Tim Burton graduated from my high school.
I sure hope auto-cook kitchens are invented, would free up so much time.
An abomination to masculinity!
Bleh, that's pretty low in my honest opinion. They are highly revered musicians though.
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Lol z cup boy. The socialism appreciation threas caews not for y6our trolling!

sumwun haz bin drinkun

Anyway i truly thought I'd last longer than that. Damnit, people actually do pay attention to my posts -_-

in other news, North Korea apparently sunk a South Korean warship. Could this quite possibly initiate war?
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look up: Crusades and the Wars of Religion for 2 examples disproving that

We massacred those inferior due to their rebellion and satanic kin to The Holy Scripture. Entirely justifiable.
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Please say you're joking. Historically speaking, Christians have been just as violent(towards sects of the same religion might I add) as Muslims, possibly even more so.

Are you stupid and blind? Christians have always been there to protect those under oppressive regimes, we donate so much money to Africa, we send missionaries abroad to peacefully convert from their wickedness to The Truth, historically America has always been the mother and father of the world, because God Blessed America, and it is our job to serve and protect the interests of others in the name of Christ.
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Two that REALLY bug me:
1. Boy Scouts stereotyped as being gay
2. Catholic priests being stereotyped as pedophiles

What do you mean by this statement?

That American devout Christians are tempted by these vile sins to allow homosexuality!
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I forgot, a theocracy is the supreme form of government!

I mean, Just look at Iran.

Uh, they subscribe to ISLAM, sir. Muslims are hard wired to violence, didn't you know that by now?

A theocracy only works if we completely disregard oppositional, inferior cultures. America (aka Obamaland) has been way too open with the southern border as if it were a gay mans anus, if you know what I mean.


That's all I have to say. This brand of Wigger socialism is really going to be the downfall of america, we are losing our ethics to the extremist left wing!
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What? You can't possibly support such eroded filth.
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And Guatemala's sinkhole.

That Christians are becoming more open minded to perverted, sick, unethical homosexuality. Such pollution must not ever be tolerated nor associated with the Holy.
An uncircumsized man is an unholy man.
The bible is utmost correct in defining the Earths' history, from Genesis to present day. This is confirmed by the mass fundamentalist beliefs, the lack of civil discipline in countries where biblical influence upon society is close to non existent, and the recent surge in natural disasters upon the worlds' most doomed nations.
Humbug! Science is unproven nonsense, was there a cancer vaccine formulated in the holy Bible? I think not.
No such thing as long as it keeps you entertained.

There's this band I know, they've got a 25 minute long song of literally the same riff. I hate it when bands do that.
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The quintessential internet troll all forums will possess at one point in time or another. Thank you Fassa
I loved playing Zoo Tycoon and blocking the entrance so no one could get out and then I'd release all the animals.
Doesn't really matter if stereotypes tend to be true or not, it's not fair to undermine someone before you know a thing about them.

Anyway, I don't like the stereotypes about Americans. People think I'm an idiot before meeting me.
I'm pretty sure I knew Mozart was a little bit on the coprophiliac side, he'd regularly fart at performances.
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nature doesn't know the difference. as far as nature knows we die quickly. which we should except, because we ate a shit load of meat, our brains grew. now we know how to prolong our lives. hence overpopulation. overpopulation isn't the fault of people having too many kids. it's of too many kids surviving childhood, too many mothers surviving birth and too many people living past 40.

I believed you until I read about the diet of elephants.
We were originally talking about the morality of homosexual incest, which involves philosophy. lulz.
And whatever our opinions were on the matter, we try to provide as much objective evidence as possible validating our beliefs.
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Why does every thing like I this see have to end in someone from another country making a knee-jerk assumption that the US is full of a bunch of nutty fundamentalist Conservatives...It's just a small but loud minority.

Anyway, I agree with it's taking down. Honestly, there are more intelligent, more effective, and less offensive ways to get their message across. not really. Last time I checked roughly 70 percent of the entire nation was in some form of religion related to christianity/catholocism AND evangelicals make up a large sum.
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I fail to see how two consenting people having secks is a problem.

'we all instinctively know...'

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a disorder is a disorder regardless of the consequences related to it.

disorder (n.) a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning

if being gay is genetic, it is a disorder. species naturally want to propagate the species. sexuality that deviates from that is disordered.

So people who don't want children must be disordered too? My homosexuality does not prevent me from wanting to propagate the species, nor do homosexuals not have maternal/paternal instincts - in fact homosexual animals often will adopt younger kin. Ever hear about natural selection? The removal of unwanted genes from the gene cesspool? If homosexuality were a detriment to propagating life, it would have been successfully removed from the gene pool in the animal kingdom. But no, in over 1500 species where homosexuality has been observed, these homosexual animals correspond peacefully with fellow animals.
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call dr. drew and ask him tomorrow night. we'll see who he agrees with.

I don't really care for his validation, my opinion stands as it is.
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birth defects have always existed throughout history. that doesn't make it not a disorder. schizophrenia has existed for as long as humans have. i don't see why not anyway. so is that not a disorder anymore?

Schizophrenia prevents you from interacting with people and inhibits you from maintaining a comfortable life. Homosexuals can lead happy lives and have no issues socially without any underlying separate disorder unrelated to homosexuality.
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The Moon is a physical object and incest is a concept.

Please stop embarrassing yourself, you are causing pain to those lurking the thread.

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every single person in here seems to be saying, "it's reeeeally weird and messed up ... but not immoral!"

ok. age of consent is 16 here in KY. you are a parent with a 17 year old boy and a 16 year old boy. they are having consensual sex. do you take them to therapy to correct this? or do you not perceive it as 'wrong'? because a lot of you seem like you'd just let your sons keeps screwing.

i'd drag their asses to the nearest psych ward before you could say "kissing cousins."

Sexual instinct is there for a reason you know. And it just so happens it's for one another. If it is consensual and they are safe, who cares?
I'm not sure what to think about incestual behaviour.

Obviously, there are defects within conceiving, but should you really be denied the freedom to love another individual and be intimate, if its between two consenting adults who are fully away of what they are doing? I can't trust the average person to be responsible and practise safe sex, though.

Homosexuality whether it is a defect or population control is still under speculation. If it is to be a defect, so is infertility, or albino skin, but it shouldn't take away from being granted human rights.
It might 'work' but I think it psychologically damages the child. You should be blunt and raise your voice with your child in some circumstances and not give in but you should never hit them. It might implement fear into them of people if others get angry at them.
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It is immoral. "defected" children isn't a good argument. Incest is still weird, unnatural, unhealthy, socially wrong and for mentally messed up people.

Support plz.
I'm a strict monogamist. I'm surely considered radical amongst the younger generation these days.
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Feudalism, mercantilism, anarcho primitivism, redistribution economies, reciprocity, all have been viable in the past to varying degrees. Probably more too, but that's just what was on my mind.

Feudalism REALLY worked until the plague swept through Europe. Where is the incentive or innovation in feudalism? Or prosperity?

I think maintaining capitalism to a certain degree is smart, too much privatisation has only broadened the gap in between classes and produced inequality. But I do think it's a fair philosophy that man is inherently selfish.
The Happening.
Anything done by a woman, ever.
Got to ruin it for everyone just because two students of the same sex want to partake in Prom? Wow. **** you American South.