What would YOU do if you were going to Miami for a week and you were 18?

My friend and I are going in April and I want to get some ideas. I'm thinking it'll involve a lot of hackysack, biking, beaches, girls, drinking, and exploring.
Wow this is old I just went on the pit for the first time in like a year and I was like wait wtf this is still here??
Poll coming

What are your opinions on going to college for music? For myself, I am a fairly talented guitarist have thought about going to a conservatory quite a bit. However, it seems that wherever you look you have people (including musicians) who suggest that you just get a normal job and do music when you can.

Quick pro/con of music school for performance


- You are forced to get to a higher level of ability, and you can focus on it more than you may otherwise
- Meet your to-be band (it seems like a lot of famous bands started in college)
- Have a degree in music


- Potential waste of a lot of $ and time
- Time may be better spent in a band touring and practicing and writing
- Hard career, risk of not paying off student loans for a long time

The way I look at it is, it's worth it if you are good enough to get a decent scholarship because of your musical ability, because it shows you are in the top tier.

I'm somewhat vaguely related to the guitarist adam dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) and the way he put it was he was friends with 2 sax players in college. One was really good, the other was excellent. The really good sax player is on the streets, the excellent player has a gig on some popular TV show

TL;DR: Music performance degree, worth getting? Worth getting if you can get a scholarship?
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Yeah. I picked my way into Black-Briar Lodge with it (Master lock). The Nightengales can suck it. Sweet armour tho.

Invisible whenever the **** I want > locks that are already fairly easy to pick
It seems good but I don't like the practice of setting people up
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Probably dumping my girlfriend TWICE 2 years ago. Still not over it and we'd probably have been together now. Oh well.

Hey me too!
Let's see I get home at 2:30 and then until 10:00...****
$1,000,000. It's enough
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A question to the more American crowd, when you study History do they cover topics like this and the slave trade. The stuff that puts America in a bad light, or is it swept under the carpet so to speak?

It's not swept under at all where I go in NY...but it is NY
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No, I am not "trolling." Grow up, people have died in the past and will continue to die. Sometimes these deaths are for racial reasons, sometimes they are from "natural causes." In what way do these deaths affect you? May I add that these creatures died a century ago.

On the topic of finding the postcards amusing, do you not like to laugh? I like to laugh, it brightens the melancholic truth, that is our mortality.

only if they have to sit in soundproof rooms with no windows. And we all get to punch them afterwards (the people partaking in the)
Ok guys I have this idea

I think that the world should be a better place, less taxes, more money, more hoes.

Do you agree?
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Obvious shoop is painfully obvious.

I don't think it really needed shooping...
It is good if I eat a sandwich because I am hungry

It is not evil is there is no sandwich to eat
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if they are basing their policy on science and research you'd think that they found that legalisation often results in a decrease of drug use.


Also maybe this is public enough to get people out of the dillusion that marijuana isn't bad for you. Sure, it isn't quite so terrible (you probably won't die from it) as other stuff but it does lead to problems
1.) Just because they can doesn't mean they will
2.) I don't think they are looking for porn
3.) Why do you have porn on your drive?
4.) You should read license agreements more if this scares you

EDIT: I also think the pit has been getting steadily less funny and it is very depressing.
In a virtual OS running a virtual OS, running another virtual OS. OSception
I think I'm just gonna be cautious, a small income would not go amiss. If I find out anybody I sell to gets something fake/broken/etc. I can refund them their money before sending it to the guy
Looking for eBay sellers who are looking to make an extra part time income. Serious inquires only please, most of the work will involve just listing up items and answering emails. I can discuss much more if you email me. I usually like to deal with reputable sellers only but email me your user ID name so I can check your reputation if you are interested. I have dealt with people interested but they only check their emails every two or three days which is not good enough. I need someone who checks their emails daily even if its a few minutes here and there. Thanks "
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so when you receive payment and send the commission on, and the product turns out to be fake or non-existant, who loses out?

or they get a friend to buy something, they send a payment, you send commission and the payment doesn't clear.

At best, you're dealing with an idiot, much more likely you're involved in a scam.

You may or may not be the victim but you're still part of screwing someone out of their money.

I wasn't going to send him money until I got feedback, that way I have the money until they get it and find out it actually is.
Alright so yesterday I was looking at craigslist for fun and I saw somebody needed somebody to put things up on Ebay for them, and they'd pay them. However, it turns out this is not a 70 year old women is just illiterate, but somebody who flips things to sell on Ebay. The guy claims he can pay like $5 commission on $100 jerseys that he's selling.

I never see the actual product he is selling, but the majority of my concern just is that I'm unsure if I could be screwed over by this into actually losing money, when he ships stuff the payment goes to my account and I send him the money - commission.

He's selling kinda strange things but they do seem like things that could sell in a month

Anybody done this before/heard about it?
I've never understood how people come by the assumptions that a whole group of drugs aren't bad.

It's clearly biased but I don't think they would outright lie

I just want to know where people are getting their information, because it sounds like a lot of people have different "opinions" on the effects of any given drug, when it really is just science.
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Just say no thanks I'm good or something. Peer pressure isn't like what they said it is in elementary school.

^ This exactly...
I have always noticed that when I get a new amp the sound makes me player better so of course!
Shit they really are clever
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Not true, masturbating makes you blind as a side-effect.

I'm always glad to know how to play drums and guitar. I'd like to know keyboard better though, violin might be cool to play in addition to guitar. Double your melodies with an electric violin, rule the world.
Nintendo 64 games
I find there are a lot of statistics in books that are not put into context with more statistics
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great story tell it again

If you insist
Three of the parts I bought for my computer had mail-in rebates.

I can't find any of them.

What the fuck
I find some things interesting, like things that change history and shit
I see it as a way to identify people with horribly contrasting ways of thinking from me
It doesn't actually sound good with the music, and the drums are way louder so why even have the music?

EDIT: Eh gets a little better as you go on

video looks well done
I don't spend money, any amount of money on something I don't predict to have value equal to or higher the amount of money I'm spending it on.

Pretty simple no?
Sounds better than the original let's sue the original guys instead