why or why not? Please respond in five hundred words or less.
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I thoroughly enjoyed your song "Merk21" and look forward to listening to your other works of passion. With love.

Is it still about the music guys?
Intro - Verse - Pre-Chorus - Verse - Chorus - bridge - Solo- Outro
hello everybody.. I would say that i'm very capable of making some awesome sludgey groove riffs, however I think i'm at an intermediate level as far as it comes to soloing. I feel as if i'll always revert to the pentatonic and I want to change that. Can ya'll throw out some good solo exercises, and some important scales I should know as a heavy metal enthusiast? Thanks..
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She probably didn't want them around, and it's easier to let them be used that way than to keep them. And he left her in charge of his estate if anything happened, so hush up. If he cared what you think, he would have left you in charge.

Shouldn't you be making me a sandwich?
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If Yoko has no problem with it, then you should probably be quiet.

Yoko decided to put Lennons clothes he wore when he murdered on display in a you're right, her motives must be pure.
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You better start writing now, it's going to take you forever to write angry letters to everyone who ever used a dead person as an idea for a movie, book or video game.

I'm not saying that at all, but to CG somebody back to life for the purpose of this game is creepy. That would be like cg-ing Kurt Cobain back to life for some kind of MTV Promo, or how about even computer animating Heath Ledger for the new batman?
The concept of using dead legends images as a means to sell just disturbing.
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They appeared at an MS conference thing promoting this, you hate the game you hate them


Lick my nuts, if I don't like this game I hate them...
John Lennon and George Harrison came back and promoted Rock Band?
Does anybody else feel sick that the beatles image is being used to sell this crappy video game?
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I'd just like to add to this discussion that Isaac Newton was a Catholic fanatacist, and he invented Calculus, and modern physics.

Do we just cherry pick the good ones? I'm sure their are thousands of Catholic child molesters, murderers, and just plain people from Montana.
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LOL @ everyone's defending Christianity.

Though I don't think Jesus had much to do with genetics or the big bang, just like Hitler, if he was an atheist, didn't do what he did because of atheism.

Reductio ad hitlerum ftw.

Very true dude.
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And how much has that bit him in the ass

I should've been more specific and said modern day christians....did you see how I said a few posts ago how Christianity actually benefited the world?
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Have you ever even met a Christian? Some of them are really really intelligent people. Two good examples being, the guy who discovered genetics, the guy who came up with Big bang theory.

Those traits definitely didn't get passed on to American christians.
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So you enter a thread online and directly insult someone with no reasoning.

Yet you consider other people the problem?

Look at yourself before you consider others to be a nuisance, seriously now.

I really do dislike organized religion, I thought the guy defending christianity was....a christian. I consider christians to be thoughtless and sheep-like holding no opinion of their own, other then what their told.
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I did, did you happen to think that by being a complete moron upon arrival most people couldn't give a flying damn what your opinion is?

You're half right. At the same time you're completely wrong. Bacteria can be altruistic, I'm sure you wouldn't consider them spiritual. We don't need spiritualism to be a 'nicer' society, we just need to 'be' nicer, spiritual reasoning is weaker than any other reasoning and completely unnecessary. The problem is that most people simply don't care, including many who call themselves religious, and in essence I don't blame them, if we can't be worry-free and enjoy life when the problems aren't our own then why try at all?

The world will always have those who don't care and those who do, those who do, if they really do, shouldn't mind shouldering the extra weight, it's not hard for us all to make a difference, and no individual should be aiming to save the world, so I get along, do what I can when I can and consider that to be that.

Its hard not to completely give up on humans, I try..... to live true and treat others as I wanna be treated...and all that bull****, and then you get cut off by some idiot on the expressway.. or someone could be a complete dick for no reason, and instantly I think that we're still all animals.
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Now where did I say it was wrong to insult someone? I said it was wrong to attack someone unprovoked and without reasoning. I had plenty of reason to call you a moron, you'd behaved like a moron, see how that works?

And you were attacking his intelligence, I defended his intelligence.

Seriously, did your parents leave the house and forget to Lock the computer down?

Did you happen to read down any further on the post you quoted?
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Oh I know that some consider hell not to be torture, that's why I included neglect.
So God's love is conditional?

It doesn't really matter what you are, you just make humans in general look bad.

Happen to read what I wrote above?
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Yep, you know it's bad when even people with shity usernames are telling you to grow up.

I have no idea what you mean by that considering that Ireland is a sovereign country you gobshite.

I'm not defending the religion, at all, I'm just attacking you. People like you are to Atheists what the Wesboro Baptist Church is to Christians. You make us all look bad.

I totally ain't atheist.... Now that does hurt being compared to Wesboro.
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a) Paddy is a very intelligent person. Infinitely moreso than you
b) He isn't religious, he's defending other people because YOU are a moron and your words constitute a personal attack with no realistic reasoning. Any man who WOULDN'T defend another under those circumstances would, to me, be a damn bad person.

You should've explained more on why its wrong to insult someones character, right after the part where you called me a moron. I don't really care if he's intelligent....

