Ok, thanks, checking it out.
My guitar simply won't stop buzzing everytime I turn on it's distortion. I don't use a pedal, neither does my amp possess any distortion toggle, I have to twiddle with it's gain knob for it, and whenever I try to get a decent distortion, my amp buzzes like crazy! I know buzzes are unavoidable, but this buzzing is definitely too much to be a regular buzz. It's not my pickups, not my amp, not my jack which I just changed days before to attempt to fix this problem.. however when I touch either end of the metal head (not the plug itself, it's the metal cylinder at the end before the plug itself) of my cable with my bare fingers, or any bare flesh, the buzzing stops. Is there anyway I can fix this without sending it to a shop?
Well, if the original guitar had some sentimental connections with you, get new active pickups. But if you are all for performance get a new guitar altogether. Just calculate the cost yourself. If you change the pickups on your current guitar, it might not perform as well as a newer guitar with lower end pickups. The body of the guitar counts as well.
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Are you sure you don't have ADD?

Hey, leave this thread alone. You bring that ADD thingy to the ADD thread. Not here.
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^not impossible, but definitely pointless and stupid. very stupid.

hah...i agree, but i have some equally stupid reasons. Thanks for giving me some hope that it's not impossible
hmmm...speaking about bass to guitar, I was wondering if a bass body could be used on a guitar? the neck, pickups, strings and everything is guitar save for the that possible? My friend who plays the bass says itz impossible to nail a guitar neck onto a bass body tho.
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The only reason I think this is bull****, no surge protector or fuse box on the planet can protect from that much electricity. Your amp, and you, would be dead.

On topic: I'd say get the guitar looked over for grounding issues... or check it yourself?

yea, itz a bizzare experience alright, but the lightning was miles away, it did not strike anything in my area at all, but my amp definitely buzzed hard and my strings shocked me at that moment. I won't expect you to believe it tho.
the thread wasn't about pick vs wasn't like 'WHICH IS BETTER? PICK OR FINGERS?'

The thread starter was merely inquiring the public's opinion on which style should he consult. He was not pitting the techniques against each other. And he says he plays somewhat metal styles, so i recommend fingers.
hmm....the humanity, i think you have a dirty mind. Glad I figured out why report on good advice. Your mind was elsewhere.
but if you did have that grounding issue recently...maybe some sort of damage/problem with your amp's output, or your guitar's pickups....but that's weird. It happens if you drop either of the two....did you?
I got shocked by my own guitar too...but that was because of a blast of lightning from the sky that nearly killed my amp.
without batteries, you'll get terrible inaudible buzzing all the way. But no passive pickup performs like an active pickup.
lol...list is getting alil ridiculous...get pikachu and jigglypuff out....and the capt' guy
Lori Linstruth, for proving that women can shred, and for her awesome usage of the tremolo.
Hmmm...try enter sandman. First song I've ever learnt. Just skip the solo and wait till you're good enough for it.
din see the discovery thingy....yep it's a copy...
I can't believe you left a treasure like this untouched for a decade...I've been drooling at guitars like this one that are hanging in's a hollow-body epiphone....
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More wire means more background noise. When I have cheap guitars come into my shop for setups, the first thing I do is cut out the extra 3 or 4 feet of wire that is installed in most cheap guitars. This instantly makes the guitar sound better. It isn't that the "tone" is different but it gets rid of hum and background noise. Even if you are using shielded wire inside a shielded guitar you still get hum and background noise from wires that are too long.

So can you hear the difference between a 12 foot long wire and a 12 inch long wire leading to your volume pot? Hell Yes! It the difference to do with "tone"? Not at all. It's only to do with background noise.

Keep your wires inside your guitar as short as possible.

Hell...looks like the service guy was some crackpot scammer, to hell with him and his theory, I'm gonna cut my wire like you said then. Maybe I did not realise my guitar's performance was terrible cos it's my first and only guitar, I'm sure I'll notice the difference when I cut the cable. Thanks.

Microtonal music is music using microtones — intervals of less than an equally spaced semitone. Microtonal music can also refer to music which uses intervals not found in the Western system of 12 equal intervals to the octave.

Microtonal music may refer to all music which contains intervals smaller than the conventional contemporary Western semitone. The term implies music containing very small intervals but can include any tuning that differs from the western 12 tone equal temperament. By this definition, the following systems are microtonal: a diatonic scale in any meantone tuning; much Indonesian gamelan music; and Thai, Burmese, and African music which use 7 tones in each (approximate) octave. Hence, the term "microtonal" is used to describe music using intervals not found in 12-tone equal temperament, so these musics, as well as musics using just intonation, meantone temperament, or other alternative tunings may be considered microtonal.
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wow that dude has 12 feet of wire between his vol. pot and his pickup? i wonder where he stuffed it all? anyways, no the length wont be an issue. what can cause problems is the guage or thickness of the wire. make sure to go with atleast a good 18 guage. a little thicker is better. make sure it is a quality insulated wire or you may get interferance (hum,static,feedback,radio stations,buzzing) hope this helps.

