I think i've posted in this thread before a while back, i figured id do an update about my current mods and go on a little rant.

First heres my mods list currently

Both ears 1" first holes 3/4" seconds
both conches 14g
0g (8mm) labret
1/2" Tongue
1/2" Septum
Both nipples at 6g
Both Nostrils at 10g
4g Prince Albert

For anyone who uses IAM on BME heres a link to my page, im not sure if it will show up for others or not

As for my little rant, to anyone on here considering stretching piercings, getting piercings, tattoos, implants, etc., please dont just do it because your friends are doing it or it just looks cool to you at the moment, please research it and think about it for a while before making any decisions.

The amount of kids who claim to be " So in love with body modification " but go on to hate every type of modification that isnt stretched ears (yes everyone thats stretched ears, not spacers or gauges) is getting really annoying, almost every little "scene/ hardcore" kid that says they're into it mainly does it to copy their friends or bands.

I want to end my stupid little rant by saying if you're going to modify yourself make sure its for the reason of pleasing yourself, not for others or to fit into some group or scene, that isnt what modification is all about
Thought i should post a picture of atleast my ears and facial piercings here, both ears are the same, 7/8'' main lobes 1/2'' seconds, 14g conch's, 2 14g nostrils and 14 labret

What you cant see in the picture is my 4g septum ( wearing a plug ) my 8g nipples, 2g tongue, and i just got a 10g PA done last week

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You've got some balls scalpelling your tongue, mine's stretched to 10G but I couldn't scalpel it. My earlobe was bad enough

Its not as bad as you would think, i had mine stretched to 10g before getting it scalpeled. I decided it would be much easier in the long run to scalpel it.
Well i dont post much on this website at all but im liking this thread and i plan on posting in it as much as i can.

Here's a list of what ive gotten done for piercings and my tattoo plan

- 0g lobes
- 10g nipples
- 2g tongue (scalpelled)
-12g nose
- 12g labret

And in september im getting the devil cartoon of Angus Young tattooed on my forearm.
My next purchases are going to be an octavia, a whammy pedal, and possibly a big muff
I found a guy online who paints them so i got him to paint me a body, its a replica of the fender custom shop version of Jimi Hendrix's Monterey Strat
I'll Just leave this pic here..

It looks very white but my strat has aged to a very nice cream over the last year.
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Already googled it, shit all for info
Hey, i was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Univox Flanger Delay, im thinking about trading my Dunlop Uni-Vibe for one, but the seller doesnt know anything about it either.

Heres a pic
Now that i have two fuzz faces, im really wanting to get rid of one and get an octave fuzz, but i really like my red fuzz face and i was wondering if there was a way to mod it into an octave up or down fuzz.

If not, is there any really cheap octave kits that dont come with a shell so i can just house it in my fuzz face enclosure?
Building an actual board this week but here are my pedals

Heres what i have for my fuzzzzzzz needs.
Many people knock them, but the red Dunlop fuzz face is a great fuzz that doesn't have too much gain ( I have an older one, i've heard the new ones aren't as great ). And if your looking for a silicon fuzz i highly recommend the Hendrix fuzz face, it gets a lot of great reviews and i love mine.
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I'm ordering a bunch of custom guitar picks with my name on them but i'm having trouble coming up with a good clean looking way of doing it. The way i'm wanting it is like this:

*Insert peace sign*

But i cant find a text i like, i was thinking of doing it in the That 70's show font, or something kind of psychedelic like that, but i'm not a very good artist so i was wondering if anyone could help me?

Another idea i had is combining the bottom of the Y into an O turned into a peace sign, any artists wanna help me?
The seller specifically said he won't declare a false value, although ive had that done for me in the past, so they should only be getting me with the 5%?
I plan on buying a used Gibson SG Standard off someone this week, but i'd be ordering it from the states and im in Canada. The guitar is not coming from a music store or anything, and i was wondering how much customs would get me for when it crosses the border.

The guitar is gonna be just over 600 as it is beat up, so what would the customs charge be on that?
Thanks for all the help
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Agile's a bit pointless for Canada. Vintage have, I believe, better distribution in Canada so they should be cheaper and arguably the better Vintage models are better than the equivalent Agile. In the last couple of years Vintage have really stepped up their game, especially in their Advance series.

It's worth mentioning that although the Peter Green model is nice, it's actually no different from the normal Vintage V100 LP copy, just the neck pickup is wired out of phase with the bridge pickup. If that's a tone you really like then go for it, but that is the only real difference, int erms of build quality and whatever the regular V100's are just the same. Also, I'm not too up on the prices in Canada, but here in the UK you can get a Vintage Advance AV1 LP copy for about the same (if not lower) price than the Peter Green regular Vintage. The Advance AV1 gets higher grade body wood, slightly nicer hardware, ivory or graphite nut (depends on the finish; regular Vintage models have a plastic nut), coil split and a thumb cutout above the neck join for slightly better upper fret access. Really worth looking into.

Do you know of any UK sites that ship vintage guitars to canada, for a somewhat reasonable amount?
Thanks for the reply, im looking at the al2000's because i dont like all the extra binding and stuff on the 3000's but the only one i really want a lot is the goldtop and i asked kurt earlier today about lefty humbucker goldtops and he doesnt have any in or coming in.

How are most of the tops on the 2000's?
Ive been playing guitar for about 5 or so years now, and up until last year i've always had 'buckers in my guitar. Now that a lot more of my friends have gotten les pauls, and i rebuilt my sg im looking for something good quality but not too expensive. Im left handed so this is why im asking for others opinions on which les paul to buy.

I don't need an amp because i have a Blues Junior and JCM900.

My SG is bad quality, and ive always loved playing les pauls but havent owned one, im open to ALL brands and i dont really want to go over $500 but if i have to i can save a little more.

Im very interested in the vintage icon Peter Green lemon drop but i cant find any sites that will ship a lefty one for a very good price.
I was wondering what a fair asking price for my BJ would be, it has had the reverb tank removed and it has discoloured over time, it has the jensen speaker and it sounds amazing.

Its says on the back long-mcquade 50th anniversary edition as well as fender 60th anniversary badge.

In this condition what would you consider a fair price?

17, gears in my sig

Shitty quality pic but this is my main setup of gear, my monterey strat is 1/2 step down and the black one is in standard. All the gear in the pic is written in my sig
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I really have no idea i just see a lot of negative shit written about them on forums
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It is a sweet job... I mean, I always found the cream colour strats dull... but the red and the designs make the strat look amazing!

How much did the paint job cost you?

It feels like the suped-up Japan cars!

With the body included it was 500
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Thanks man
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HNAD dude...

sweet looking strat.

I'm more impressed by the paintjob on the strat than I am by the amp, sorry to say.

Haha everybody is probably in the same boat as you, even i am still.
I took a trip to the East Coast last spring and we visited New York City. I went to check out the Guitar Center in Greenwich Village. It was pretty cold outside and not much better inside the store. So I wore my jacket. I started jamming, playing some les pauls and some prs models. Then this b***h that worked there went up to me and said "Take off your jacket."

WTF. Did my jacket offend you?

Have you considered the fact that zippers or anything on the jacket can scratch up the guitar?
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Did you paint the strat yourself or did someone do it for you?


I found someone on another forum to do it for me, i dont have enough talent to be able to hand paint it onto a guitar lol
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Did you do the design yourself? It's beautiful!

I wish, i had someone from another forum do it for me, its all hand painted and cleared
Thanks for the compliments everyone
The guitar is replica of the fender custom monterey strat that was made as a replica of hendrix's original with a few differences
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That's awesome, HNAD

I found 2 pics on my computer of my Monterey Strat so i thought i'd post them, here you go

Haha, i see a lot of people hating on the 900 on different forums but i think it sounds great with my strat. And my cat is sooo much better.