Evolution obviously isn't real. If it were, why do we have so many moronic religious fundamentalists still?


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Christ that is insane. Personally I think self defence laws should be more liberal..I mean an unidentified man on your property does not entail murder, especially if it appeared he was not complying and looked as if he was pulling out a weapon.
I hope the PC here find themselves in a 'shoot now and ask questions later' situation one day. It might save your life.
Figuring out who the real jackasses are will be a toughie.
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to be honest, I have no idea what he's trying to get across. That we let women do whatever they want because it's the path of least resistance? That arguing with females is pointless, and that men's ultimate goal is to have sex with women and that all sacrifices possible need to be made in order to reach it?

And now that sex is bad and we need to take drugs to supress our sexual instincts?

I mean, I get that he's a comedy writer and all, but this isn't funny, it's just confusing and disturbing. When Dave Chappelle goes on about how men get to the point and women talk forever (and here it is ), you know there's a punchline at the end because it's a joke. It's funny and satirical.

This stuff that Adams is writing is either his real opinion, which makes it disturbing, or just nonsense to spike controversy and get in the news, which makes it retarded.

Look I get it that women are unfairly preferred in custody battles and chivalry usually suits women and not men. But he seriously must be living in a box to think in such broad generalities he is proposing. And to suggest women who support egalatarianism and men who can 'naturally' control themselves don't exist basically proves he hasn't got a brain equipped for critical thinking.
This so called 'path of least resistance' is actually 'acceptance of women who want to fight for equal opportunity and treatment of BOTH sexes'.
I had a guy friend (he is no longer my friend) who got pissed that society doesn't let males do whatever they want anymore and that they were never meant to cooperate or be disciplined.
....obviously if they're taking the 'path of least resistance' , they're cooperating. IT'S STRATEGY AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Sometimes I've purposely stated the very opposite of what I believed because I do like stirring responses. But these people pick up on the fact I am playing devil's advocate. Sometimes for my own experimenting I would rather read how strongly someone opposes an idea than how strongly someone supports an idea. Should his technique be similar to mine, he is horribly failing at it.
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A pleasure

is that your orgasm face? Mildly erotic.
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I take from it the same thing I took from the last time I stumbled across a Scott Adams blog:

That he is an idiot and even more of an incoherent rambler than I am.

I copied and saved it directly from his site, because sure enough, a couple of days later he took it down. But as we all know, nothing on the internet ever gets deleted.

I wonder if he has any experience with women other than his last 3 bitchy girlfriends.
Excuse me, but the fact that the 'blame the victim' routine is recited over and over again actually refutes his point that we somehow live in some matriarchal society.
Darn media latency issues.
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Oh my, thanks for the laugh of the day. On top of everything else.
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Me and my friend were just about to have a sick threesome with some hot chick in a jumbo sleeping bag when I saw this girl in a tree across the road watching us with binoculars.

Weird, man.

What cereal were you eating?
I'd sincerely love to be concealed forever. I get a kick out of deceit.
From that picture I couldn't tell he was 51.
I just saw 3 teenagers (2 girls and 1 guy) naked out on a lawn dancing and sharing a jumbo sized sleeping bag. They were probably no more than 14 or 15 years old. There was a box of cereal torn apart with cereal strewn all over the yard and a box of opened condoms next to it. I've had some pretty weird experiences but this tops it all.

Share your own experiences.
I sometimes wonder about our own consciousness when scientists invent artificial parts for our bodies.
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It's understandable to be upset, you just don't have to direct at someone you're debating with.

I still think it is entirely unreasonable to force a woman to have an abortion. I'd a pro-choice person but it is the woman's choice to do so. I mentioned it being need based as a way to cut down. I honestly don't have an answer for the situation as a whole. If it was more need based instead of the mother choosing, it would cut out a lot of women who get the child support for convenience, not because they need it.

A lot of your problems are with the court system, which is completely ****ed. The bias towards women is insane when children are involved.

The whole situation is ****ed up. I don't think the man should be able to force the woman have an abortion but I don't see a solution. That's something I see as a complete breach of personal freedom.

Yes and is possibly harmful to her health as well. However way you put it this situation is hardly equal.
I suspect unless both parties want the child or don't want the child, the law will still favour whatever the woman desires over whatever the man desires. Just my inference. Not really fair but you only have a couple of months for possible legal issues to resolve before it's too 'late' in the pregnancy to have an abortion iirc. I'm not entirely sure what state laws are about abortion and if after the first trimester they're illegal in some states.
Damn I love Jackass. Ryan Dunn was pretty funny. He seemed chill too.
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Only downside is you get fukked in the ass

I'm happy I'm not straight and don't have to deal with what's been discussed in the last few pages. I'm not sure what I'd support and why, and that's mildly scary.
On the topic of feminism, I think the only real issue that's serious is paying more attention to cases of sex discrimination in the workforce. Everything else is pretty meh to me though. I'd like to meet more intelligent, independent minded women, actually.
that sounds so gross.
I will keep this thread around when I take my visual basic, javascript and C++ courses in Fall.
Any relatively big city in the northwest.
Next thing you know you both will be at the bar and he will innocently ask if he can push your stool in and you'll be stupid enough to say yes.
Oh wow, that was riveting to hear. Tell us more.
I hope you have a wide set anus.
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Uh, haha, but no.

If you believe something is moral, you believe it should be universal. Go ahead and tell me why this isn't true.

"If we adopt the principle of universality : if an action is right (or wrong) for others, it is right (or wrong) for us. Those who do not rise to the minimal moral level of applying to themselves the standards they apply to others -- more stringent ones, in fact -- plainly cannot be taken seriously when they speak of appropriateness of response; or of right and wrong, good and evil.
In fact, one of the, maybe the most, elementary of moral principles is that of universality, that is, If something's right for me, it's right for you; if it's wrong for you, it's wrong for me. Any moral code that is even worth looking at has that at its core somehow."

It's difficult sometimes though to respect that people may lead a completely different lifestyle morally from your own and be perfectly happy within it. I can permit some ideas opposite from my own but not all. I do see it as a universal principle that homosexuality is 100% fine. I couldn't suggest, "well homosexuals can be good at parenting like heterosexuals in America but I don't expect it to apply elsewhere". That wouldn't make any damn sense. BUT I do think some morals that involve your own lifestyle choices are independent and do not necessarily have to apply to anyone else. Your drinking beer example - if my parents were alcoholics I might avoid beer because I believe it might bring out the worst in me as it has them, but realize others possess the discipline to control their behavior.
I try looking at this the most logical way I possibly can. When you have gone from 100 percent having everything provided for you without gradually learning what survival is like, it really does seem cruel and irrational of the parents to basically force him on the street. They are putting him in danger. It's reckless endangerment. They should at least help him find a job and a place. Anyone who seriously thinks you are no worse off not going to college is just copping out of studying. I've got some friends like that who would rather struggle than study something that <10 years down the road will turn into something lucrative. Some people can't see more than 2 inches from their face.
I really can't stand what I've heard, but if anyone wants to post a nice link to something I'll listen.
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You're justifying an already racist practice by saying it already happens anyway. I'd say it's pretty damn important to your point.

Lol, implying there's a difficult part to your argument. The hardest part is trying to get my head around the tacit bigotry there.

Young grasshopper, he does not see the light. Best leave him be.
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I think the problem with most "scene" chicks is that they don't have the drive or attention span to play an instrument seriously because after a while it becomes work and isn't "cool" anymore. I've seen plenty that hang around local bands and swoon over the members and crap, but there's very few I've ever met that would have the sort of drive it takes to play an instrument or do much of anything involving originality or creativity.

That's just girls in general.
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You need to get your head out of your politically correct sand. So does the guy with the baby photo as his display picture.

Blame it on society if you wish. Where is this happening again? Iran. Oh you mean the self proclaimed Islamic theocratic state whose laws, values and justice system are based on the religion of Islam?

Like another poster said, Iran used to be fairly nice, somewhat more similar to more civilized countries we would associate with "the first world", until the Islamic revolution which brought in a theocratic system of government based on Islam.

Now what do we see? Well even just from the past couple of months we have seen:

1) A woman had her face melted off, blinded in both eyes, because she refused to marry a man. This man then decided to throw vitriol in her face. His punishment? It was intended to be that he would lie down, while his victim dropped the same acid into his own eye. This is not an isolated case.

2) The gang raping we're hearing about now.

And that's not to mention things which have been going on for years. Beating women who refuse to wear the cloth bags they have been housed in. The sentencing to death of, by stoning in many cases, of victims of rape and adulterers (invariably women).

I blame the religion. You say society is to cause. But the religion is itself the cause for society being this way. Shouting "racist" or "you're clumping all of Islam together omg you disgust me, how inconsiderate" does nothing. People are suffering in other parts of the world because the religion their nation follows does nothing to prevent it.

