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It sounded like you weren't serious.

Hate to dissapoint but I was...
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I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't know...

since when are you my gf btw ?

we've always had something, you just never realized...
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don't worry, I'm just as confused by your post.

OT: 'every step that you take, could be your biggest mistake'

Twas a typo boyfriend, get over it.
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Meh, it applies to others as well. The OP seemed to kind of be trolling in the first place.

??? I'm complimenting my own country, so what?
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To everyone saying "I just wear what makes me feel good" why do you think it makes you feel good? What mechanism are there for that?

If you think you appear attractive, you're probably going to think others do too. Or you could just disregard sexual attraction alltogether and say, "I'm going to do what makes me happy and should a girl/guy come along and appreciate me for that, then that is wonderful". Just being comfortable in your own skin I guess is what's important.

Really though, humans have such horrible estimates as to what is deemed attractive. Like spraying loads of Axe on
What the???

Who does something like that, with such a future ahead of them...

Humanity will never cease to confuse me.
ITT: antsy europeans at the mere thought of someone flattering america for ANYTHING.
I attract women with my stoic personality, my sarcastic sense of humour and the fact I work out and am toned helps a lot.

Kind of a shit thing to drawn to about me, at least the stoicism part.
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You can say whatever you want in China within reason. Owning property is hardly something new. Being born into poverty and then being extremely rich again has happened before America came along.

That's so false anyway, that being poor in america and then getting millions is easy. Try getting a good enough education, try not getting sick/hurt for however many years with the sort of privatized system we always demand is 'best'.
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... have you gone insane? Please tell me you've gone insane.

I'm joking, Dann Blood you know me better than that
I'd rather spread a rumour he's gay more than anything.
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Hellz yea!

We also pwn teh oil.
And at least we don't have a massive debt. In fact I think we're the ONLY country in the world without a debt
The UN says Norway is the best country to live in.
ACTUAL functioning healthcare.
Relatively strong unions.
We have the most winter olympic medals of any nation (even though we have a popultaion of like 4.5 million)

and bla bla bla... norway wins and everyone who disagrees is wrong.

Just kidding. But seriously, I'm not proud of being Norwegian. My nationality is something I was born into... it's a characteristic that is uncontrollable, thus no need to be proud about.


You actually mean you let the GOVERNMENT control your life????? You only THINK you have the best quality of life, that's what you've been told.
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Leif Erikson would be most upset with you

(I know his dad was from Norway, so I'm assuming he is too. Might be wrong though).

Yeah I guess we have to credit Norway with 'discovering' America. Too inferior to contribute anything though.
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Oh right, Norways' national hero Edvard Grieg did contribute to many cartoon scores..
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Pft what has YOUR country ever done eh?? Mass production of fishing?
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The first post in this thread makes me nauseous and annoyed.

Pft where are YOU from then?
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You forgot to mention he would have to deal with religious extremists on daily basis. How terrific

At least MY country has a reasonable religion, not all that hanky panky creepy witchcraft the rest of the world preaches.
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You have NO IDEA how bad (and arrogant) you just made us look, thanks a lot. Another reason Europeans hate us.

I do love my country, even though it gets a bad rep.

It's the truth

I understand sympathizing with the underdogs, but just look at the facts. Do you really want to live technology-less and with cancer in any european country?
I love America - we are the freest, the richest, most influential country in the whole world. We invented electricity, hell if we didn't invent that the whole world would be using campfires and torches and candles still. We save everyone from world disputes. We feed African families. There are so many things I could go on and on about. But I'll give you guys a chance.

Feel free to flatter your nation accordingly
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Well duh, if you weren't stupid you'd be capable of earning money in your own right.

Yeah but women want to take the easy road and just fellate every rich man that comes along hoping he'll be her passport to gucci bags and 600 dollar manicures.
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I think it was more of a "Hahahaha! See? We told you!" kinda thing.

Us men didn't want to sound, ya know, sexist

Damn you white knight
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This is from a smart woman who knows the truth. Women may try as hard as they can but deep down every woman needs a strong man to lead them.

Cmon ladies, what did you think men were for? Party favours?

I'd like to witness a woman defeating a man in ANYTHING. And no I'm not talking about overspending or making a delicious lunch either.
Really? We needed a study to tell us that all women tend to go for rich men? OH THE AMAZEMENT!
Yeah I'm alright I guess, neither one really. A lot of what I write is sad though.
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PMS is only reported in certain cultures. Many argue that it's a socially constructed disorder.

you fool. You cannot be serious.
You feminists can try all you want to disguise the truth, but no matter how hard you try deep down you all know the phallus has supreme reign over all that exists.
testosterone makes you more competitive and more inclined to success.
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Apparently. I think The fact that I'm like 5'2-5'3
has a lot to do with it.

I'm 5 feet! FVCK YEAH.
I think there are so many generalizations people will make about gender in mere ignorance of men/women who have broken such glass ceilings. Patterns will develop, but who am I to make sure EVERYONE KNOWS about times when they aren't always applied?
Anyone with a decent amount of historical knowledge and sociology could probably pull names out about female leaders, cultures that define femininity differently than the conventional way, the herd mentality, how malleable the brain is, and so forth. But why does it matter anymore? People learn by generalizing and noticing immediate patterns. And it probably won't change.

As for the idea men make better leaders, perhaps under this concept have so many corrupt men been able to attain leadership - blindly that they were better than any female candidates rather than allowing people to pursue their own interests. There probably will always be more male leaders, but this shouldn't detract from a possibility of a female as leader, (as a handful of countries currently do possess).
Made a song for this - going to upload it to my page.
I need some advice how to dominate my gf real well, I need her to feel used, like she was MEANT to be my slave. She says she doesn't feel 'connected' enough to me so I think this might help us a little. Like, what can I say to her before sex that will weaken her knees and beg to be chained? Or best areas of her body to hold down, etc.
Well they can start by learning proper grammar.

And I think just pursuing as you please without the insecurity of concern whether it's manly or not is masculine.

Which means shave your legs if you REALLY want to.
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damn I hate school kids who think their 'human rights' are being violated 'cause they can't bring their fricken Pokemon cards to school.

Those haters! Call up your state legislators!
Is it really to the fullest extent of playing the songs' guitar riffs? Or will it be simplified?
HAAPPPPYYYY BIIIIIIIIRTHDAY and thanks for your many contributions to the world?
Goddamn I love stumbleupon! Also, 'epic'.
I disagree with this. I believe free spiritism is very important to an extent but there needs to be a level of discipline the child is conditioned to.
okay I fully understand and realize the problems within the school system, but I don't think disregarding it is the best route. I did self schooling, (independent study) and I turned out fine, learned how to discipline myself and graduated with a 3.7 gpa.
when you or someone next to you farts

when you accidently say something that comes out dirty

when you accidently trip and hit someone