Lol you're right. The wire is pushing against the scratchboard from within so everytime i unscrew all the screws of the scratchboard, the whole thing jumps outwards. Some service guy did it, he has this theory, that if the wire is tightly packed and can't move about inside, it would pick up less interference. Din really bother with him. I only experience buzzes and whines when my amp's at max volume and gain. you mean eb as in E-flat? It IS included in music's just the note between the D note and E....E-flat is also equivalent to D-sharp/ that what you were asking about?
I just left school a month ago, but I feel kinda fine about it. If you have a particularly close close pal then just get every contact with him/her! Simple as that lol. Unless you're planning to go overseas.
stop gripping the neck of your guitar as if you're trying to snap it...relax your grip a lil.
Mine's 12 feet, no problems so far.
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try acoustic energy speakers, unlike their name, they have very powerful distortion if you play metal with them.

Just get a hood that fits your amp lol...cos I honestly forgot to mention that AE are not built as guitar amps...what I meant is you order an AE speaker and wire it into your amp. I had a classic home-made amp supposedly made by someone 2 generations above me. Lost it recently when it got struck by lightning, and it performed better than most amps you would find in the market.
try acoustic energy speakers, unlike their name, they have very powerful distortion if you play metal with them.
you're description is extremely vague....but I can only conclude that you are looking for a dog with a number '4' on it?? Or, you are looking for a picture of a dog on a website that has '4' in its URL, and this dog is excited, saying 'hurr' and 'durr'.
damn...that's so sad.
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Have you had experience with comparing confectionery to a man's erect phallus before?

Definitely not me. I never even saw the actual picture. The witnesses and claims sufficed. Even his own gf said so. I'm glad I never did compare so. Otherwise I wouldn't have the appetite to consume mentos's anymore.
just an example of his skill, sparks92, an example. He does not waste his time showing off like some people...that video was forced by his friends' requests for a video on youtube.

Besides, the guy who I was referring to as the pompous arrogant ass posted a youtube of himself completing a rubik's cube in 6 minutes (6 minutes for a cube???) Now what would that be compared to the "awesome shredder"?

One more thing, the "pompous arrogant ass" took a picture of his own dick on his phone, and sent it to his gf (who is just as nice as him). Once he left his phone on a table while he went to the loo, and we checked the picture out. Apparently his fully erected dick was approx. only the length of 5 mentos sweets (not bars, just sweets) stacked together.

Who could be more retarded and annoying?
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Around my area, it seems that the people with the least skill get the most expensive guitars. I'm not saying they have the better ones but at least the more expensive.

The people who take guitar seriously have:
- A squier strat
- a cheap epi sg
- a cheap ibanez Rg

The people who don't really care that much have:
- A nice sleek black gibson sg
- Cherry gibson SG
- The vanilla Guitar of the month LP
- The Slash Sig
- The Tom Delonge sig

I cry on the inside.

It happens a lot in Singapore as well....those who only need guitars for things such as distorted chords in their songs and so on have Jackson flying V's, ESP Spiders, Razorback and so on.

Gawd...I'm pretty near Singapore, swimming range perhaps, but my friends here are content with lower ranges of Ibanez and so on. My own guitar is an Ibanez IJX40 starter pack...there is no justice in that.

I have a similar friend who plays acoustic, and badgered me to teach him some Metallica. Note that he never had much interest in music, cos his guitar was left untouched for approx. 20 years, until I started learning guitar 2 years ago. When he approached me, I was still quite a beginner, so i taught him what i thought would be simple for him: Enter Sandman.

He got stuck into Metallica and claimed that he will revolutionize Acoustillica, playing Metallica's songs with an acoustic. I just said 'Whatever' and proceeded to teach him the basic riff of Enter Sandman. It took him 3 months to get the 5 first notes of the intro, and he's been playing them non-stop for a year or so already.

Another friend of mine, who is an awesome shredder, with this as an example, was jamming in a party. He was approached by the previous friend who said, 'I can play too!!'. Without his consent, he grabbed the guitar, and played the first 5 notes of enter sandman for several minutes while everyone got tired and deserted him. The shredder, said "You are so freaking smart in school that you can get straight A's in exam without trying but you can't even figure out a C chord??"

And so the long long argument started. And mind you, this braggart friend of mine IS quite good in school, but he is a pompous arrogant ass. So naturally he would try to claim superiority in everything. In the end he slit his fingers, and when we started to pick on that, he just said that this shows his commitment in guitaring, and that nobody else ever slit their fingers while playing the guitar, which shows that we never practised as much as he did.

Now I call that annoying.
I'm malaysian, but i always wanted to live in or australia. I also admire Japan, and erm I like sweden due to the Metal you find there.
lol....most of the time. I hate the schools in Malaysia, but I live there, what could I do?? Worst thing is the school doesn't bother about your attendance much. They will only proceed to call your house and contact your parents if you sleep in classes, but they don't do anything if you don't turn up altogether!! wth??
I can't sleep easily as well, but yesterday was an exception. I was reading Harry Potter, and playing the guitar at the same time. I didn't know what happened, but I woke up relatively early today with my head on the book and my guitar on my chest. I think its some position or angle or something. Having the weight of an electric guitar on my lungs seem to help a lil'. And I hated school when I was still in a school, so I often sleep on the desk with my head on books and that sort of stuff. So maybe it's some position that you sleep in when you take a nap or something. I find it easier to fall asleep on the desk than on a bed, even if I wake up with cramps after that.