Ok so I haven't spent very much time on here these past few years, but recently I released a stoner metal album that I've been trying to promote and figured I'd pay UG a visit. If you dig Electric Wizard, Kyuss, or Bongripper-esque stuff, feel free to check this out. The whole album is streaming at

and/or like us on facebook-

Stoner Metal //
Two points. 1.) Most religions are going to have Extremists. Its unavoidable. Judging Islamic religion based on the actions of crazy, violent fundamentalists is ignorant.

2.) I think the reason this video may be causing some controversy is simply because traditionally, Islamic people take their religion very seriously. It is a much larger part of their lives than religion is to the typical American/British/Whatever person. It is very sacred to them, and if they were to see it depicted in a (like you said) contrived, generic love story, they may see it as a bit disrespectful.

That all being said, Religion is just another thing an artist can throw into a video to, hopefully, make whatever point they're trying to make. It's all artistic expression, and people are going to be butthurt about art until the end of time. As long as the artist can convey his message, that's really all that's important.
My grandpa on my Dad's side was in the air force, he only refueled planes and didn't get into any combat (that I'm aware of.) He was stationed in Great Britain while the german Air force was bombing them though. My other Grandpa was a tail gunner, flew around in a B-52 (no rock lobsters though). His plane got shot down over german territory, none of them died but they all got captured and did 2 years in prison camp. He told me they used to make makeshift grenades and try and tunnel out and shit, he had some really interesting stories. And I know what you mean IronTallicaDeth, he passed away a few years ago and I respect him more than anyone I've ever known.
It really just depends on what you tune too...It's all based on preference. generally, I'd say if youre tuning lower than D standard don't use anything lighter than a ten. as for brands, again its really subjective...when you hammer on distortion string brands won't alter your tone very much. I play death metal and I've used D'addario since i started playing...Ernie ball strings are pretty popular too.
sounds like Estudio in Em, by francisco tarrega. had to learn this one on classical too.
I recently assembled a guitar I've been working on for quite some time, but when I plug it into an amp it produces a hum much louder than my normal amp hum... I thought it was a grounding issue at first, but everything seems to be properly grounded and shielded and whatnot. What's really throwing me is the volume of the hum changes based on the position I hold the guitar in, relative to the amp. I've tried it in a few separate locations on multiple amps, all with the same results. Does anyone know what the problem is/how I can fix it?
Yeah we've got 2 vocalists, i thought the panning in some of our other songs worked better because we went back and forth a lot more, this one we kinda stuck to having separate verses so yeah that would probably work better lol. As for the drums, most grindcore i listen to has them even higher in the mix haha. but the cymbals definitely didnt pop out as much on the speakers i was using when i mixed far as the guitar goes, i think im screwed lol ive tried eq-ing it differently to get better tone, but it dosent seem to be working, i think we just got a bad sounding recording from scratch. But i appreciate the feedback man, this was my first time mixing a whole album on my own so its definitely something i want to learn from.
pounded out an EP with some cheap drum mics, my buddy's mixer and Adobe audition. You can hear one of the songs here>

not totally satisfied with how it came out, its open for criticism. As an aspiring engineer, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
and made a video for my band. just feel like promoting today

if you like it, feel free to add us on facebook!/pages/Pig-Rectum/320210784776?ref=ts

Its death metal/grindcore btw.
ok guys, ive got 2 halloween parties tomorrow and the day after, and i have no idea what to go as....keep in mind im low on cash. throw some ideas my way!
The thread i started for it is pretty dead, i figured id start a new one for the finished product. heres a link to the old thread to see the process

so heres the finished product

sorry for the dark pics. ill post better ones later. heres another one of that and the bass i customized

again, sorry for the crap quality. more pics are coming soon.
driving a very expensive car off a cliff while piss drunk and high on cocaine, as you orgasm from getting road head from a hot groupie 10 minutes after playing at Madison square garden.

that or testicular cancer. cant decide.
so i got this peavy fury bass, plays pretty good, but i didnt really care for the generic body i gutted it, then made it a new custom pickguard. now i cant decide what color to paint it. any ideas?

had this in the wrong forum before...anyways

this is my new grindcore project, i do the vocals and guitar and bass...and programmed the drums...hopefully i can find some members and play out. what do you think?
wow thanks guys, i didnt expect such positive feedback...yeah, ill move it to the promote your band section.

this is my new grindcore project, i do the vocals and guitar and bass...and programmed the drums...hopefully i can find some members and play out. what do you think?
Quote by Baby Joel
Electronics meaning pickups?
What country do you live, and how much qualifies as a crapload?
Also, what amp are you using?

electronics meaning tone pots and such

i'm keeping the stock pickups in because im on a tight budget, i can maybe spend up to like 30 bucks on parts.

im building this guitar and selling it, so i couldnt tell you what amp it will be played with.