EDIT: And additionally, stop using how Christianity was hundreds of years ago to try to vindicate your point. A) it has nothing to do with how Islam is now - if you can find a single logical link between the two you are a genius B) Christians have wizened up. There's no comparison. I don't know why you even put anything in there about it.

Female guitarists. It just pisses me off. They look so masculine.
I scratch my asshole. Deeply.
peanut butter, banana, and cottage cheez sammy.
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Just a general question.

What do people mean when two people really "compliment each other"? Or bring out the best in each other, etc. I mean it should sound obvious but what makes a couple compliment each other? Being very similar or very different? Examples? Confus

It's 'complement'. Like yin and yang.
EDIT: Yin and yang might not be the best example. The elements of earth maybe would be better.
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Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.[1] In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.[2] Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist.[3] Atheism is contrasted with theism,[4][5] which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.[5][6]

That's what atheism is, there's a definition and that's that. If you say it's something else then it isn't because that isn't what the definition is.

However, if people go and do violence because a religious book says it's okay to do that violent act then you can blame religious indoctrination and therefore the text with the violent incitement in it.

Religious texts seem to be a little more complex than that.

Also the ambiguous nature of the context of religion is what I am talking about. You blame the religion, but you do not suggest that religion defines the same principles for all.
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No it wouldn't. Atheism doesn't promote it at all, my warped interpretation would. Atheism for me would fail to be what it actually is, and rather be a name associated with and the exterior outlet of my hateful nature.

Religion does not lead to explicitly bad people, explicitly bad people find religion and warp it.

How can you say what anything is or isn't? That is essentially what the whole world is ****ing fighting over
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Which is exactly why the religion isn't to blame.

But that isn't Islam. This is my whole point! If I construed the idea of Atheism to mean that I have to go out and slaughter everyone who believes in a God, Atheism wouldn't be at fault. I would, for warping it.

And their interpretation is disgusting, I fail to see how that adds to the argument though. Nobody has ever claimed their interpretation of Islam is fine and dandy, you're arguing points that aren't there.

No, your atheism would be to blame. Now lets take the simple code of not believing in God and replace it with your brand of atheism. This 'faction' of Atheism is essentially to blame, because thats all religion or irreligion really is, just interpretations.
My original point was essentially blaming the religion but not all of it's followers. And just because I blame the religion doesn't mean I am assuming that it's the same doctrine all of it's followers practice
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Your post was almost entirely pointless. Your argument is one of correlation implying causality, which is simply not the case. The overwhelming majority of Muslims see this crime in just as disgusting a light as you do. It's just that Islam is the new scare-word used by the media. Religion shouldn't even come into play with regards to this kind of crime. It's like me murdering someone and the media making a huge deal out of the fact I'm atheist. It's irrelevent. A person cannot use their religion as an excuse to commit such hideous crimes. Firstly, because very few religions that I know of actually promote these crimes, and secondly, because a person should not need a religion to tell them that gang-rape is wrong. If these people genuinely think what they're doing is acceptable then their religion is irrelevent. They cannot have developed the impression that gang-rape is fine from their religion, as nowhere in the Qur'an does it promote such actions.

If rape is on the increase in Iran and the Middle East then it the society at fault, not the religion. As I recall there is currently estimated to be almost 3 million Muslims in the UK, a large increase from only about 25,000 one hundred years ago. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain rape statistics have been decreasing.

sigh. Thanks for not reading my post clearly. If you murdered someone and supported it with your atheism, then yes your atheism is to blame but not the philosophy of atheism in general. They obviously did develop the impression that their religion supported rape, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY BLATANTLY SAY THEMSELVES IS THE REASON FOR RAPE. NO WHERE did I claim all of Islam was the problem, it was their perspective of Islam. Which case in point is essentially the issue.
By the way, thank you for demonstrating what I said about Westerners emphasizing the points we know in Western society being the same points that are supported in Islam. Doesn't matter if the Quran supports rape or not, its the fact they are suggesting it does and pursuing rape because of their impression. This is the brand of Islam I am talking about. So yes, I do blame not the WHOLE religion but their impression.

I'd like for you to watch these videos, dawg.

look at it like this. Let's say 60-70 percent of people who listened to metal committed violent acts in the name of the genre. What perpetrated the violence? Obviously their interpretation of the songs they listened to - but metal supported it, whether metal intentionally was supposed to influence people to behave this way or not. Would it not be too crazy to become a little bit skeptical of the influence of the genre?