become my lug-along amp.
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we had a good jesus zombie day.

i smoked a pork shoulder on the grill for 13 hours saturday and we had pulled pork sammiches yesterday. didn't get any done pics of the meat though.

maybe today as left overs abound.

mmm... Wish I had some!
I had a combo Easter/birthday weekend. My GF's parents are real into Easter baskets so I got some fattening stuff from that. I don't need it at all lol.
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congrats matt!

my dog took a paw to the eye yesterday. (a neighbor's dog got out and was running loose. when the owner went to get it, without a leash, it ran by us and noel and the dog had a spat). so i'm going to the vet later to get antibiotics and a look over. her eyeball is fine, but she had a little blood as if the lid got scratched. she's acted normal so i'm not too panic'd, but she had some puss this am, which is probably normal. either way, we go and she isn't going to like it. but that's a dog's life.

Aww, poor pupper
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i have a weber head shell from a kit amp, and it is terrible. seriously. supposedly they changed builders or something. i almost sent it back, however weber made that impossible for me.'

they lost me as a customer several years ago.

Damn, that sucks. I was getting hyped on some of the tolex/cloth combos too .

I suppose I'll go Avatar or Mojotone, unless there's some other builder with real solid cabs out there.
Ordered a couple of speakers for my cab build .

However, I'm thinking it'd probably be a better idea all around to just buy an empty cab instead of converting an old 4x10 combo into a 2x12 extension cab.

What's the word on Weber cabs?
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Well, the 12s may not fit where the 10s were, so that may be difficult.

Is the 4x10 oversized?

You could say that. It was a large SS combo but no longer has the amplifier attached so it has about 5 inches of extra room to fit a larger baffle board.
The boost I used in the clip was my H&K Tube Factor, which just has a voicing knob . It works just fine for my needs.

For a summer project I want to convert an old 4x10 cab which used to be part of an old Kasino SS combo into a 2x12. Any advice before I take on a project like this? I'm thinking I'll just order a 2x12 baffle board to fit the dimensions but I don't 100% know what I'm doing .
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Did you make it yourself or buy the prebuilt? I've been thinking of building a small little tube for clean work (a dirty sound vs. my Hughes & Kettner TM5's uberclean sound).

Got it used off Reverb. Nice deal, too.
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I've had a dislike for amps that only have a 'Tone' control. Not that they sound bad, but as a rhythm player I need to be able to carve my sound to fit into a tonal pocket.

Understandable. Those tone control-only amps are pretty unforgiving when you're trying to dial in a good rhythm tone.
I'm ok with that.

Edit: I think the fact that I had the tone knob at 8 contributed to the shrillness. If I backed off on it a bit it'd probably help.
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#Disco Darkarbiter7

Why the disco label?

Sounds pretty good to me. A bit to shrill for my liking, but overall great sounds.

For shits and grins.

I figure that the AS50D is an acoustic amp and colors your tone less than the Valvestate does. This allows the POD's tone to shine through better than when you run it through the Valvestate.
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Had a half day due to extra hours on Tuesday. Taking care of other stuff now. And eating some rice a roni. mmmmmmmmmm idegaf

I wish I could have taken a half day today. But, too much shit to do. Oh well, overtime is cool .

By the way, here's a clip of my 18w running at full tilt with a boost in front. Forgive the playing plz