and finally, im in the USA.
so im getting close to finishing my sg sawblade mod


and i was going to re-drill all the holes in the cavity and put new electronics in it with the classic gibson setup, a master tone and master volume for each pickup. so my question is, what companies sell good electronics that wont cost me a crapload of money? cuz im on a tight budget here, and i dont want to throw the stock electronics back in. any recommendations?
The band im in is starting to record our material, and we need to record all the drums for it first. what are some good ways to mic a drum set so it dosent sound like garbage? we only have 2 mics, and theyre standard vocal mics. any help is appreciated.
Here's the deal: I traded a guy my old practice amp for an Ibanez bass so i could start a techno-industrial-metal band with my friend. i dont have much money far a bass amp, but my friend has two 10" subwoofers he was gunna put in his car, but decided not too. if i got a head unit, could i hook it up to the subwoofers?
where it starts off with a sampled voice that says "the beat starts here", and then theres an explosion of orgasmic dev riffage and gene drummage??
I heard from someone that you shouldn't use fiberglass on a guitar, apparently it messes with the tone or something...but on all the guitars I've done any kind of body modification to, I've had my friend fill in the cracks and low spots with fiberglass, since he works in a collision shop and does it to cars all the time.

so is it true that you shouldn't use fiberglass on a guitar? if so, what should i use on place of fiberglass?
write an original...

name it "sax on the beach"

produce several more albums, including "rough sax" and "sax offender", then release a greatest hits album called "ten years of great sax" done now.
anyone know what tone settings to use to get a really clanky sound, kinda like necrophagist?

like this sound

or does it depend what kind of bass you're using?
Okay, I re-cut the other piece and got bot glued to the body, so here it is

now it's time for body'll probably be a while until my next post cuz this will take a long ass time lol

also, this guitar is not nearly as uncomfortable as i thought it would be to play, your forearm rests directly on the edge of the back cutout, and the blade doesn't really dig in like i expected it too...all in all i'm pleasantly surprised at how playable it is.
Quote by Clutch32192
that looks pretty sweet,

are u gunna bevel the edges by the saw blade or are u gunna leave it with square angles

probably just leave them the way they are, looks better imo
Today i finished cutting out the plexiglass sawblade, check it out

here it is on the guitar

Just pretend that piece isnt missing lol, i'll re-cut it tomorrow
Okay, finally back for some updates and answers to some of your questions

first off, i'm sticking with the original mounting point for the blade, i know it will effect playability and tone but the guitar was free and not that great to begin with, so im not really concerned about that, im really just doing this for the nut of it all. i cant mount it on the bottom because it will cut out the control cavity, i think someone may have pointed that out...and on the horns, it would look silly imo(even though it will look ridiculous no matter where i put it lol).


so i decided that instead of routing the corner out, i would just hack off the corner and make a segment of the blade out of plexiglass, then insert that into the groove,

as you can see here, i glued 2 pieces of 1/8" plexi together, so i will have a blade that is 1/4" thick

sorry for the crappy pics, bad lighting in my basement

here you can see the stencil of the blade that i will cut out once the glue drys, i'll start that tomorrow

now you'll notice on the stencil i have tabs on either side of the blade...these tabs will be inserted into slots in the guitar. in order to make these slots, i had to cut out additional pieces of the guitar so i can groove them with a table saw, then glue them back onto the guitar.

here's a pic of the slottage

btw, the crowbar in the upper left of the pic is for killing zombies, i didnt actually use it on the guitar.

And of course, my dumb ass rushed into cutting the slots on the table saw and ended up making one of the slots on the wrong side of the peice

so i filled it in with water putty and will make the correct cut when it dries. hopefully it will stay in one piece.

so thats all did so far, ill keep you updated as i go

also, since i'll be repainting the neck as well, i kind of wanted to mess with the headstock a little bit, reshape it slightly just to make it unique...if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share.
So since i just got my own camera, i decided i'd make a thread about my new project mod.

here's what im working with

its an epiphone sg special edition, nothing fancy but my friend gave it to me for free.

so here's my plan...

I'm gunna route the corner out about a half inch on the front and back, then make the cuts with a band saw to make it look like a saw blade.

heres a sketch of the blade on the actual body

after that i plan on painting the whole guitar gloss white, then doing a blood splatter effect coming off of the blade onto the guitar, and a bloody handprint somewhere on the body, probably right in the middle(the blade will be silver/grey, of course). As for as electronics go, i might throw in a volume and a tone for each individual pickup. I'll post pics as i go.
im pretty sure hes referring to the band veil of maya

who kick ass, by the way
how about instead of buying a new guitar, you punt your line 6 amp off of the tallest building you can find, then go out and buy yourself a decent amp.

EDIT: never mind, i read the other post...Ibanez RG series are good, some of them are under 300

it had to be done.
a drunk guy stumbles out of a pub's bathroom

he goes to the bartender and asks,"do you have green toilet paper that talks?"

the bartender replies, a little confused, "no..."

the drunk man replies, "I may have wiped my ass with your parrot"

/stupid joke

Nayla from Chikinfist
*insert scene from clerks 2 here*
So in english class we have to write a research paper about a problem in the world today and what we can do to help fix it. Thing is, you're supposed to pick a problem that you feel strongly about, and so far all the ideas i've had/people have gave me i wasn't too crazy about doing the report on, and i want to at least pick something that i'm remotely interested in.

so, pit, what are some problems in the world that i can do this on? throw me some suggestions, shouldn't be too hard seeing as how theres no shortage of problems these days.