I've actually made a pact to read through the entire Bible and likewise read different interpretations from different denominations. CS Lewis, Aquinas, Augustine, and John Henry Newman are all on my to-read list, (I purchased the whole Summa Theologica for a buck 2 months ago. I've only made it about 1/2th through the first book o_O). I've also picked up a book on the Crusades and Inquisition.

I've found myself, like many people, criticizing something I know very little about beyond the fundamentalism. I'm going to lay all judgment aside and try to approach Christianity openly. I also see how much can be taken out of context if the history is not understood properly.
I find myself nodding in agreement at a lot of verses in the NT and OT, (which I was surprised by at the latter. Ecclesiastes makes for a fantastic read). However I'm still highly skeptical.

Slacker^, I'd totally appreciate it if you could give me a few pointers, given your theological knowledge.
Ok, everyone has driving flubs. Get over it and realize you are going to need a personal mean of transportation. It's more convenient than taking the bus everywhere, especially in a small city like the one I live in where sanitation isn't a concern and they've packed 40+ people on a bus before at 7 in the morning.
as long as she did it right in front of me, but ****, I'd join in....
I remember some guy told me he was getting paid more at Walmart when he was 16 while just starting out than some of the women there that have been working for years. The reason was apparently his employer thought he was providing for his family? Lol - the horrible thing is these corporate weenies get away with their fail logic.
Why don't we just not pay people who choose to take time off of work for their medical issues?
I tried dating a christian once. She eventually left me for Jesus.
didn't bother me, it was better off for them.

Quote by Seref
An interesting statistic I found--the average American's reported "happiness" (if there is such a way to quantify that) has been dropping in recent years, and has been on a downward slope since the late 50s. Conversely, divorce rates have been on the increase since then, and its almost inversely linear.

People just aren't as happy as they used to be, in any aspect of life. Including marriage.

Another thing I'm quite interested by is that divorce rates are astronomically higher for second marriages than for first marriages. I feel like this is because people who divorce, especially those who divorce early, simply don't want to be with someone for a long period of time, which is what marriage is kind of supposed to be.

Divorces in cases of abuse and true misery are obviously okay and necessary. The ones that make me scratch my head are just the ones that say "the love went away." That kind of couple just doesn't strike me as the kind that gave consideration to how long the rest of ones life really is. Either that or they simply didn't care.

Thank feminism.
computer thread dog.

CSS threads you just link into your html thread.
After the title tags:
<style type="text/css">
<link href="nameofcss.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
Then navigate to nameofcss.css and do all your editing there.

example of how to make a table:

<table border="1">
That's some hardcore wanking right there.
Also those numbers have to be contrived out of thin air. Was he hosting redtube???? Lol I don't think so.
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
Before you get the bank account put yourself on whatever housing register you have in the US at that friend you mentioned's house. This means that you can get credit checked (which is hard with a PO box) but also that your paperwork will go to your friend not your mum. Then stay at home until you have enough money in the new account to leave.

Good luck =) Make sure to get your passport, birth certificate, some spare knickers and wash stuff, and keep it hidden in a bag in your room so if it all does kick off you can leave instantly and not be so anxious about getting your stuff out for a few days.

Yeah I got all that stuff. Thanks. This isn't going to happen anytime soon but probably within a year. I might try to subtly hint at it to see how it goes over but I've got a feeling I'm going to have to pull a slick move.
Quote by robhc
Does. Not. Compute...

I have a really hard time believing you're a teacher, simply because you just told some one to go to wikipedia.

wikipedia = list of citations.
Aw cute. Put food outside, they'll smell it.
Quote by longneckdude
i dont think any minimum wage job is gonna pay for a place of your own plus a car/gas/insurance and a phone. I think the only way its gonna work is if you pay your friend monthly to live with him and take public transit wherever you go.

