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German, Swedish and distantly English.
Regina Spektor or Tarja Tarunen
As far as state issues, I'm pretty sure. Not federal though.
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Where in the test does it say "morally justified"? so far as I can see question 9 "torturing innocent people is morally wrong" is the only question which obliges you to define any morals.

It was a question. Forgot which one though, clicked off the screen.
I find some of the questions to be so vague as they could be defined multiple ways. 'Morally justified' as in objective morals for us all or that their own personal conviction is right for them?
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I have no respect for your argument, TS.

High five for identical avatars!
Can you actually express what it is you disagree with? Besides attacking it as an inferior concept?
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It's neither...

@ TS, go to Norway instead, it's a bit welthier over here.

I'm joking around, sir
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So, nobody here mentions the fact that Sweden has the highest rape rate in Europe???

After the UK, I'd think...

Sweden is relatively safe but certain muslim immigrants practise extremist rituals which include raping women who do not honor Allah by wearing a Hijab.
I dress sort of boyish!

Black metal tee


pants that look sort of like these


black leather boots that look like these but less shiny and with a heel
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The music scene doesn't reflect the country at all, just a heads up. Unless you're going up north it's incredibly uninteresting.

And -3? Who told you that lie?

Baahhhh ruining my perception of Sweden now!

I thought each and every one of you followed a tradition of painting your face black and white stripes and just being as much of a creeper as possible! Or is that Norway?
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Well yes. He's, at best, a social-democrat, no doubt. Question on S.D - is it just huggable capitalism? Like welfare state, etc. Or is it the reformist path to socialism? Not in terms of what it actually is, but what it claims to be.

It has some socialist qualities as high taxation and government instituted welfare. Think everyone being given an equal chance to succeed based not on class, but on skill itself. It's a virtue to implement in society.

I suggest studying the nordic model.

Depends who applies the theory of SD, as some see it as small baby steps towards socialism or friendly capitalism.
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did you seriously just start a thread about what to do when your shoes are starting to wear out?

srs thnk he did lol
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Fail troll is fail. You listening to Yngwie Malmsteen talk about his childhood again?

Sarcasm bro. My point is he should research a country before desiring to study there.

Now I am interested though. What DID Malmsteen say about his childhood? *googles*
It's pretty much the poorest westernised country. They have a high level of violent crime, People cannot eat healthfully, AIDs is frequent...sad sad place.
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Well, it's true that the younger part of our population isn't that close minded

As long as your religious people aren't like American religious people, you are safe.
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I'm fine with regular substitution problems, but this word problem is really bothering me:

A writing workshop enrolls novelists and poets in a ratio of 5 to 3. There are 24 people at the workshop. How many novelists are there? How many poets are there?

I've tried to write down some equations, but they were all wrong. Does n + p = 24?

15 novelists and 9 poets.

I can't really explain how I got it.
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It's cold
People are ignorant racists
People are depressed
People are alcoholists
If you're gay or don't belong to the church, you're going to hell
Lame politicians

Since when? Finland ranks high on liberality as far as I knew..
I don't know, reduction of libido or fertility? That's all I can think of. Or maybe healthier people relate to more interest in pursuing a career, and when people pursue a career they push back children further..
Not when they have an invisible socially instituted muzzle around their mouths.
I hate these sorts of collective judgements, all they do is produce stereotypes and make people feel like if they're not of the 'top margin of people who succeed more than others' they can't succeed at all.
'Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence, a new study finds.'

Certainly does not if EVERY athiest is not smarter than EVERY deist. Even if such behaviour leads you to more intelligence than another, these sorts of studies are done horribly and just hold a negative effect on others.
good rcomednations for social democracy lit?
america is rthw lamd of the idiots n wgo arnt opwn minded ihate this place itsstupid
I like those days. They're relaxing.
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I quit FaceBook when I realized it was basically being used for the people to take the p*ss out of me...

you're just fun to take piss out of sweetie.
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This was done for a humorized talk-show here in Norway. This is just one (lame) of a few sketches he did. He took on the persona of a pretty rude and somewhat controversial norwegian humorist and did a lot of things a 12-13 year old kid shouldn't have done...
Sort of like Andy Milonakis, except instead of acting like a child, he is one.

But is his rapping career real?
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The more I read about the potato famine the more it enrages me at how needles it was.

My sociology teacher (who is technically a history teacher) was lost for words when someone in the class the other day didn't know about the famine. They then made it so much better by adding "I never heard about it on the news. Must have happened when I was away ski-ing".

Another great one from that class was someone who was convinced Che Guevara was "that boxer or something".

Calm down, some people are not as interested in world affairs and that's fine.
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Searchbarred to no avail
This so lame, the kid looks like he just came out of a private school to record this.

This is gonna be good


oh my god......
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Wikipedia has a good summary:

And from Progress and Poverty by Henry George:

So in your opinion, what could have been done differently in the potato famine that would have reduced consequences?
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That's not entirely fair. The potato famine is a good example of why property in land can be dangerous but not necessarily the free market. It certainly doesn't refute the views of Albert Nock or Henry George anyway.

Hm, elaborate?
last section on Lassez Faire...
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You mightn't be able to call them truly anything, but there's certainly enough complexity and depth that we're able to lable them as capitalism, social democracy, etc.

Actually this is largely organisational management with just a few ties into economics. Something that confuses alot of people is thinking that working hard and what we'd think of as a good attitude towards work means that more work will be done. Working hard =/= higher productivity. Pretty much every in-depth study into workplace behaviour has shown that the more decentralised the power structure is, and the happier employees are, they'll be more productive than other workers. Not only that, but there's less absenteeism, faulty productions, workplace disputes, etc, which are good things for a business and reduces the amount of production lost over the long run.

Funnily enough, this is one of the primary goals of socialism.

Unfortunately, thats not how things work out. Typically, the more free an economy gets, the worse things are going to get for 99% of the population, the economic cycle becomes far more volatile (the two deepest economic cycles recorded hit as high as 30% employment in some cases, and both happened in times with very laissez-faire-esque economic conditions) and big business grabs a greater hold on the markets.
Not to mention that big businesses will realise everything that held them back before is gone, try and have their cake and eat it too then fuck up badly, resulting in business collapses that could potentially take out the entire industry. Is it possible for businesses to regulate themselves? Sure. Are they going to? Not until they see the results of not regulating themselves is, which I frankly don't think is a wise thing to risk, and when history ticks around the same mistakes will be repeated.

Correlation =/= Causation
Those times also coincide with monumentally large scale wars. Make of that what you will.

As well as total economic failure, Russia comes to want a country that failed highly lassez faire free market reforms? Look to Russia. And The great depression, and the irish potato famine contributed to 'the invisible hand' of the market with the perceived ability to stabilize itself..
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I've always quite liked Nevermore

Frank Sinatra aye my mum listens to him a lot. 3/10
food in america is cheap. Really cheap, and you can get large portions of food for cheap at restaurants. It isn't a big surprise.
And I am well aware of the fact mickey D's isnt cheap. Maybe a chicken burger for a dollar is cheap but their 'value' meals aren't cheap.
Depends how much you ingest. I drink only enough to feel a buzz.
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i'm all alone:p

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retarded kids lit trashcans on fire and it got in the newspaper.

heroin shots found outside school

2 teachers gave detention to a friend for wearing a dimmu borgir hoodie saying "in satan we trust"

So much for your countrys' freedom of speech laws.