Probably manipulate her into having sex with me because from what you've told us she's an ignorant curr who's sole function is to provide men with something to put their penises in.
I'd forcefully install a puppet government inside her to make her part my reich, if you see what I mean.

I'd open up a second front in the read while my buddy Stalin keeps her occupied, if you know what I mean
I'd "WWll reference" her "WWll reference" if you know what I mean

I'll go first.

I'd preemptively sabotage her heavy water factory before she develops any nuclear weapons, if you see what I mean.

I'd invade her Omaha Beach if you know what I mean.
Talk about what you ate for breakfast yesturday.
Quote by led/head
actually i knew her years before him
and im just weighing the odds because the way she is to me suggests it could be the best relationship ive had, and for all i know he wouldnt even care because hes got another squeeze. and he really played her and i helped her through the breakup so she idolises me now.

Yea I guess all you can do is weigh the odds. I know it sounds stupid but write it down it'll help you think.


Pros Cons
I like her (10lbs) my friends will hate me (20lbs)

then tally it up at the end.
that's how I went through my difficult life's choices, I hope it helps.
Quote by Spartan070sarge
Well, I tried drawing to vent, but it turned into a picture of me imagining myself dying and going to guitar heaven, but it was only my soul, my body was still alive, and my ex spat on my soul's grave.

Before anything else get laid, sorry for not stressing that point earlier. Get laid and keep on getting laid till you forget how her hair dances in the wind or how she smells like apple cinnamon in the morning...

(just kidding but please do get laid).
Quote by Spartan070sarge
Okay, I posted here last week when I broke up with my girlfriend.

Although I'm the one who ended it, I didn't want to and I still like her.

It's been a week from tonight and I feel like my soul has been ripped out. This whole week has been just so depressing. I can't stop thinking about her.

I know that I'm probably better off not being in a relationship like the one I was in, but I don't care.

Every song I hear makes me think of her. Every time I lay down to go to sleep I think of the times we had. I dream about her.

The worst part of all of this is I know that she is totally over me and isn't feeling anything that I am.

I cut off all contact and stuff, but it's not working. I'm living a shell of a life.

^^ You have to get over it, once you committed to something you have to finish it off bro. You made your choice you have to move on 100%. You can't do it half-heartedly or it'll break your heart.

Forget her, get laid, have some fun bro. Force yourself to get out of the house and do things that you couldn't before. Believe me I know it's ****ing hard but you just have to man up. Stop thinking of her, it will never be the same, stop hoping otherwise.
Yeah man I do it, also all the time. It's funnier when you miss and you wet the seat so you need to wipe it with tissue paper before the allotted time

On a side note you are now conscious of your blinking. Have a nice day.
All the time man, humans tend to be scared of the unknown. If I'm complacent I am immediately conscience of it and makes me uncomfortable.

There are way too many books and autobiography of him, it gives me an impression that the world thinks of him as a freak show rather than a president.

Do you believe in love?
You guys are all idiots. Drug dealing is obviously against the law for a reason. Your dad is cool.
Quote by Fassa Albrecht
I've got a question...

Why, if God is the creator of the universe, would he interested in pathetic humans? Why are we so arrogant as to believe we're so important?

Also, why would our actions be so important as to have any impact on the divine realms? It doesn't make any sense.

Humans aren't pathetic, we have limitless potential. Someday, theoretically we'll all be as powerful as "god".

Of course these are just conjecture , but you have to put in account that religion is just full of conjectures anyways.
Quote by InvaderTSN
Does Blockbuster still do that?

I thought EB games did that also?
Time for a life hack thread.
tips, advice, and cheats around life itself.

Order a double cheese burger and ask for lettuce and mac sauce.

It's the same as the 3$ big mac but without the sesame seeds and the extra meat.
HOORAH copypasta :P

He's basically saying that woman are inferior creatures.
Quote by BigFatSandwich
I wouldn't normally be this big a jerk, but:

Give me a break break it's 3:31 in the morning.
I have a copy of it myself...
Quote by Elegance_01
Quote by Elegance_01
"We make a great pair," is a good sentiment, right?

Yes, good sir. I believe it is.

You have yourself a merry little time at your SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT WITH A REAL GIRL today.

Quote by Våd Hamster

You're nuts. Seek pro help.

... thanks for the constructive critiscism mate.
If conformity is your sanity detector.
Then I believe I am sane, for most of my centric-philosophies are shared by other teenagers?
Quote by BigFatSandwich
What you're doing is equivalent to emptying out your bank accounts and spending all the money on lottery tickets, because you "have faith" that you'll get rich. How rational is that?

You've only been with the girl for two and a half months. In that time, she's already managed to cheat on you. You're young and you're infatuated with a female who is showing you attention. That is what's happening. That's not "love", that is "intense like". Be realistic, ok?

We dated 5 months before that so I had ample time to reflect on it. I even sacrificed an even more beautiful girl than her just to be with her. In my self-meditation I am rational.
What else can I ask for.

Je pense donc je suis.

Quote by Våd Hamster
If you give her **** everyday for what she's done, then that's what I'd call an abusive relationship. Either she will take damage, or just plain out cheat on you again.

I know, that's why I stopped completely.

I have not become complacent.
Obviously I can still rationnalize, but if obsession is waking up beside her and being completely happy the call it obsession.

Sorry if the wording was incorrect, I'm actually trying to balance out my lifestyle : exercising, getting good grades etc.

Quote by Våd Hamster

For your both's sake- Break up.

dayum last 4 posts are vibe killers.

I'm only still a tadpole in this ocean we call life, so I may be only talking in ignorance. But I've gained an affinity for everything she does, call it obsession.

Nothing in this world is ontologically provable. There can only be faith. I choose to believe in this love.

