Screw you OP, now I'm going to need to make a pb and CC sammich.
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What do you mean by "mysticism"?

That sort of intuition something beyond yourself exists without any foreknowledge of what it might be, that the world is a magical place of fairies and elves, etc.
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Cottage cheese is a lie! It is no cheese, and it's for fat people and grandparents

How dare you defile the sanctity of the PB&J with your... your... your COTTAGE CHEESE?!

Dude don't knock it before you try it. It's ****ing good.
So if cottage cheese is for fat people, what sort of person is peanut butter for? HUH?
I'm not sure what you're exactly getting at, trueamerican. They're profiling people who look like illegal immigrants. As far as I know the only thing separating legal from illegal citizens is ID as an American citizen, that some hispanics (as well as people of other ethnicities) happen to lack. Being able to discern between a legal and illegal citizen at face value is some serious clairvoyance ability.
Scandinavian sandwich?
I prefer pb, cottage cheese, and j.
I used to achieve that sense of mysticism when I was spiritual, but have since lost it. I suspect it's similar to the loss of innocence from childhood to adulthood.
you are profiling someone on the basis of skin tone and facial features associating with a particular race.
How the **** is that not racism?
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So by your logic I can claim all Christians are members of the KKK? Or at least the Bible supports and incites their actions?

LOL. Good job at NOT reading my post.
Are most Christian oriented countries proposing KKK related laws/ethics/restrictions? No? okay then. Problem?
However you would be correct to say much of the KKK is about taking the bible as source for their beliefs.
This law is basically saying "LOOK A BROWNIE! PULL EM OVER!". It's ****ing racism no matter how you take it. I think there are better indirect approaches to controlling this issue. Legalizing drugs, proving your citizenship to acquire education/work/a place to live, NOT putting shit in Spanish are all a good way to start.
I suspect western apologetics for Islam who suggest it isn't necessarily the religion causing violence/intolerance, it is the sociopolitical movements that have sparked from Islam. However the root of such movements are exactly that - the religion. Whether an individual chooses to support a heinous, barbaric movement is up to them, but can you seriously deny that it becomes a problem when it attracts such a large following? And can you not subsequently contribute the influence of whatever religion they apparently believe in (in this case Islam) as being a source?
Us Westerners are generally familiar with women's rights, gay rights, non violent approaches to disputes, so when we discuss Islam, we will choose to emphasize those aspects of the Qu'ran. I've had a habit of this too - because this is what I see as a Westerner who has never had to wear a veil over my whole body or possibly be gang raped with a knife held to my throat. Despite peace and tolerance included in the Quran, it IS seriously naive to suggest that is practiced in the big picture of Islam. It isn't a generalization as much as it is realizing violence seems to be what Islamic societies will typically resort too whether each Muslim individual agrees with it or not, (and I'm aware not all do).
I have some Muslim friends who are disgusted by modern Islam and basically have the same perspective as I just suggested above. They treat me with respect, and don't believe in lesser rights. I'm aware you could pick and choose verses out of all religious texts to prove any point you want. The fact remains a huge proportion of violent messages are supported by Islamic governments and influence the people too.

EDIT: If the modern typical conservative brand of Islam infects America, I WILL NOT be scared of the politically correct police.
Been reading The Heretics Daughter lately. I'm only halfway through, but it is brilliant so far.
I believe anyone with the conviction they have the authority to determine whether ghosts are real or not is a fool.
It is fundamentally close minded to suggest just because you can't see it means it doesn't exist, however it is also close minded to have a belief built on sand because of however 'appealing' it might be to think we go on after death.
That being said, I am unsure.
MMORPGS. Endless studying about vampirism, not that I believe in it necessarily however I find it interesting how mythology may bridge with reality, (in terms of diseases that would cause someone to develop vampire like symptoms). Stalking people on facebook. Learning how to make bombs and drugs. Watching footage of firefights in Iraq. I used to play at least 3 or 4 hours worth daily of Age of Empires, and got pissed when I was randomly set up to fight with a civilization my civilization never had contact with in history. I will also spend hours researching the most inane subjects, like "cats in ancient civilizations", or "The history of spoons". I play pokemon, and have done so since I was 7.
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Slapp av da, det settes ikke i verk før i april neste år...
(Relax, it is not to be implemented into practice before april next year)

Ick. Nanny state.
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So I came across this recipe for skittles flavored vodka on stumbleupon. I'm thinking I might try it, it seems like a pretty neat idea. Anybody tried it before?

I came across the same link on SU and lold.
Would - Alice in Chains

damnnnnn that song is good.
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TS is back >__>

Yes I will be here on and off
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Vanuatu. Specifically Tanna Island.

Thank you.
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Student loan debt sucks

I was talking about your company in the Pit.
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can't say i recall dreaming of him either. another thing that may have been in the old thread, but merits a repost anyway:

my face just turned into a black abyss of nothing as did a friend of mine's. have our souls been signed over to satan? or are my eyes just bad?

I've done that. It's insane, my face appears diabolical.
My step dad told me the story of his meeting with a fortune teller. He laughed at her and said, "You're full of shit! All you do is lie" etc etc. The fortune teller said, "ok, fine, dont believe me - but on the 18th of this month, think of me". My step dad walked out on her, thinking nothing of it. Then when the 18th came, he found out his mom had cancer.
Interesting to say in the least.
Mermaids, 40 Year Old Virgin.
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I'm paying ~$18,000 a year for these studies. Like Hell I'm not doing anything but them.

Eternal Bloom by An Endless Sporadic.
Genres will naturally branch off with the more exposure it receives. I would not define a genre based on lyrical content either, but I know of "Christian black metal", aka unblack metal/white metal.
I can understand why you would not want to listen to a band that defamed Christianity though.
I don't think religions would exist as we know them.
There is always this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me to get back to my studies and not venture from them for too long. Makes it difficult to enjoy my leisure time.

Anyone else like this?
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Ancient peoples also had imaginations. I'll give you a second to take that in.

Yes but largely in relation to their observations.
There is a great clip from the History Channel's documentary about Ancient Aliens, some tribe in the Pacific created a religion after Military bases were constructed on their island - they observed the planes landing and believed it to be some type of angel-equivalent esoteric deity.
Any song from Vindensang
The Royal Wedding. I don't ****ing care.
I dislike attention, so I keep everything to myself.
Shoegaze black metal! Who is into this stuff?
Lantlos, Dopamine, Airs, etc.
I'm in love with "The Lodge". So perfectly eerie, I love the clicking sounds they made.
Wow, a serious post by Ethan Anus? I don't believe it!
Anyway, you're right. There needs to be more attention around possible suicide attempts.
what is your operating system? You can change the system password by finding the boot up options button, (on mine is f12 but on yours it might be different), and you can set a password there.
But regardless of OS I think all you'd have to do is get into your administrative account...not that difficult really...
I quite like HIM. I think they have some seriously incredible songs, however many are shit. I think Slipknot and a7x are decent too. I have soft spots for these bands because they got me intrigued in heavier music altogether.
It gets annoying, especially when it goes beyond 4chan.
I'm on a lot, and that website is trolled so hard. It just isn't funny, it doesn't fool anyone anymore, so give it up.
just turn the computer off and then on again. ALWAYS WORKS.
We like to watch each other piss. I'm jealous you guys can do it so easily
Yes I downloaded it right away.
I don't notice much of a difference, though.
Sidenote: I got the plugin, holy shit it is COOL.
Before names? No, that's a little weird.