ok dude i did change it.
i really liked the chorus, it was amazing. not so much the verse though
dude it's good, i put a beat to it and it sounds like a good rap song.
this song is based off one of my favorite books "Let The Right One In" i've just been stuck hope you guys can help me with some of the parts to it.

a young life small and innocent.
Heartless souls throw him into torment.
Destruction and pain relish in his heart
and dreams of casting the same is not far apart.
A lonely man, drinking away his life
career stabbed from evil lust like a knife.

Blood is my fuel
I kill in the night
I drink to survive.

So, Let the right one in or let me live because I don’t know what’s right.
I have to live in the dark can’t go out into the light.
Because I’m the angel of the night.