No doubt there will be hardships, but hey, I love her.
Just here to say that I love my girlfriend.
Despite her cheating on me, I ... still love her.
She's gone through hell for me, (I give her **** everyday for revenge of what she's done in the past.)
Inside it hurts me, burns the already burning flame of my battering heart.
I love her, so much... I can't even pretend anymore that I don't want to spend my whole life with her.
Hey pit, it's the love thread...
Show me your weak side

Pics and stories are welcome.

I've been with someone for only 2.5 months ... but I really feel like I love her and want to spend eternity with her.

Spread the love.
So you're asking us if it's ok to date someone who likes a certain type of artist/band?

Whatever, at the very least you ain't thinking with your d1ck so that's good.
Quote by GibsonRocker14
Hey just a quick question,

i dont wanna post a wall of text and get "tl;dr"

so i'm gonna get straight to the point.

I've been going out with my gf for over a year now and she still hasn't made a single move.

Im being bluntly honest here when i say we haven't done anything more than make out. (sad eh?)

so i guess my question is: How can i get her to do more "intimate" stuff with me. She knows that i want to, but she won't make a move, and she won't accept any moves i make.

(keep in mind that she's a virgin to basically all the stuff i want to do.)

p.s, i'm also a little less experienced (only done stuff involving hands) but i feel that i'm ready to do more with her, because i'm extremely comfortable with/around her.

so what should i do?

thx in advance for any replies.

im getting to bed so ill check back tomorrow for answers.

Hmm, what you should do is escalate. Just imagine a sexual-meter. As you go higher and higher and when things heat up more and more will become unlocked.

Kiss her passionately, I'm guessing she's a good girl since she fits the persona.
Don't forget to use your hands to like touch her thighs and her ribs and neck.
Nibble/suck on ear is good also.
Then slowly go down with your caressing to her breasts. Go back up.
(just like an elastic move to fast and it'll break, but stretch it slowly and it'll stretch like nothing you've seen before :P)

Pro Tip: hands are the most important part of your body when creating a sexual vibe.
Be gentle or aggressive (if she's into that.)
Quote by Thornography
I do, and I don't. When we boil it down to the most basic level, we are simply, and nothing more than, electric pulses. We are trained to pick the right answer through experience, and memory. This is where we lack free will.

However, we have the power to overrule the decisions we're told to make by ourselves. We can easily decide to do something else.

Next time you're at work, or school, just stop and think, are you controlling yourself? You'll realize that the last few actions you performed weren't even thought out - they were just done.

So natural law binds us? (i.e gravity, laws of physics).
What predicates us now is our past right?

So to my contention there is no such thing as "free will".
Quote by bigwilly
Ok...So I posted last night to give a quick update. And I'll post again to continue that.

I went over to see the girl today around 3. At first things were pretty much normal, I mean like we were just friends with each other. There were some other relatives around, like her cousin, so it was pretty much a casual get-together. Then we watched a movie together, and as the movie went on we held hands, then she rested her head on my leg and I put my hand on her back, etc...

Then I took her and her mom back to their house and I stayed til about 10:30. In that time we cuddled, just like back when we were dating and all, and eventually we kissed, quite a few times. It hurts knowing I have to leave her again, but it felt so good to see her and be with her again.

I didn't suggest any long term relationship to her, and at one point she told me she was sorry. When I asked what for, she said she was sorry for breaking up with me. She said that she just couldn't handle it. I told her it was okay, and that I understood.

I'm going to stop by her house before I leave town tomorrow and spend a couple hours with her, but then I'll be away for about a month and a half, although I did invite her to come visit me sometime later this month.

So thats where things are at with me, and I expect it will pretty much stay the same for quite a while. I mean, the only way I can seem to keep myself happy, is telling myself that when I'm home for the holidays we can maybe get back together. And then when I'm home for the summer, we can have a couple months again...

Man, you should end it now. If you continue to keep on doing this you will only be hurt more in the end. That's why the common advice when people break up is not to see the other person, it'll pain them more.

If you don't do it for yourself man, do it for her.
Quote by Donaldguitar
Who here believes in free will?

Care to argue pro Free will?

lol someone in the pit has morals horaah.

Yea if it was a referral link (usually the ref variable at the end) you're supposed to
what is that grass fertilized with?
Oh sh-
Not again...
Please don't make me dress up in my birthday suit anymore.
Is it just me or TS has no coherence at all in his post?
Quote by floppypick
K, koo.

K, moo.
always google your emails if you think it's true.
Don't get tricked by these scams.
What songs do you guys listen to when you're making love or having sex.

Sex: (nothing I usually it happens spontaneously)
making love: nice and slow - Usher.

Kinda reminds me of us human beings, we're everchanging and never static right? So what makes us the same person we are 1 year ago? Our name? But what is in a name that we call rose... for any other name will just smell as sweet.

So what makes us human.

For you to notice,
I meant it when I said you’re pretty
Or when your hair danced in the wind,
And I was in complete ecstasy.

A stunning masterpiece,
With each color and shade,
So perfect in harmony,
I wish never fade.

My fear to fall,
As I fly in the air,
Is quickly swept away,
By your loving stare.

And the clouds seem bluer,
And my world not so gray.
My brightest star,
show me the way.

Cause I bask in darkness,
And my compass is broken,
Please lead me to my heart,
The one that was stolen.
Quote by saitenslayer
my hands are im a 2nd degree blackbelt in TKD and a mixed martial artist

wait TKD you use hands!?
Quote by BloodMoon666
How many tanks did Russia take into Georgia when they attacked it?

(No, I don't know the answer but you being so smart, I thought you could tell me because frankly - I really really do want to know this)

Over 9000.