Copy and paste?
I never thought of that

Rabidguitarist, I owe you my life

I've seen it everywhere
Can someone show me how to type it?
That's awesome!
I hope a lot of people submit tabs, there are not very many good drum tab sites out there.

I just facepalmed when Trigun said I could click on him
Just wondering
This being a guitar site and all.
I use search bar picks.
here's one I did called 'distracted'
It's a lo-fi sort of thing
Turn the microphone volume on your computer down? Turn the POD's volume down?
Those are the only two things I can think of.
Well, compressors are used VERY heavily on vocals, since they are typically the loudest track in the mix. And with the falsetto thing, the singers volume changes with the change to/from falsetto, so a compressor would be necessary.
XLR for sure.
1/4 inch mics are generally crappy.
XLRs are balanced , so there are no out-of-phase signals, and they have much more output.
I use searchbar cables.

.......and quantum cables.
Pink Floyd- Sheep
about 20 minutes, not as long as some that others mentioned, but still pretty long
Yes, especially With the Real Sound Engine.
EMGS for teh br00talz

But seriously, I'd get a new amp(:

EDIT: I'd save up for one, not get a $100 one :P
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well that's a sticky situation...

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Haven't you ever played a riff or a chord progression that you thought you came up with yourself, only to realize it sounded just like something you had heard before?

I didn't think about it like that.
Thanks for mentioning.

I do still think the killers have gone pretty low since the old days, though.

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I dont like either of them so honestly it doesnt matter.

Oh, I forgot.
Your taste in music is supieror to ours.
'Spaceman', a song that The Killers came out with in 2009
(0:10 seconds into it, the "oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh oh ho")

Sounds a lot like Against Me!'s 'Thrash Unreal
(Starts at 0:49, the backup singer "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba")

I think so.
I lul'ed when I saw the big blue bubble that said 'FAP' in big letters
I would assume that since it is mic'ed up, you could play either amp at whatever volume.
You could just adjust the volume on the PA
I dunno, maybe I am wrong

I used to play Ernie Ball slinkies,then I tried GHS boomers(Which, were a HUGE disappointment.)
Then I gave D'addario's a try, I loved em'

They're brighter than the slinkies and boomers, and they feel different too, in a good way, if you ask me.
It stands for 'Virtual Studio Technology'
Like reverbs, compressors, stuff like that
I'd like to get an Audio recording/editing program (like audacity)
But one that supports VST effects.
I already tried Wavosaur, But it wouldn't work

And I would really hate having to buy some ridiculously expensive production studio
(Cubase, Logic, Reason, etc.)

Thanks, kenjibeast! That was a lot of help.
Do any of you have any tips for singing backup vocals?
Like harmony(What intervals from the lead singer?,maybe?)
or anything else you could help me with
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When you're high, your creativity levels go up, and you're more focused. That's why bands that smoke a ton of weed (pink floyd, for example) have such a unique sound.

Pink Floyd did NOT do drugs, aside from syd barrett.
But he wasn't in there very long anyway.

these guys were actually talented.
What music do you play?
For the stuff I do, I would say the Peavey Windsor
No effects or anything like that, but it sounds great.
I used to be addicted to Rockstars

Then I realized how stupid it was. :/
Livingsocial thingy where you pick 5 of something.
I just answer them sarcastically for fun
It's a solid state ccd vhs movie camcorder
my friend got it.

Whenever I'm using SE64 in FL Studio, there is a beeping sound when I open the project or when I start the pattern. Is there any way to get rid of this?
If not, then is there another plugin that I can get that does basically the same thing?
Yeah, I'm going to try it, but i was looking for songs to do, cause I need some Ideas.
I was thinking about doing covers of slower songs and speeding them up, much like Me First and The Gimme-Gimmes.

Do you guys have any ideas?
I have an acer aspire ASE380-UD440A
and on the front it says it can read them,
but when I put one of those disks in, the computer thinks
there is nothing in the drive.

Do any of you guys know why?
And if I can get a driver or something?
I use FL studio, and I really like it.
Even though a lot of professionals consider it a 'toy'.
It's really easy to use.

I've never tried ableton live, but I'm sure that it works too.
I really like the epiphone valve juniors and the peavey windsor studios
I'd say a peavey vypyr. A friend of mine has one and it is great.
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If it doesn't have an FX, don't bother with an EQ pedal.

Yeah, it's got an FX loop