Depending on how much you make and how many hours you work, you could get money or food stamps from welfare. You'd have to contact whatever number your state provides for that department. Also, yes apply for FASFA.
Also, in my state at least, only one person per household can be on welfare.
I live about 30 minutes away from Waukesha, Wiconsin and visit often.
This all makes me miss my Swiss army knife and my SOG. I just liked having them because they made me feel badass.
I meant that different frequencies are heard when you play one note versus another. Changing the key changes the frequencies heard. Although the melodies are the same, different sounds are heard. Therefore different keys present different frequencies with each instrument and within one instrument.
It's all opinion and generally people would agree with you. Because each instrument has its own timbre and tone at a specific pitch, it's not going to sound exactly the same but just in a different key.
Their side of the planet is tipped away from the sun right now. And yeah, string rust makes it a pain to play.
I would disarm him and then beat him to show him how manly I am. He would grow to respect me and do my bidding in hopes that he might someday grow as much chest hair as I have.
Motorhead did it too! I have always dug their version.
The only thing one has to worry about when purchasing gear is whether or not he or she has the cash to pay for it. You deserve what you're willing to pay for.
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Under no circumstances is it OK to hit a woman. I suppose under life or death actually, but anything less, and you are scum. You don't hit women. You can call me whatever you please, I still think you shouldn't ever hit women.

It's called benevolent sexism. Violence is wrong, period. If I had to defend myself, I wouldn't discriminate.
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I think I found the problem. Business is more than just schoolwork. You need some SERIOUS connections, and a ton of networking to get by in business. A degree helps, but not nearly as much in say a hard science or math field like engineering, chemistry, or architecture.

This. Kind of goes with all education though. A piece of paper is useless unless you have a plan and the connections to implement it. It would also help to have had some sort of experience in the field, or a job that would have supported you going to school.
I know only one person that's started a serious relationship with Craigslist. I know a few people that have had some casual sex, one who got an STD. Personally, I look in the missed connections hoping someone is looking for me.
If I can still jerk-off on the beautiful one's face, it's close enough for me.
Absolutely not true. I lost my virginity because I'm close to my parents. Very close.
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I found it to be more uncomfortable when I shaved mine...never again.

+1. Regrowth was terrible. Even when I use the antibump cream I had bumps and ingrown hairs. I'll stay hairy.
Happy NGD! Looks awesome!
Another thing to look-up on youtube is examples of multi-track recording with the POD like He has a few videos with great sound quality. I can't comment on which headphones but I think the POD HD is well-worth the price especially for recording purposes.
Madison is a pretty lively place no matter what the time of year. Probably one of the funnest places here in WI.
Oatmeal. Quaker Oaks guy and I go way back.
If I'm playing with a drummer, yes. By myself, no, I have a small amp that doesn't murder my ears.
A bit more self-discipline wouldn't hurt.
I don't need to say anything. My pelvic thrusts are enough.
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You know Jackson Pollack?

Exactly what I was about to say.
At the moment, Aaron T. Beck. Everything just made sense after I learned about him/his theory/method.
Congrats! I've heard tons of excellent clips of the axe-fx as well as one live performance that blew me away. If my band ever does anything worthwhile I will definitely be getting one myself.
I've spent enough time by myself to dream up my perfect mate.

Age: Same as me

Clothing style: Tom boy'ish

Personality traits: I'd want her to be an intellectual talker who is concerned about world events and not pop culture. She would be disciplined in some form of martial arts and constantly concerned with her academic success. She would be an independent thinker and much of our conversation would come from her informing me about the world/our disagreeing views on it.

Hair colour: Brunette.

Hair Style: Short, well kept.

Eye Colour: Some shade of blue.

Any additional facial details:

Boob size: Dunno.

Dress size: Dunno.

Any other appearance details:
In my mind she's about the same build/size as me (I've been described as petite).
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^FAIL^......... put a few old matteresses around the walls and it will dampen the sound. you dont need to spend a ton of cash anything will do, you just need to stop the sound from bouncing off the walls.

I've heard bad things from a few people about putting mattresses up. I suggest going on youtube and checking out how some people treat their rooms. There's some great cheap ways to do it.
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"How do you plead?"

You then receive a fine or community service, a small blemish on your driving record, and you're out of there before you know it.

This is pretty much exactly what will happen. But the people there will usually take the time to explain what's going on before they ask anything from you. It probably won't be that big of a deal.
I believe in prevention. A car can run without seat belts, but I would never be inside it.
I listened to the debut album of a thrash metal band I got kicked out of only to realize that I wrote all those songs. FML
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I have been thinking about growing my hair, since I am tired of having this short stuff.

I can't decide, so I will let the Pit decide for me?

Should I be like everybody else and grow my hair down to my shoulders, or keep it short?

All my friends have long hair.

And pics or no votes.
Most recent one I can remember:
I was being chased out of a creepy suburban house by a Russian soccer player. A mall security squad car skidded and stopped on the road and one of my college professors came out. He's a little Asian man, but, in my dream, he had a Canadian accent and he fought off the Russian soccer player with his bare hands. It was pretty sweet.
Yeah. That was a bad night. Oh the memories.
Actually you can be a vegetarian by eating cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and drinking soda all day. It doesn't automatically make you healthy. That said, look up recipes online and (this is what me and my friends do) get together and cook with friends to encourage each other to eat the right stuff.
Guitar hero made the music I listen to mainstream, which makes it bad. I can't listen to stuff that I know other people my age have heard of.