Physical difference is physical difference.
There should be particular physical criteria to be able to participate in a team. One team might aim at people with less physical aptitude while another has greater physical aptitude.
It's just the way the world works.
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Capitalism itself creates welfare traps because, frankly, it's easier and cheaper to pay people to be lazy rather than to invest in their education and training. It's a tacit admission from the capitalist class that these people are to be written off.

A solution - create a planned economy which is able to direct capital towards socially desirable goals, such as education, public works and pensions so that we don't have people slipping back into unemployment in the first place.

If we had socialized education and health care we would have patched the holes that people slip into welfare dependency to begin with.
I do not entirely agree with a completely regulated planned economy. I do believe the profit incentive serves a purpose, but it should not be considered the absolute purpose.
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Ladies and gentleman, I give you Exhibit A. TS is typical example of the effects of the neo-liberal propaganda-agenda - creating an ultra-individualistic outlook and turning the working-class against itself.

Those people on welfare, TS, are your salvation, not your enemies.

If I may contribute a thought or two about this..

welfare is there to ensure a substandard of living so you don't lose your life if you lose your job. This sink or swim mentality of lassez faire capitalism defeats itself. Most people don't want to settle for living on welfare forever, it's a tool that allows them to continue breathing until acquiring another job.

Although sometimes in America people who have low paying jobs that don't have to pay taxes DO subsist on that, out of laziness. How can we remove this? Should all people earning money irregardless of amount pay a portion in taxes?
That isn't proper socialism, sonny. That's preferential treatment, most likely a result of affirmative action surrounding immigrants. Also factor in an inefficient judicial system and inherently stupid laws about drugs which creates this as a product.
I prefer eating alone. I'm just naturally an introverted person.
we need to do what is good for the army. most soldiers disagree with gays so don't you think it'd kinda disrupt everything? I can imagine an internal "war" being fought amongst soldiers when they need camaraderie..

Do any of you not get what pokemon truly are?
Japan is an aithiest nation of people who are out to hurt you and youre children

srsly guys its like demons tryin g to lure you from the true.
Women should have never been allowed to vote, because thats how the democraps got so much ****ing power.
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Thing is...I live in Norway, we have socialized health care and most schools are socialized, however, we have freedom.

There is a many shades of gray between extreme socialism and extreme capitalism.

freedom? I know your f***ots can marry and women get paid a more 'equal' amount than other countries but is that real freedom?
Anyone seen a decrease in the amount people meet one another online? It became a very popular activity I think in 05, and everyone added each other on msn/myspace/etc but I don't see that happening anymore.

What about you guys? Do you meet new people online often?
Trance fans - all do drugs and most of them are guidos.
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From 2:55 on they really don't go into detail of how its detrimental? Yeah every once in a while Canadians go down to the States for treatment. It's either by choice (they're rich) or because we don't have the doctors up here. Why don't we have the doctors? They can make more money in the States. I do recall a couple families from my city having to fly down to Montana because their weren't enough hospital beds in maternity wards in my city. That tends to happen when 200000 people move to a city in 15 years.

Exactly you guys have the luxury of having such a modern country by you.

All your taxes basically make you so poor with shitty healthcare on the side.

damn straight. It's like affirmative action. We gotta bow down to the minority countries who don't do anything in order to be 'fair' and piss on America when America ****ing invented everything you guys use each day.

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Yeah, except that the socialized healthcare is here to stay. Same with all of the social programs. They moved towards the U.S. by privatizing a lot of crown corporations such as utilities and what was the Canadian equivalent to the DMV. I'm not 100% sure but I think most provinces have privatized liquor stores. Not sure about Ontario, I think theirs are still government run.

You moose are far too egotistical and anti american to ever realized how detrimental socialized healthcare actually is.
you are very lucky to have America by your side.
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I'm not lieing to you when I say that Canada is fine. We're still a democratic, free market country. I know, hard to believe.

Sweden too, they aren't ruled by a ruthless dictator yet...

I actually couldn't tell you when Canada first introduced socialized health care but its been a good 50 or 60 years at least. In fact since then we've gone from being in the middle of the spectrum to moving towards the almighty U S of A

I think it would be pretty difficult to explain hockey to the everyday North Korean.

"Alright, so any time during a game, two players can just drop the gloves and go at it"

"You see that guy laying on the ice suffering from a severe concussion? Yeah well the league won't do anything about it for whatever reason"

Good because we are the only people in the world who actually get politics right.
This. Is. Exactly. Why. We. Can't. Have. Socialized. Healthcare.

Get it through your minds people. We are on the path to destruction. Each generation will hand more and more power to the government (as we are now) and eventually the government will snatch whatever freedoms we have left.

Anyway about the video - very depressing. These people have no voices. Have any of you seen the DPRK website? Looks like a 10 year old made it.
I'm really not a feminist. We like to try and be fair and go 'awww boo hoo look at the girls we need to give them rights too!' but you know deep down no one really thinks women are equal. Sorry but I think girls put themselves the place they're in. If they wanted to resist they would. They've grown accustomed to it and I mean really it's not like they're getting beaten or anything, so I don't understand all this effort to make them bigger than men.
Good, I'd like to see christian bias instead.

Oh wait, they did that too.

Gosh why can't anyone understand corporations know what the best is for all of us OMG!!1!111
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Nope, private companies want profit and stuff.

(which was exactly my point but I wanted captaincrunk to explain his opinion)
That is way too old. I can see maybe a 30 something year old, but nothing beyond.
I must ask why do we pay so much more per person in America than countries with universal healthcare? I thought privatizing healthcare/insurance increases competition and decreases cost?
Erogenous zones on a woman. Where might they be?

Opinions? I can't help but think he's excluding many variables that factor into cost as well as the process of getting prescriptions.
It depends on your thinking process. Are you a pessimist? Are you an optimist? If you think about things to achieve inner peace and acceptance I see no harm. But if you constantly reminisce about the past and what no longer exists, of course that's going to nip you in the arse and depress you.
I set my friends desktop wallpaper to Goatse once.

I've done a lot of douchey things come to think of it.
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:O Holy sh1t Kensai is still here! Man it's been some time.

On topic, I'm an asshole all the time. It's strange how girls tolerate/like it. Alpha as fvck.

I think it's funny when guys believe there is some complex science to being an asshole. If you crack a witty joke at someone elses' expense, people are gonna laugh, COS ITS FUNNY. If you're just a downright idiot asshole, no one is going to like you.
As much as I love cheese popcorn I honestly prefer caramel popcorn. Sorry.
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Apologies in advance for double post, but:


The sprites of all Gen V Pokemon and base stats of all fully evolved Pokemon have been revealed.

Link may be slow to load.

Also, apparently the Rotom forms will now change type to get STAB on their special moves, at the expense of their Ghost type. For example, Rotom-H becomes Electric/Fire. The appliances for Rotom to possess are apparently in a building on Route 9.

Is it just me or are these pokemon starting to look very digimon like?
I think I like Pokemon too much. It's something I'm ashamed of. It's just so ****ing brilliant.

I want a pikachu hat but I dont want to look silly
probably all the 'metal is satanic' garbage.
I wonder what the Vatican City thinks of your country, Kjell.
Yeah how people rationalize their behaviour is pretty ridiculous at times.

Humans...are weird.
Some people are just like that. Sorry but you need to grow a thicker skin and not let it get to you.
This is entirely subjective. Any of you who have decided women have poorer taste in music objectively haven't an ounce of critical thinking abilities.
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i just started some shit with the dude ahead of me in taco bell. hilarious. he had an FL license plate.

"i know you can **** up an election, but how are you ****ing up a simple drive thru order?"

he kept giving me the finger and then kept brake-checking me when i tried to get to the window. he requested that taco bell piss in my burrito. i then leveled with the lady since the girls at the window were democrats as was i. i accused the guy in front of me of being a racist republican.

you are so ****ING cool, do you want an award?
Damn she is so hot.
I wish her music didn't suck

although I do like California Gurls