Yeah I am taking PT and it actually goes to quite a few places so it is convenient. Sucky thing however is my house isn't really that close to a stop I can only get there from school - but my friend lives right outside of one. I'm not worried about a car right now. Rent is cheap where I live so I could get on with 300-500 a month.
And I should mention min wage will bring in about 1k a month if I work full time. But I have school too so...
black metal. BLACK. METAL.
That was the best example of hipsterdom though, you have to admit.
This is so funny. I was just eating one. Honestly I only have them when I don't feel like preparing anything more 'mature'.
I haven't got a cell phone, car, or job. I'm getting a meager job at my school and will move onto getting a better job eventually. Problem is I rely on my home phone and parents for transport. I don't get on very well with them. I know someone who lives near school who I might be able to move in with but not yet until I get a better job. MY other issue is my mother has access to my bank account and I don't have the information besides pin number - she kept that to herself so she can take money out of my account whenever she pleases. If I do get a job, what will I need to do to get another bank account and be able to conceal it? I'm figuring obviously just going to the bank and opening a new one but I'm not sure what order I should do all of this in. I'm thinking of moving out one day and not coming home and then going to the bank to open one with my new address/ information. She is the sort of person who would take out all my money forcing me to move back in before giving it back to me.
I am turning 19 and she treats me like I am 9 - moving out takes time but I am pretty adamant about moving out asap.

This is a legitimate issue I'd like to be thought of, obviously I take it not many of you are going to care very much (lol) but just a quick thought would be great.
No but really Asada, how many friends do you have with that type of attitude towards good willed gestures?
I love Passion Pit and Of Montreal. They're so good and I don't care if it's hipster music.
Quote by frankv
That's exactly what makes 'em comfortable to some and uncomfortable to others. I've wwned a couple of pairs of skate shoes years ago, but I prefer wearing shoes that fit more tightly now. Bet they'd be godly after fitting yourself in wearing high heels or something though.

I now own a Muppets shirt and am damn proud.

Ah I guess you're right. **** female attire, though.. that shit's uncomfortable.

Nice tee.
Quote by TheBurningFish
I repeat: all pissy because people wished well on a country they didn't know about. All you had to do was say "Don't worry about it, it's sensationalist news" not start flipping a shit. It's not an insult for ****'s sake.

No one said you or any country is a whiny, needy, sobbing country that needs to lick it's wounds and be pitied and no one said they know more about Japan than the Japanese.

God, you're such a faggot.

Quote by Asada Hiruka
You must be 15 to actually use faggot as an inslut. Which sort of defeats your whole argument when you can't carry a debate with falling back into juvenile insults of sexuallity.

And, people shouldn't talk about what they don't know about. You don't go to a random person's funeral and offer condolences. Or at least, people with common sense don't. . .

Compared to the insults you've said in this thread, you must be 8.
Quote by Asada Hiruka
I should expect as much, from an idiot who would even think they could know anything about a seperate culture and country, much less it's status after a natural disaster, while still using made up words. . .

And to the saving face question, saving face is always around, but there's a difference between saving face, and having a sense of pride.

Run along now, child.
Quote by JamSessionFreak
'Douchey' says the woman that is worshiping her own 'help' like it's a gift from the gods.
I'm really sorry I'm so aggressive today, I'm probably in a bad mood I'll go now before someone murders me

Quote by hriday_hazarika
But you aren't giving him/her/it any help.

IMO, these sympathy threads do nothing. Do some charitable work; it helps a lot more than having one's "thoughts" with others.

It was the gist of the idea that if he doesn't want any I wouldn't help him.
Sympathy typically leads to charity. Plus if I don't have any means of charity the least I can do is offer condolences.
And no, I know better than to listen to the sensationalized reports about the nuclear meltdown, lol. It still killed people, no? Or is that an arbitrarily contrived number to sensationalize reports too?
Quote by JamSessionFreak
I'm no expert but I was told that that tradition is quickly dying if not dead. Correct me if I'm wrong Asada Hiruka.

Everything I've ever read about it demonstrates it is still alive and kicking. Judging by Asada's posts, which are actually quite douchey, tells me it most likely is still around.
I'm sure many Japanese people are eternally grateful for help but if you don't want it Asada, **** you, I won't give it to you.
Quote by Asada Hiruka
How can you if you don't even have a basic grasp of the situation or the people of Japan?

