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You could argue the USSR managed to do that in ~20 years

That is very true and look how ****in rich and powerful they are now. Truth hurts, commies.
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I lean towards capitalism. Why? Because, it's been proven that it's the best economic structure any country can ever have, how does a country go from a no nothing piece of land to the most powerful superpower in the world in 200 years, capitalism baby. Never been a socialist country to do that.

Also, being a country folk, I see how generous people are, we don't need the government's help, we help each other. Now in the city, well, people are a whole lot less generous, and the government see's a perfect place to get a hold of people, and make them rely on the government for help.

I don't know if it's a pride issue or what, but I don't want the government's help, if I can't do it on my own, then I should fail, cause in the real world, if I can't even make it in a rich country like the US, then I should be dead.

The world is not a nice place, and it never will be, so grow up.

Yeah man right on - when my neighbours are sick, I bring over soup and pillows, I don't need the government stickin its grimy hands into everything.

This is exactly the reason why America has gotten so rich and powerful, survival of the fittest bitches. We could blow up any thing we damn wanted to.
Capitalism is a gorgeous thing. People with dignity are suited for capitalism. Those who need handouts and government cradling haven't got any character to them. I'm sorry, but life is hard. It isn't MY problem if you have enough food or not, is it? Go compare the lives of us americans and those in like england or denmark or whatever - we CLEARLY come out on top.
Clearly all poor people CHOOSE to be there, or else they'd be engineering corporations. They settle for less, they don't know how to rough it when their family members are sick and can't afford health care. They obviously don't want higher education. Only those who can afford it actually want it. We get the right to treat those with less possessions with less consideration. They haven't net enough worth to their name, why should they get any rights?
Neds are possibly one of the worst subcultures in all of mankind.
you're coming of age, son.
Seriously unless it was some crazy shit fetish tape it doesn't matter.
I like children of all eras.
How do you not know that was another fan with a fake page?
For my country, without a doubt.
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The Political Thread = Live Free Or Die Erect, a thread created so those of us who don't want to see a forum dominated by this shit can read happily.

This thread = A horridly derailed thread originally about a cheery story about a man who should have no reason to be charitable going out and picking up and folding a symbol of pride for many Americans and the property of another, rather than stay where it's comfy in the middle of a rainstorm in Texas, which is like a Muslim walking into the vatican, it's so out-of-place people just stare until it's gone that has become an argument about the value of the American flag and how tacky it looks.

Holy shit you can read.
This has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.
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Did you read the OP? This isn't a political thread.


Illiteracy FOR THE LOSS.
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In america we have free speech, we dont HAVE to **** off when you tell us.
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Thank you. I'll just leave this here for all of you to remember:

And with that, I say goodbye.

Bye! Have a good night ye fellow american
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You know what, why don't you tell that to someone who just got back from Iraq, who had to watch his friends get killed, or lose a limb, I hope he kicks your ass so hard you wake up and wash that flag every God damned day and sing the national ****ing anthem. Get the **** off of this forum.

Words from a true american. God bless.
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You are the most ungrateful little **** I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. There are countries where children are starving, and you have the balls to complain about the country that has protected you, because of IT'S FLAG? No, you're not a troll, at least a troll knows he is, you my friend are a complete asshole.

Yeah everyone in MY land has the right to pursue a better life if they truly wanted. All those who are starving are just wasting their liberties and being lazy. MANY countries exist where the government ****ing sticks its greedy little hands into every aspect of life and they just dont have any care for the common person.

Have some respect, people.
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Wrong. You weren't picked. No one was.
You don't understand patriotism and nationalism.

go learn those, and then make a thread about the topics instead of posting illogical statements about them.

Yeah I was how dare you say any different. Our Master obviously wanted me here.
seriously guys you could live in ****in batswona or negiria or haiti but you just HAPPENED to be picked to live in one of the best countries in the world, learn some respect.
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I see that TS deleted what he said about Mexicans really fast

what are you on?
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I smell a banning..

