Job For A Cowboy.
So many people diss their first recordings because of how core it was.
****1IN6 5C3N3 DUD3

fukkkk yaaaa
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Protip Kensai: Z_cup is trolling like hell.

Also, (fifth response)

wtf have you got all my posts bookmarked for reference?
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Trolling, although I must say it isn't that funny. Sorry

I win either way though cos I either amuse people or piss em off or confuse em
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It's funny you'd say fishing, my cousin just came in and said they got the boat ready so we're going fishing in a few minutes.

What's on your agenda? Asking mexicans for their papers and invading smaller countries?

oh nice, I hope you catch enough to feed your ENTIRE family.

Yeah, but I'm personally going downtown to protest the filthy law that was just passed. Those ******s can get married again.
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oh if it isn't the Kensai. So what's on your agenda today? Fishing? Collecting government handouts?
ITT: People who really like Scandinavia without ever visiting and judging purely based on women and metal.

also, **** the rest of the world. I like my low taxes and highest standard of living. I want all the sissies out of my country, fine with me if you go to a spineless country like Sweden or Norway.
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I think people are into meth, having babies, and collecting welfare. then they all apply at the call center or FTD during the season, and the cycle continues. I'm getting trapped up in this seasonal work, too. I swear, I can't stand those damn pears anymore.

HAHA you are does seem like a lot of people have tattoos and live in trailer parks and so many young women are pregnant.. I'm not judging character but it's insane.

I have yet to handle any pears but people do go crazy over them. And vintage cars, I see lots of those around here too.

Who cares dude?
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I moved up here two years ago from SF.

the number of Dutch Bros stickers on cars is ridiculous. and if you say "brothers" instead of "bros," people get all bent out of shape.

and...this really gets me...since there's pretty much nothing to do, there's always people hanging out in front of Winco or Freddies. why? why on earth would anyone want to hang out in front of Winco!?

or worse....DOLLAR TREE.
I haven't found ANYTHING to do besides that boring old bowling alley, or that really lame mall..I think a lot of people are really into sports and nature here..nature is nice, sports are kinda boring.
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...I live in Medford.

I don't understand this place at all. everything either involves pears, biscuits and gravy, or has the words "Lithia" or "Rogue" in its name somewhere.

Hahaha I know! I just moved here in late March from LA, biiiig cultural difference
I like it even though lately it's been so ****ing hot.
I love all the coffee places, but seriously, have they got to stick a dutch bros or bad ass coffee or human bean in EVERY parking lot?
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we must rise against the evil tide of pears!

Yeah, tis boring. I'm specifically from the Medford area, and there seems to be so many weird kitchy local things to do involving the strangest stuff (like pears).
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pears. pears out the ass. pear orchards as far as the eyes can see. go to a farmers' market, you'll see Bartlett pears, Red Bartlett pears, Bosc pears, Green Anjou pears, Red Anjou pears, Comice pears, Asian pears, Seckels pears, pear cider, pear chips, pears and cheese, pear baskets, pear print clothing, pears in a jar, pears on a stick...

there's even a Pear Blossom festival each year, and a Pear Run. the biggest employer is a company that ships pears during the holidays. I've packed pears, sorted pears, made boxes for pears, made the separators (cells) for the boxes of pears, sold pears, sent replacement boxes of pears, stacked boxes of pears, put lids on boxes of pears, made towers using boxes of pears, put pears in baskets, answered questions concerning pears, unpacked boxes of bad pears, juggled pears, watched the endless rows of pears roll by on miles of conveyor belts...

I fucking hate pears.

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Female lumberjacks disprove your assertion.

LOL yea lets see her superior genes pass on :P
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Assuming men are instinctively more ambitious and competitive than women - which I'm not sure about, I read an article suggesting it but I don't know for sure - what exactly do you think is going to change this instinct? Do you think a handful of men caring about fashion and talking about their feelings will rewrite human biology?

Yes it will exercise testosterone much less if we modify what it means to be a man, thus leading to decreased testosterone levels and more effeminate behaviour.
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please tell me you're kidding. do you honestly believe that "feminizing" men will remove leaders and diplomats and mathematicians and scientists?

you're entire premise is steeped in sexist essentialism, and you are quite frankly an ignorant joke.

It was the masculine ideal of competition that led the world to successful leadership, scientific breakthroughs and new medicine.
There is this newfound war against boys and it's scaring me what will happen to the world.
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Even as the gender roles become more balanced females will never become the innovators and such.

Males and femalse have the same mean IQ, HOWEVER, the vast majority of women all fall around the same number, but for men there are some which are off the charts high and some which are off the charts low.

It's these freaks who are off the charts high, which tend to be males, who revolutionize society.

Think: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin..

Yes exactly what I'm talking about and bringing down men is absolutely absurd.
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Bring them down off their pedestal?

Look, animal species usually lean one way or another, patriarchal or matriarchal. It just so happens humans are patriarchal, and I think this political correctness of so called bs equality will slow our progression down in fields of medicine and science.
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i believe it's a proven fact that men are become more feminine. as for the other things you asked in your attempt to troll, no.

This is exactly what I'm after, though.
...our masculine men? The leaders of society? The innovators? The mathematicians? The diplomats? The ones who construct life saving medicine? What will this new feminizing role do to these positive male role models?

dann blood, progressive ideas fail on such an astronomical level, seriously get your head out of obamas ****ing ass and realize what the government is doing, one day you will understand.

"So the Swedes have gone a long way from the so called “welfare state” that many Democrats in Congress favor. Swedes have started to privatize their pension system, they privatize pharmacies, Swedish children can pick any school they want as they receive a school check, lower corporate taxes, and health care is becoming more operated by free enterprises in a market economy environment. The Sweden that these pro-nanny state Democrats envisioned no longer exists. It failed in the 1980s and 1990s and Sweden is moving away from these ideas. Sweden is moving towards increasing free enterprise, lowering taxes, and welcoming open and fair competition. Today America is doing the opposite. "

Do you socialists realize how ****ing shitty universal healthcare is?
I'm extremely worried. This does not end here. Our protectors of marriage will not stop in the fight to purify marriage. Please America, don't do this...we saw what happened to Sweden and Canada when they legalized gay marriage...their society fell to pieces...please america...
I don't know guys, the idea of actually colonizing Mars sounds kind of in the present.
As interested as I am, are there resources there that aren't in abundance here?
I'm fairly open source about this - there aren't exactly any resources, or anything useful for that matter on Mars, and it isn't exactly the most aesthetic place. But then again I'm fascinated by expanding our boundaries as humans and innovation.
The more we learn about Mars could signal more knowledge about Earths' own existence.
america is probably the best

idk anywhere in socialis europe is probalby bad lol
If you act like a ****ing idiot around her, maybe.
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I heard that guys tend to think more logically, whereas girls think more emotionally. So while guys are like 'We might as well have sex', girls have to be in the state of mind for it. Something to do with the amount of grey matter to white matter usage of the brain between the two genders or something.

Not sure how much truth there is to that though.

you are absolutely correct, all women and all men have faced off to such polar opposite opinions due to women having less logic.

Not because society has never catered to a womans' sex drive or anything.
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How's that relevant? Besides The U.S. hardly got wrecked, I can honestly say they played pretty damn well for a country not caring abut it as much as other sports. As for Argentina, weren't you guys the favorite to win alongside Spain? Too bad you guys couldn't screw another country with a blatant offside goal eh?

If you're really that immature like that other dude, I guess you can take football, but what about the billion other things the U.S. is better than Argentina? Pretty sure nobody in the states envies Argentinians

i know, i bet hes like 1/10000000 who is lucky enough to have a computer
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That's some assumption.

I can assume bc ANYONE with a pair of eyes can look at the world around them and realize its true
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No it does not and yes it does. Normally I don't insult people over the internet but if you honestly believe this you are a fucktard without peer.

Did you NOT get the meme?????
if it hadn't been for america the whole world would be livin in the dark ages still

we patented and sold these ideas that WE engineered. how dense are europeans????
I'm a hardworking american citizen I dont need no one to tell me wtf is good for me, if I wanted a damn cast for my broken arm I'd buy it myself. I'm not paying for yours too.
also who gives a shit about sports? thats what people do when they escape government corruption, kick around a ball liek thats any fun.
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No, it was because of the volcano. The word volcano shares more letters with "capitalism" than it does with "socialism", how can you argue that capitalism is better than socialism? I gave you proof, where's yours? WHERE?

My country just happens to be better than every single other country in the whole ****in world. That's my proof.
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Most of the Scandinavian countries have a blended system of both, and it flows like magic.
This poll is way too black and white.

you're from iceland didn't your country collapse bc of GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION??????
idiots. go back to producing bad femmie electro music and cucumbers.
yaya flows like magic my ass.
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Umm, just want to butt in here, my dad's a maintenance engineer and he invents plenty of things when he's on the job, all of them out of necessity. Things like safety equipment and new parts for machinery. He also owns none of them, all of the ideas are the property of the company he works for.

Duh you are from a socialist society. How dumb have you got to be to not understand the fundamentals of ownership in a capitalist society?
It's awesome, you won't want to leave. IMAGINE, A FREE UNCENSORED INTERNET.

seriously no joke.