Organized religion folks....years ago, maybe fruitful to some. In America today, it bears no spiritual fruit, it's all fake. It teaches to love your own class of people, believe that theirs a man in the sky that has a plan for you, yet you have your own will... if we started a new religion where we can just talk and try to improve the future through ACTUAL actions not fake prayers, it would bear SO much more fruit then Christianity, Judaism... all these other pagan religions. I fear that humanity is going to kill itself off because we have very few ACTUAL spiritual institutions. We don't question anything anymore, and we're completely obsessed with gizmos and I-whats-its.
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Grow up.
Religion would be quite fine (although most here would argue that it wouldn't exist) if some people weren't such raging fucktards with no capacity for intelligent, rational or logical thought. Your statements fall way into the mouldiest crevice of that group.

Oh, and you're a hypocrite, congrats.


I do believe the definition of irony is someone with the username "Ur all $hit" telling me to grow up. If you weren't so busy defending a FAKE religion, you'd have a country to call your own.
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I think most people here are able to see others' points of view. We just have a much more strict criteria for accepting it.

It is quite difficult to get one's facts straight about what the Bible says and what the religion is about considering the massive amounts of Christian sects with very different ideas and interpretations of what it says all claiming to be correct.

That last sentence is admirable. It shows that you're at least not a compete moron.
The fact is though that some people do take the bible as a science textbook, or even worse, attempt to corrupt science in order to corroborate what the bible says. They also do this with history. That many groups and individuals have grown out of doing that is admirable.
I'm interested though, you surely acknowledge that the bible was once seen as a science textbook (back before we had science textbooks). Don't you think that just as we have developed newer and better ways to understand the world around us haven't we also, or can't we also, find new and better ways to understand what is and isn't moral or ethical?

Is it right to punish or neglect someone that you love?
Shut the fuck up you ignorant tosser. If you can't contribute something constructive then bugger off.

How about this....any ****ing imbecile, that choses to be part of any organized religion DESERVES to be crucified upside down. Religion gives man more reasons to hate each other.
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Not religion, all people believed that, including the scientists of the time, and they had proof to back it up, but with the invention and use of the telescope by Galileo new methods were used to perform science and get more accurate results.

Yes, but religion is not science! The bible is not a science textbook, nor a complete historical tome. It is made about God and his character. The Truth we claim to know is not how the world works in all its complexities, but that we have a Creator who loves and provides for us.

Once again, read above, religion does (should) not be about predicting nature. My point was that all people believe stupid things until evidence is shown otherwise. There is no evidence that God controls all lightning to strike people down. There does not need to be as that is not important as part of his character.

You don't get what faith is. When I say he is known to me, I mean I have spoken with, and heard from God. And its not in a flaming bush, or anything like that, or else faith is irrelevant.

well then I'm truly sorry you believe that. Did you know that the first world countries are among the unhappiest, and often the second world and some third world countries rate themselves subjectively happier? Why is that. They don't even all believe in the same religion! Its because they believe in something. Faith and Hope. As to your proposed quote, paraphrasing (along with some misguided conceptions) can make anything sound stupid. "You burn a rock and it causes water to become something else, but yet is still the same thing called steam, and this makes huge heavy metal things move, even though the steam weighs much less and this creates invisible energy that moves really quickly and goes into your computer to make it work."

I hate you and everything you stand for.
"Never give in. Never, never, never, never,
in nothing great or small, large or petty,
never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.
Never yield to force; never yield
to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

When you drastically change policies because of religious zealots....
*Insert Counter-Strike voice*
Ello ello Pit, I pose this question to you:

How many months would it take to grow headbang-able hair, or enough hair a little bit below el shoulders.
Great scots, this thread is absolutely marvelous. anyone care for tea?
Straight guys become gay, and gay guys become Mexican.....everyone goes down a notch.
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Name things that chicks mainly like that you like. Here are some things of mine:

Chelsea Lately

Ellen (I don't watch the show that much, but if it's on I'll watch it. It's alright)

No matter what gender you are.....Chelsea Lately is just awful....
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To Mechanixx: So by that logic, kids that are bullied in school are entitled to take a gun to people they don't like? Think it through.

Indeed. Still didn't find out the actual size of it, however, fixed it for free a local community college for free. some great replies, and some great douchebags on ug as usual.
I. meant. to . quote. wtfisatab.
I would totally go to the hardware store....if i knew the size. I don't have enough cash to buy a lot of em so i need to be somewhat accurate.
I lost the allen wrenches for my Dean ML with a floyd rose. In order to change the strings on them I need to loosen it with the wrench at the bottom of the bridge. This is impossible with no far the floyd rose has proven to be a cluster**** of aggravation.
Already beat it, too bad this threads dead or they could LOOK AT MY BLOODY PROFILE AND SEE THE INSANE RIFFAGE
motorcycle = constant sex
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I remember watching tim and eric the first time i got high. Many laughs were had. I believe weed is required to enjoy the show, however.

I disagree..
LOL tim and eric is a psychological humor, its simple...either you get it or you don't. I personally love the hell out of that show. Its a sick and twisted sattire/alternative show that goes against the formula of what TV should be. Some of their best skits are the D Pants, The Cinco Shower, and the B'ougar. Their's no point in really bashing a comedy sketch show that comes on at 1 am lol. You want incredibly senseless Family Guy....
I'd agree with Wrath....a few good songs on their but....meh. Also ..i'm a big Metallica fan, but Death Magnetic. was kind of disappointing. I really do enjoy St. Anger though...some of their best lyrics to date.
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Perhaps one should investigate the history of Western involvement in Africa then shut ones ignorant mouth hmm?

Chin chin old chap.

Excuse me for thinking we need to take care of our own hungry people before we help any Africans.