And that guy is the nicest dude in America. There's still some decency out here.

I know. I ****ing love americans.
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Ah wurk three jobs and have 3 kids by 3 different men, aint no one feed me but mahSELF!

*z snap*

America gave you that job right? It isn't anyones fault but your own damn self if you don't give yourself a good life.
I thought women never left the kitchen.
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What has the flag ever done for me? It hasn't done shit for me except for being an eyesore on my dad's car after 9/11

America feeds you and protects you. You don't need much else, and america does it the best.
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Dat flag need ta EARN mah respek.

Seriously dude? The flag has done more than enough to get its' respect.
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I hate it when people say stuff like "It's our patriotic duty to question and protest the government" then go on to burn the flag. Hypocrites.

Uh? How is that relevant at all to the subject at hand?
I try to compile javascript in my notepad plus but when I load it into firefox, it doesn't show up correctly even though I KNOW it's in correct syntax - I even tried the basic Hello World string and it still showed the entire code.
Where is my error?

What a wonderful act of charity! May we all aspire to be just like this fellow. We need more patriotism and respect for the flag.

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What about the arguments of charity existing to help people?

Of course the charity advocates never donate themselves so it's a non-point, but still...

The common person hardly donates a sufficient amount to help others. And what about those with enough surplus of money to manage a decent donation? I've never met more than 10 people who willingly gave up their 'survival' funds to help another person. This is one argument conservatives always use and its such a logical fallacy - they intend to encourage human greed yet have charity as part of their doctrine. Shit makes no sense at all.

'Why should I have to pay taxes to help society?'


'Why should I keep all my money when I won't use all of it and have plenty left over to put to social services?'

Either argument is far too complex to provide objective reasoning. But I do have a hunch pursuing a social darwinist society will sooner or later defeat itself in the process of sustaining peace.

We need a strong federal body in place. I truly believe some industries need to be free-at-access and supported by taxes. If you prefer a selfish perspective, it all goes to your existence and most likely is subsidized/better sustained than privatized healthcare/higher education for instance.

Also Theandresanchez, for FUCKS sake learn how to edit your posts so you stop triple posting!
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Hey Z_Cup

She's trolling. And no, we're not some wack group that's trying to brainwash you - believe it or not, people on the left have better things to do than waste their time trying to brainwash people with near-religious fervour for the market.

quit it, you gotcha media!

So what do u guys think? I think this article brings up VERY valid points and extremely is quite terrifying...
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Not sure if srs.

My family are about to be crushed my dental bills, because we're sort of marginal on the tax system, as unemployed foreigners living on the border with the only source of income being my Dad (who is being ****ed by British dentists, actually) in London.

It sickens me. I had to pay for an X-Ray a while back, and just watching my Mum get out her credit card made me feel a bit ill.

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You're trying too hard.

Say that again please, the community speakers telling everyone how to think are too loud.

****ing commie.
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That's an American point of view. I totally agree with you, but you're about to get bombarded with socialist propaganda.

Sigh. We need to start our own club - the logical society.
I'm so happy I live in America sometimes - I'm sick of the government cosntantly trying to seize my freedom though. I feel really awful for socialist monkeys living in europe having to deal with all that free - babied by the government shit. I'm sorry but families over here don't have to deal with all that taxation LETS PAY FOR EVERYONES BROKEN ARM bullshit.
Anything simple, girls will drop their pants at anything that engages emotion and a guy 'bearing his soul'. Girls don't know anything about music so it doesn't matter if it's like one repeating chord or not.
That's pretty low. I don't do that.

I moved from this city a few months ago - this kmart is right in front of the school I attended. Three of my friends were at kmart when this incident occurred. Scary stuff, they saw the shooter too. They RAN out of the kmart and everyone was really freaked out/hiding in corners and bathrooms.

Freaky shit and I'm happy they weren't hurt - any of you guys experience anything crazy like this?
Sleeping is not productive in the slightest.
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Holland is the best, cuz we have...


You know you want it...