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Probably a parody of this, which looks way more legit/serious:

This is the first band I heard at a show and instantly liked knowing nothing of them beforehand, then went home and listened to for an entire day. I figured, solely based on that merit, they deserve as much attention as they can get, and that I should spread the word. The two songs they have on Soundcloud from their yet-to-be released EP can be found here:

Their 2012 EP and one of the aforementioned songs can be purchased here:

And last but not least, Facebook:

I will say, I heard them play their entire new EP, and for me it far surpasses the old one, on several fronts.
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James LaDjent

I've never been more flustered aside from this
You'll need a neck shim it seems
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I can't think of a more American term than "spring break". Maybe "fall break" if that existed.

It does.
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so confused...
r u trieng too b geff tate???
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Fuckin' A, Bibleman was the cat's shit when I was little
Just do it, it'll be funny. And you already have experience at being a con artist, so you should be able to effectively scam them without them realizing.
I'd dress up as Stone Cold or a monster truck
The Batman Diaries
Slappy and the Batman
That seems about right. Mom probably gave Candlebox's singer a blowie to make this happen:

I'll admit, I have a sick fascination with bands like this. I was already going to Jambodian's, but gonna be the cherry on top.
So a while back I went to watch my loner brother play some shite songs in his school's talent show. When I got there, some guy sporting the vest/collared shirt combo was struggling to get an amp through the stage door, so I held it for him. I chatted him up later and he said he and his band were playing that night, which was odd because he looked like he was 23. He also said that Warner Bros. were interested in signing his band. Intrigued, I decided to stick around after my brother played and see what this guy's music was all about. Little did I know what awaited me.

EDIT: Just found out they played in our newly built performing arts center...well then.
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Hah! Stupid ass bitch.

I kno rite
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I don't get it.

Girl was bullied, hung herself (but tried bleach first)
God damn that opening track. Chills all over.
the old blackfaces sound great for sludge
Lol, what the hell is that symbol supposed to be anyway? I also had to look up what the Q meant in LGBTQ, thinking it was a whole new breed of sexual deviance.
^Christfags was ripped straight from a philosophy book I had
Red Fang and Tomahawk represent

and APC, datsstr8bbygrl
PStree make da best gamezz...
I had an ultex one that lasted forever until I lost it. I guess it depends on how hard and often you play.
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So do you also have the option to close the window?
Ha...there's no way.
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I don't care either way. I have zero to say about it.

Glad you told us, or else we wouldn't have known!
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He must have been hitting extremely hard to snap them. I knew someone who wore them down right to the middle though.

I've done that before, but he snapped the aluminum shaft right about halfway and the plastic wasn't worn down at all. Most 'diculous I ever seen.
inb4 imminent death
Vic X5A, I sit a little away from the set and the extra length makes everything feel just right

Also, has anyone ever broken an Ahead stick? Because the pair I had were broken due to our drummer doing only rimshots, always. I was still kind of shocked that it broke.
FOOORSAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEENNNN was the first thing that popped in my head.
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I loved pokeman. I was also a 1st gen elitist. I lost interest a little while after Togepi appeard, I believe. Why did they never take the rest of that damn egg off?

Beautiful song, pretty decent job.

Edit: one thing I noticed was the note at the end of each phrase is supposed to be bent up to slowly instead of fretted/ picked like you did.