Look I know you Japanese have that saving face tradition but jesus christ how apathetic can you possibly be? You should cherish the fact people who don't know anything about you or your family can have feelings sympathy you and your survival. I do think relying on others is lazy to an extent if you can help yourself, but good God, the earthquakes in Japan are astoundingly tragic.
Quote by Axeaman
I think they are uncomfortable :-/

aha wat? It's like walking on a cloud.
Quote by Axeaman
Sounds nice, except that I hate skate shoes.

They're comfortable and I just feel so cool in them.
I can't find a picture of my pair, but here's another awesome pair.
Oh for fvcks sake, I'm starting to feel pretty bad for that country.
EDIT: *looks at Asada's post*
Nevermind. You guys are perverts anyway.
We live in a world where the majority of people are idiots who have this unexplainable need to have control over other people's lives, because of some idiotic idea that it's affecting them, although 95% of the time they won't have to even deal with it, see it, or hear it on the news if it weren't for the fact that this annoyance is either illegal, or they don't have anything else to complain about so they pick up on petty shit out of boredom. Marriage, drug prohibition, etc. which have laws that allow certain people their rights and discriminate against others are examples of the majority dictating the lives of the minority. Certain things, such as what you wear, listen to, post on the internet, etc. are still individual choices that haven't been regulated by law (yet). Even though everyone has these freedoms, people still feel compelled to berate or harass others because they're unable to understand the appeal of a certain trend or celebrity, or whatever else this annoyance may be. This leads to a lot of immaturity, hate, and ignorance which causes some people who are normally calm, rational, and non-aggressive to seemingly lose their minds and behave in a way that would appall them, had they witnessed someone else behaving the same way in a separate situation. You'd think that all the energy some people put into their Justin Bieber hate group on Facebook or setting up elaborate pranks to humiliate one of their peers could be put to better use, such as improving spelling and grammar skills or exercising, but I don't wanna pretend like I'm doing anything great by spending so much of my free time on the internet.
By the way - depending on where you live, what internet sites you visit, etc, hipsters may not even be the group that the majority is picking on.
And then he said "no you are hipstur" and then I was like "oh my god no you didn't" and then he whipped out hisfist and then he went bam bam bam pow pow and I was like on the floor crying oh my god boyfiend why did you do that to me????? Then I was like ok whatever if he wanna be like dat let him so I bought myself an orange julius to make up for it and I saw my best friends there and they were like "oh my god what happened to your eye girl??" and then I told them the whole story and they were like DAMN so yeah. We all went out then to watch green latern and you know it was okay but I didn't like all the green LOL but I got some cute guyses numbers and we had a blast so it was worth it!!! He shops at abercrombie and fitch which makes extra hot lol I don't care who calls him gay they sukkk so yeah.
Quote by StewieSwan
No, it's actually because they're too busy gossiping.

Her husband wrote that. Silly.
I dress like a guy sometimes. It feels awesome.
Baggy pants, v neck, beanie, and skate shoes.
Quote by Kensai
Good question. Why so few black people? And female composers?

Genetically inferior brains that cannot handle quantifying notes and complex melodies.
Quote by StewieSwan
Why is it that you can find black people in pretty much any genre of music except classical music? Is there a stigma that it's too 'white' or maybe since black people are statistically poorer they don't have the financial stability to afford expensive instruments to learn? I realize that there are plenty out there, but I never see them in videos on youtube, I never see them in orchestras live, and I rarely see them in the audience.

Before anyone makes some racist comment about black people not being able to understand the complexity of it I got one word for you: Jazz

Enlighten me, Pit.

Personally I don't see how there is a relationship. The same instruments that they're too poor to learn are used in jazz.
There may be an underlying discriminating attitude against it being 'white' music by some, but not all.
Google ftw
I suppose at the time of colonialism there was simply politics determining what rights blacks could have compared to whites. Same applies to women.
Quote by bradulator
New Guinea has a shitload of tribes, it's kindof cool. I've seen clips of this on a show about a white man going to the area to research cannibalism and find cannibals.

Those people in that video were apparently cannibals before the white guy (Christian missionaries) came and taught them the way or whatever. Interesting stuff.

I think I saw the same documentary.