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what ever happened to all these people

one moment they were here and then poof

Woah I'm surprised I was mentioned! I've pretty much stopped caring about the few things that kept me coming back. Threads were getting less interesting to me overall, and I kinda stopped watching anime and playing league of legends.

Also I'm surprised that this is the thread to be mentioned in lmao
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if you start playing treeline they will delete it pls dont

did they ever undo that gross extra tower?
part of me wants to come back and get into treeline. but most of me still hates riot and doesn't want to support them anymore
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Twin Size Mattress and Au Revoir are best songs tho.

HELP ain't bad either. And that one song that goes "give me what I want, motherfucker, make it happen for me", I cba to find the name.

I didn't like their new album at first but once I got past "it sounds different" I ended up loving it.

the beers got me bc it was the first song I heard by them and it reminds me of an emotional memory. those are both great songs too. I really like I Hate My Friends and the redone songs from it on Rose
joke's on you, I'm already completely unappealing to employers
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>not sad boy bullshit

Soap only one without shit taste here.

I saw TFB live not too long ago and kinda cried during The Beers

and idk about that, I listen to some terrible music. but I love it
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oi man, the front bottoms ain't bad.

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Soap should totally do a "I'm a player who only played league for Dominion, AMA" on reddit.

related, the last Dominate Dominion tournament is on, but almost over
I got to rent cassiopeia medusa from a returning player reward, and she's pretty fun, probably my favorite hunter so far
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Do any of you ever feel like playing League lol.

only if it's domi- oh right nvm

i'm still mad
I'll have to look at athena, but I do like bellona. I played her a bit a while ago and she was pretty fun
i was a little disappointed that she wasn't at least a dog girl
Amaterasu is cool visually (I love armored women) but felt boring in my jungle practice thing and her kit sounds kinda boring
in my first pvp game (joust), some guy insta-locks loki, then complains about someone else picking an assassin. we ended up losing with a score like 2-26. surprisingly, neither of them yelled at me despite being 0/9
i think it's cvetka. gonna log in and check

edit: yeah it is. I don't know how much I will play since I barely played league either
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man i was just gonna post that too

no worries soap, your favorite game mode is getting axed due to developer apathy but you get a FREE SUMMONER ICON 4Head

I'm not gonna get it bc I uninstalled

hmu for some smite games some time though
the new draft should have just replaced draft
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seriously though soap, if you like non-sr style modes then smite is your jam

I like league more overall, but smite does do modes pretty well. I'm much more interested in league's characters and stuff, plus I think I prefer the controls. Arena is still really fun and it'd be neat for league to directly copy it
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i cant believe i missed soap's post

upvoted and bumped

that was the worst pun I've ever seen, and not in a good way

thank you though

also I've been playing more and enjoying the game again somehow
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why change shen

he’s a bit of an odd duck. He’s a ninja who likes to be punched in the face, and while bits of his kit are super unique and impactful, he also sports two painfully generic abilities.
I don't think many of you are that interested tbh, but it'd be cool if you could look at and maybe upvote/comment on my thread about dominion. I got a Riot response on the last one, but that was long ago and nothing has come of it yet, so I'm trying again, also because the old subforum is gone
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His abilities seems like rehashed abilities from other champs.


that's what I thought too. his ult is cool, but the rest are zzzz
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>morg wins

what a shock

more shocked that I won because I'm terrible
my friend invited me to some SR games. I played morg mid against a blitzcrank then a leblanc. both were really bad and should have beaten me probably but blitz couldn't land a hook and leblanc didn't know how to play or build leblanc (to be fair I don't either but it definitely isn't how they did it)
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did all you guys die

unfortunately no, but fortunately I have mostly stopped playing league
I'm kinda excited to see my family happy about gifts and stuff (and honestly, to get some stuff too), but I'm not feeling very festive. haven't for years
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In my absence from the thread, I have acquired a chinchilla and a PS4. How are the rest of you fine mentlegen doing?

clearly not as good as you
I'll put it up on my list that I don't worry about anyway... I kinda started rewatching REC for the 3rd or 4th time, and I'd like to finally finish Rolling Girls at some point
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kofuku graffiti

I've been wanting to watch/read that eventually anyway, though I don't think that's quite what I'm looking for
Momie do you know any yuri manga involving baking, or cooking in general? Preferably a one shot but anything is fine
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sorry if this is to REAL for you guys but seruius question
why isnt lulu a furry

she'd be even more cute if they give her the yordle update and tbh I can't wait until they do

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guys we should all play ROCKET LEAGUE

buy it for me and I'll play with you once or twice then go back to ffxiv
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i used to be a girl
at least everyone assumed i was
many years ago

momie will tell u

the glory days of ichi the mystery man woman person