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my dad has some friends over and they are drinking a lot dad drunk=free money XD

My dad drunk = philosophies.

I wish they meant partying
Bass is more important to me.
I'm sure a new thread would attract some peoples attention. But that would only be for a short period of time.

You can't really do anything unless the thread is near the top of the first page and the DJ's are more consistent. It was awesome in the beginning but even I've stopped listening,
HP and the Deathly Hollows

I'm going to either read 1984 or A Clockwork Orange next.
If the predator was to ask them if they were from dateline or a cop would they have to tell that person?

Like do Entrapment laws still apply for this situation?
The IP address is located in Stamford, Connecticut.

I know this because I found an accurate one that could find where I live.
The ISP is Optimum Online.

If you really want to take action contact the ISP and ask them to look up the IP. From there they might be able to look up any contact with a person living in London. (I'm not sure if they can/would do this but it is a possibility).

From there you can do what you want.


Look up his IP there.

It says he lives in Stamford, CT, UNITED STATES
Look it up and it will give you a map.

EDIT2: The sites I'm using aren't very accurate. I keep getting NY/CT locations.
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the simpsons is and has always been shit, for a program that everyone labels as being funny it has never delivered.

Try not being a sheep and following the crowd. Think for yourself for once.

People are allowed to have their own opinions. If they want to agree with someone else then they can.

I think it's funny.

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No I don't consider myself a rebel. But I don't just blindly trundle along through life doing and listening to what everyone says. Oh, someone says it's funny, so it must be! It's not ignorant at all because it never has been and never will be funny. Yet it's still praised beyond belief? That is ignorance.

So ignorance is determined solely upon ones opinion?
No. It isn't harder then I think. Because I drink it that way.
Easy. You drink it.
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for coffee containts cafeïne and you cannot sleep if you drink it:P

and: milk...yuk

Tea has caffeine in it to.

And I don't think many people like tea the first time they drink it...

I drink Tetley green tea. I'm looking for a change though.
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Might I ask how you acquired this knowledge?

I downloaded the ebook, copy and pasted into word. And did a word count.
Why is it to late for coffee?

Anyway, I drink green tea now. I love it.
The book contains 199,908 words.

That's including every word in the book (even title).

Isn't the thing inside the locked door supposed to be love?
I don't get cum stains?
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just go.

cops are lame. they dont care about us skaters. theyll do anything to piss us off. so just go to court. youll probably just get community service.

You aren't following rules/laws, so that makes the cops not care about you "skaters"?
Forum of the Banned.
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Voldemort died in like book 1, didn't he?
Then he was brought back in #4.

Order of the Phoenix was the best IMO. I'd read it again.
It is indeed a real animal. Scientists say if the Loch Ness Monster or Ogopogo are real then they would be closely linked to that animal.
I'm gonna try and see it tomorrow or sometime before August 3.
Learn most of the trades (Well the one's to do with construction/mechanics)
Build a house
Get a degree in something
Probably kids
Be worth a million
Retire at 55
Travel the world

With wireless you can get dead spots caused by other signals being sent. I don't know much on it but have you checked to see if your phone might be causing it?
Calgary, Alberta

Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me the names of some good Southern Rock or Country bands?

I've been wanting to try a new genre of music and I know my brother likes this genre (I would look through his playlist but he isn't at home right now).
I love that song.
Call me. (Insert Number)
Take that fluffy-cotton-based mother-fucker off.
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^ technically marijuana has agents that counteract free radicals which cause cancer. thats about as technical as i can get. i've read so much about the stuff it's unreal. i smoked pot constantly for 7 years straight, the only thing i ever got was the munchies (and busted which is why i don't smoke anymore) i personally believe it relieves mental anxieties. some people get depressed or upset over things in their life. marijuana makes it easier to deal w/ these things. it just made me happy to live life!

Well I can understand that.

Apparently green tea can help prevent cancer. I guess you can sort of connect them seeing as they are both natural and each plants leaves are used.
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yea. snape dies so volde can use the elder wand. and harry dies than comes back to life to kill voldemort..........

Voldemort couldn't use the elder wand because he wasn't the master, Harry was because he disarmed Malfoy whom had originally disarmed Dumbledore (who was the master of the wand at the time).
The only reason Snape died is so it fit in with the story that Voldemort made a mistake and died because of it. Harry only killed Voldemort because Voldemort's spell rebounded and hit Voldemort. The elder wand couldn't kill it's own master.

Voldemort could use the elder wand anyway. He just couldn't use the full potential of it's power.

Was I high when I was reading the book? I didn't know thats what happened
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ok, my brother sister and cousin have been smokeing weed since they were teenagers and there fine this article is false. BTW weed abually kills the stuff that causes cancer so your much less likly to get cancer if you smoke pot. so BLAZE IT ON UP!

Especially if you roll your joints with tobacco.
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls