Dear UG,

Lately the treble pickup on my Epiphone Les Paul stopped working.
So now I'm in the market for a new set of pickups.

I'm not really aware of what is available on the market today so I turn to you.
Do you have an idea which pickups are best for:

slick riffs: metallica, alter bridge, Guns 'n Roses
I like (cheesy) epic solo's (e.g. the topgun theme)

warm tones, sounding great with little distortion
a smooth solo sound (gary moore - still got the blues)
warm cleans is what I really like.

What pickups would you recommend for a musical taste like this?
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I think thats a question you should be asking them not us.

A good way to do it (we've used this in the past) is to all write down 10 songs you'd love to perform (any songs, any genre) then compare lists. If any two of you have the same song then you agree to do that song.

this guy says the truth, a few days a go i did this with a friend of mine. some very interesting and cool songs came out of it and we're intending on learning them now and soon playing them together. some will go well, others won't but that's a process every group will have to go through..

- Metallica
- Foo Fighters
- Kaiser Chiefs
- Editors
- Eagles of Death Metal
- Bad Religion
- Moke
- Alter Bridge
- Joe Satriani
- Incubus
- Flogging Molly
- The Wombats
- The Hives
- Racoon
- Apocalyptica
- Gavin Degraw
- Alanis Morissette
- Queens of the Stone Age
- Rage against the Machine

gonna see Metallica (again), MachineHead and The Sword in a few weeks time.. can't wait!
hey fella's,

In a few days I will be going to a music store hoping to find a replacement distortion pedal for my (recently declared) dead Metal Muff.
(a few days ago it exhaled burning fumes and it stopped working)
Actually the muff did not really have 'my' sound in it, so I'm hoping to find a new pedal that does.

I'm looking for a pedal that has a deep, bassy distortion. I like bands like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge and 3 doors down.. so it must be able to handle metal, hard rock and rock.

The gear I will be using it with is:
- epiphone les paul
- yamaha pacifica
- Randall RG50TC
- Epiphone Valve Jr.
some other pedals (wah, delay etc..)

do you have any suggestions? I myself have been looking into the Proco Rat, is that a good choice?

changing pickups is not that hard, in every song there is a sort of short break before a solo (where e.g. chords fade out or are only ringing) so there is some time for using the 3 way switch there...

the tone knob is a whole different problem though,, always thought LP customs had 2 (or do you have a prophecy?)
anyways.. I guess just doing it often makes the movement of turning the knob smoother and faster so you can play on better,,
hopefully this works gl m8
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faulty cable?


volume knob turned open on the guitar? (silly question, but needs asking)
is the amp properly warmed up?
are you sure it is not like this:

e ---10p7-----7-10p7--------7-10p7------
b ----------10------------ 10-------------10--
g -----------------------------------------------

one way or another adding this note (e7) makes it a lot easier to play for me..
google is your friend,,

blackstar, as mentioned here:

next time please check it out yourself first..
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So what you're saying is, alternate picking is essential, but not essential.

he's saying that alternate picking is essential, but some songs sound better (mostly more aggressive) when played with only downstrokes (say for instance: Master of Puppets). That something is essential does not mean you have to use it in every occasion.
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What are the different effects I can get from a pedal? Is there like a pedal where you can stomp on it and change from clean tones to distortion to play in songs which keep changing it's tone? Is there like a video or help to understand the difference between the different effects?

check out some effects demo's on youtube, you will find out how they work there..

if you want more information on what different effects are and sound like, check wiki/google:
there are many types of distortion, therefore there are so many pedals for it.
you can go from a mild bluesy overdriven sound, but you may also want a screaming metal sound. those generally don't come out of one amp, nor do they come out of one single pedal.

pedals can add more variety to one's sound.. All pedals (at least all pedals I know) have a button you can step on..
to me pedals are extentions of the amp to create a more personal sound and to eventually create your own custom sound you really like.

first hit in google for me.. hope it helps
any musical direction you're aiming at playing?
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I think it's worth it. It's a great guitar. If you don't want all the fancy stuff, get the EC-500.

or the vintage black for that matter,, great guitar! wish my parents would get me one for Christmas.
is it a floating bridge? (eg floyd rose or Kahler?)

if you don't have a trem arm it may be handy to block the thing using a piece of wood.. that way it can't move anymore and you won't have this problem anymore.
turn the power switch on,, leave the standby switch untouched..
then after about 30 seconds you can turn the standby switch on.
take a look at some LTD's or Jacksons.. they should sound pretty metal-ish
hey man! congrats on your new computer
just received mine about two hours ago, an HP also..
have fun with yours!
its cool.., guess I like circles..
just did.. I'm 18 now, this actually is the first week on my own.. feels great
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best get a new amp though instead...distorted crap is still crap


if you really want a pedal, i'd suggest the proco Rat
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If it makes any difference to you, Kirk and James only use downstrokes. Annoys the hell outta me, but it obviously works for them, since Kirk can down pick faster than i can alternate pick...

you're right, though I doubt they use only downstrokes on, lets say, the fast riff in disposable heroes..
they are awesome downpickers though,..

edit: also many of the gallop-like riffs are alternate picked (orion, disposable heroes, battery ..)
Papier-mâché FTW!

think it can be done.. if you use the right glue..
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+1, its disturbingly addictive
had a 5 in HL english, can call myself a near-native speaker now , I'm quite happy.. but it was a sh*tload of work
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Caution, this is just a suggestion.

does it sound like hes not playing it to any one else?? i mean it might be possible he pre-recorded it and then just played it back over a vid. theres no distortion whatsoever and it sounds way to professional to be captured by a video camera.

there may have been a separate mic,
I thought so too at first, since there was a knee in front of his strumming hand.. but seeing more from him I think it really is him playing live..

Awesome vids! great kid, just plain genius
practice it'll come, be patient ..
don't tell me you did not see this coming...
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100% personal preference. Sorry, we can't help you.

what this guy says is the truth..
play them both, see what shape is best playable and sounds best for YOU.. its gonna be your guitar so you'll have to make the choice yourself.
none, its in my planning to keep it like that..

EDIT: on the studio rec that is.
switch the delete-button with the button next to it, only you will know..
there is this white gibson explorer with EMGs, it looks almost like one of Hetfield (minus the graphics ofc)

there you go, hope it helps
pedals? some crazy effects may come to use one way or another
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what kind of music are you aiming at?