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I used to like you before you went all trolly

me? Lol
I'm being serious here, though.
I know what CoreysMonster is talking about, sometimes women are preferred and that's sexism too.
I'm talking moreso about history though.
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I know I said I was gonna stay out of this, but this I have to address with the word "wat".

If anything, these days whenever something is achieved by a woman it's overblown in importance just because the person happens to have ovaries.

Let me give you an example: When Pixar replaced their first female director, who was meant to direct their new movie, there was an outrage, it was on all the blogs, in the news, people were calling Pixar sexist and yaddayadda - just because they decided that their first female director wasn't the best person for the job, something that film and animation companies do all the friggin time with their male directors - and employees in general, in all fields.
Just because a woman is the first female to occupy a specific position should not mean that removing her from that position is always because she's a woman first, and because she's not the best person for the job second.

So, yeah. I'm out again.

See it happens both ways, lol. Either extreme applies.
I don't know if people will ever be able to mediate between them.
I think many women really like their submissive positions. So many women can go their whole lives suspended in this cradle of innocent, childlike mentality of having to be disciplined and helpless.
I don't support shoving the philosophy gender equality down everyone's throats, but I do support equal opportunity and equal pay.
Whether people take advantage of it or not is up to them. We shouldn't force them to embrace it, because of the aforementioned pattern in female behavior.
And yes I understand women are very much so obscured in society- anything achieved by a woman is sometimes deemed 'unimportant' or a co effort with a man. That I want to eradicate, but some women just simply don't see themselves as equal.
Oh man watch Religulous, there's this one motivational speaker guy, (he's black), and he dresses himself in designer clothes, rationalizing it by saying, "Jesus wore fine linen"....
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all of Opeth.
I don't expect to be the only person in here whose replied with this either.
dick masterson
I'm a little awkward around authority, like in a work environment.
**** if I could avoid working as some slave to Mcdonald's or a retail store I would.
I think the fact I keep to myself and am generally introverted throws people off. I smile and I am kind, but I try to avoid chatting with others if it isn't necessary.
EDIT: Like what other people are has done so much for my personality. I'm more relaxed, I get along better with people, etc. It's completely different from high are surrounded by adults rather than immature kids. Teaches you how the real world is and all the different personalities that exist.

Seriously, that's horrible. I used to think Sweden was cool. This would not happen in America. An email was sent beforehand and simply was not taken seriously about the impending attack.
In america we intercept attacks before they happen. We have the sense to raise threat levels and impose strict security on such things like flights, etc.

i like speaking in tongues
rtosj gbfoyoo vnfv goo?
I thought you'd like it too.
I see that I am not here

"I've disappeared"

Faded by the thickest fog

Betrayed by a slowing clock

I see that I am not here.

"I've disappeared".

Shedding my flesh into a fire

I am becoming a molten mess

Invoke the phantoms from me, release the plague

Into the void and into the absurd

My material self is both strange and vague.

This weeping ocean is never heard.

Time collapsed and the days are blurred

Nights are long and the light is obscured.

Memories blow away such feeble dark fears

I see that I am not here.

I have finally disappeared.
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Don't you realise that theyre funding their OWN Christmas funds, and as such probably don't give a shit as they're essentially buying it themselves anyway?

Of course they care. It will still be a matter of my own thoughtfulness giving the gifts.
Spout them off here.

My mother gave me the rest of my allowance for the year so I could have more funds for Christmas gifts. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I stayed home from school. She deducted 15 dollars from my account as punishment. I said, "don't you think that is somewhat irrational considering the fact you're deducting from your OWN Christmas funds?"

Bitches be irrational.
I'm entirely rational.

Funny, cos the rest of my gender don't seem to possess a shred of rational thinking skills whatsoever.

I'm a girl btw.
This is sort of ridiculous and immature.

That being said, I popped some popcorn for the next girl fight event :3
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Dove taste mighty good warped in bacon with a slice of jalapeno dipped in BarBQ sauce. MMMMMM, makes me want to go dove hunting again.

Hey look who is lucky, the electricity came back on in your mobile home!

I can kind of understand your political dispositions, considering the fact trailer trash like you typically resort to survivalist techniques to continue living. How do you like your squirrels cooked? Do you at least have proper tools to skin it first?

Aye matey I like birds I picked up a fit one the other night dinnae what all these feathered things are doin innit thread though.
Of course. I do it for their protection. I'm not doing drugs or hanging out with the wrong crowd. That's all they need to know about me.
I could never live anywhere tropical/desert. Too many ****ing freak animals.
It is.
Anyway, I'm sure whoever did that to Obama feels REALLY bad now.
I seriously think some of us need the mods to ban us during college terms. We have so much better shit to do
Haven't we got American troops on the DMZ?

Also, raise your hand if you'd rather America not become involved in that dispute.

Conservatives make me lol half the time - they desire cutting spending for everyone else but increasing the military budget, which digs ourselves into deeper economic holes.
It would be near impossible to remove the abilities to fileshare. There are far too many holes in internet censorship AND not to mention it is way too costly to prosecute people.
The President is allowed some down time.

Anyway, good thing this happened before his socialist plan of health care became mandated or else he would have had to wait a year for stitches RIGHT?!
I should be working on my essay and finishing up math homework.

Take Me Under - Three Days Grace
Break Even - The Script
Never Ending War - All Shall Perish
Mellow Mood - Slightly Stoopid
Coming Home - Royksopp
Milton Friedman.
Ayn Rand.
HIM come to mind, too bad cos I really like them a lot, but I feel if I were in a band I wouldn't want to cheapen myself down to such materials like pencils and things that get used up and thrown away quick.
You know, by creating every item under the sun with their logo/face on it. To an extent I can understand band attire (shirts, belts, jackets, etc) but I've seen some bands put their images on random things like pens and shotglasses and mugs..does this capitalist effort ever cross you as weird?
once a day. I hate forgetting.
I can't believe how people behave on this day. I guess there isn't much more you should expect, but really?
mo hoes mo cheddar
dem G thugs my nigguhs
we poppin dis beat
I cherish the rain and the cold. It gets pitch black here around 4 and the sun doesn't start to rise until 8:30 am. The mornings are as frigid as 10's so gorgeous.

Probably not a smidgen compared to what you scandi's and Canadians have, but I still enjoy it greatly.
The one about getting caught having sex or fapping
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magnets, how do they work.

And I don't wanna talk to a scientist
Y'all mother****ers lying, and getting me pissed.
How people can do illogical things even though they're completely aware of the fact they're illogical.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Horse the Band.

No. No. No.

Seriously dude, that is a new one. Got to go in some sort of record book.