wat? i was all distracted by megan fox when all of that happened
well this is a simple metalcore song i wrote yesterday

it's pretty simple but yeah fun to play (:
nice, i really liked it but i thought the verses were a bit boring, but the solo was amazing, also i think this sounds a lot like 90's pop-punk and i really miss that sound, and for not being a pop-punk fan this is a great song 8/10
man i just can't critic this, everything is amazing, good job 11/10 and yeah you can really hear the ACB influence and you just reminded me i haven't listened to them in a while omg
i really liked this, the chorus was a little too generic though, same with the breakdown but i guess breakdowns are that way rofl, the verse was ok, and the pre-chorus sounds more like a chorus at least for me but it was still a good listen, very enjoyable.
i know this is a tiny crit but would you crit my song?
Well i wrote this in like 3 days? and well i don't have too much to say about it D: but i really hope you guys like it (:
Peavey Raptor whatever from a peavey starter pack the first song i learned was... hmm i think it was Maldito Duende by Heroes Del Silencio... it took me quite a while to get it rofl

Cause i will never learn to play with my feet cause they smell bad~
i know what it is but i'm not pretty sure how to say it in english D: wait a minute

EDIT: it's the jack in the guitar... you'll need to weld some little piece of iron (i don't know what material it really is) that is in there... i didn't really know how to do it but i think i helped a really little bit
solos = guitargasm fo' sho
Fast rhythym = headbang really fast (to the beat)
when there's like a strike with all instruments i like push myself to the front really hard (without falling) and wow i only play like that when i'm alone and most of the time i'm singing so sometimes it's really hard to do those wile singing (except guitargasm))
Ray Toro... then i started to lose some interest on guitar till Synyster Gates came to my life! O: that sounded kinda gay D:
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Haha Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park were great back in the day. Linkin Park suck balls now, too hip hopish.

well i think Minutes To Midnight doesn't have enough hip hop as the other ones...
Who was the best?!

- Paramore
- Angels & Airwaves
- Serj Tankian
- Rise Againts
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Bad Religion
- Linkin Park

In my opinion the best was Linkin Park because they were Headliners = More Songs, randomly awesome things ! oh and i liked the Set-list

if he doesn't play metal... an epiphone les paul standard would be fine... if he plays metal a hellraiser, it's more expensive but better for metal
well... maybe you can use the chorus to "Monsters" by Matchbook Romance (R.I.P.)
it's most likely a "we're gonna beat you!" chorus
my school es very very small, and there are only 3 guitarist (me, my cousin and one of my friends) and... well my cousin studied guitar but he still sucks at everything... i mean... everything... i'm teaching my friend a little of guitar and a little of theory cause i'm not that good at teaching and he wants o play bass so... i'm the best guitarist lol... but i know i'm not that good... indeed i think i suck but oh well let's keep practice around ^^
right know: M.I.A. (Avenged Sevenfold)
Join ME (H.I.M.)
O' Star (Paramore)
Scars (Papa Roach)
Erase/Replace (Foo Fighters

And All Things Will End (Avenged Sevenfold
Lies (Billy Talent)
Basket Case (Green Day)
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville (My Chemical Romance
Remenissions (Avenged Sevenfold)
The Unforgiven (Metallica)
Of Sound And Fury (Lovehatehero)

Passion's Killing Floor (H.I.M.)
Emergency (Paramore)
Doomsday Clock (Smashing Pumpkins)
Reinventing Your Exit (Underoath)
Empty Apartment (Yellowcard)
Room 409 (Bullet For My Valentine)
One Day, Robots Will Cry (Cobra Starship) name's in spanish.. hopefully no one will call me emo ¬¬'
haha i guess you're the only one... i only hate the punks wannabe with a Ramones T-Shirt...

still i don't hate them

but i hate Nirvana because of the same thing about the punks wannabe even though Nirvana was grunge but well i hate them because i've already got sick of hearing a lot of "hey did you know nirvana..." thingys

mmm i hope you understand cause i'm mexican and i dunno how great is my english sooo c ya!
I've Got Nerve by Hannah Montana

lately i hadn't time to play around and tab some songs so it would be amazing if someone could tab Decoy and/or Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) by paramore
34444wwcccccapppppeeeeee ttthhhwe faareeee


it was supossed to be Escape The Fate
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Don't listen to these guys. If you like your Spider, keep it. In these forums, if someone says "OMG, Spd0rz r teh sux!!1!" everyone else says that too.

haha thanks! i'll keep in mind that too
well i won't compare any band with any band and thank you all for helping me i'm going to punch that guy (the one who told me about the humbuckers) in the face and then i'll get a new amp and i won't think about a Marshall MG or a Line 6 one and i'll keep in mind about a Peavey Valveking!

thank you!
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. . .

Don't all of those bands sound exactly the same?

You could get a better tone out of your starter pack. Trust me, replace your amp before your guitar. A freakin' Ibanez JEM20th would still sound sh!tty through a 6W mudbox.

Well they kinda sound the same (excluding The Used selfititled and the first MCR record)

and yes i know i've got a Spider II amp but i'm told i need better humbuckers so it would sound better well anyway! thank you!
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How can you get bored with your instrument? An instrument isn't a toy that you can play with for a while and then throw away. Anyway, I kept my starter pack guitar and amp until I needed a good tone, wich every serious guitarist needs, not just something new. I say keep your starter pack guitar for a while and learn a bit more about guitars while saving up for something more expensive, but it all depends on which amp you've got. If you have a starter pack amp, consider buying a new one too. I think you could get an Epiphone SG or a cheap Ibanez and a Roland Cube amp (if you need a new amp). I have good things from these guitars and amp.

Ok my amp is a Spider II and i think it sounds great but people have told me that the humbuckers of my guitar are not the best and I'm going to start playing a lot of songs in festivals at my school and i think i need a better sound so that's why I'm searching for a new guitar. Thanks for your advise!
thanks i was thinking about that one
Well I'm searching for a good guitar cause it's been like 6 months since i bought my first electric guitar and i'm getting bored of it because is a guitar of a starter pack lol soo tell me about good (cheap) guitars please i play novice punk-pop and post hardcore things like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Used, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fall Out Boy (I'm ashamed) and the likes.

So thank you in advanced and well that's all